Wind River

video-windriver Set in 1855, and based on award-winning book "The White Indian Boy" by Elijah Nicholas Wilson, "Wind River" tells the true story of a white settler who is accepted as part of the Shoshone Indian tribe. On the western plains of Utah, a battle rages for control of the American frontier. White settlers pushing west clash with the Shoshone Indians, led by Chief Washakie (Russell Means). After the Washakie's wife has a vision that a yellow haired boy is the only one who can save their family, a Shoshone warrior, Moragoni (A. Martinez), kidnaps a young white settler, Nicholas Wilson (Blake Heron). When a gang of settlers comes looking for him, Nicholas faces the toughest decision in his life. Trapped between two worlds, Nicholas must decide whether to return to his real family, or stay with the Indian family he has grown to love.

You might be interested in knowing that when Nick Wilson grew up, he rode for the Pony Express and that Wilson, Wyoming is named after him.

Directed by Tom Shell

Stars Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Patricia Van Ingen, Devon Gummersall, Wes Studi, A. Martinez, Russell Means, Blake Heron

98 minutes, Rated PG, NTSC, Region 1 DVD.


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