Following the Trail of the Pony Express

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Total driving distance = 2002 miles - Total driving time = 41 hours

During the summers of 1990 and 1992, my family and I retraced the route of the Pony Express between Sacramento, California, and St. Joseph, Missouri, by automobile.

These series of maps give easy driving directions and will allow the casual traveler to experience the time and places of the Pony Express. I have marked those sites of interest that are easily accessible to any traveller. There are many sections of the route that are only accessible by off-road vehicles.

When planning a trip, you might want to match these series of maps with those that detail the locations of the stations and those that show a historical map of the route.

Many Pony Express stations and sites of interest appear on AAA and other regional and local road maps.

Two good books that might also help with planning a trip are: