The American Philatelist
Julius Loeb in his article "The Pony Express", The American Philatelist, November 1930, includes a number of Riders' names not found elsewhere. Not all of these names are considered to be correct, but are nevertheless included to keep this list as complete as possible.

After reviewing the Julius Loeb article Jackie Lewin, Curator of History, St. Joseph Museum provided the following comments:

Some of his riders might be OK, but not sure about all. I wish we knew something about Loeb and how he got his information. (NOTE: Dr. Bob Chandler (the Historian for Wells Fargo in San Francisco) says that Loeb was a well-know postal historian. I, too, wish that these old writers were more forthcoming with their sources, although I am sure that he did not make-up the list of names. tc)

Jack Ahlport - This is the only place I have seen his name.

FX Aubrey - I believe he set a record riding from Independence to Santa Fe. His name sometimes gets mixed in with Pony Express riders, but I don't believe he ever rode for the Pony Express. (NOTE: MAJORS IN SEVENTY YEARS ON THE FRONTIER (written in 1893) INCLUDES AN ACCOUNT OF HIS RIDE AND VISSCHER REPEATS THE SAME INFORMATION IN HIS BOOK (1908). AUBREY'S RIDE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PONY EXPRESS.)

Jimmy Buckton - He is listed in Seventy Years on the Frontier by Alexander Majors. "Among that number the writer can recall to memory the following: Bob Haslam ("Pony Bob"), Jay G. Kelley, Sam Gilson, Jim Gilson, Jim McNaughton, Bill McNaughton, Jose Zowgaltz, Mike Kelley, Jimmy Buckton, and "Irish Tom." A few sentences later he says . . ."Jimmy Bucklin, "Black Sam," and the McNaughton boys are dead." (at the time of his writing). Do you think he meant Bucklin and not Buckton? (WHO KNOWS, PROBABLY.)

A.E. Curtis - Loeb is the only place I have ever seen this name.

Bill Gates - This is the only place I have seen his name. Have you seen it elsewhere? (ONLY IN THE NEWS ABOUT MICROSOFT ;>.)

Tom Hanahan - I really think he means Tom Ranahan. (AGREE)

Huston Wyeth - He absolutely was not a rider. Wyeth was a St. Joseph businessman who born in 1863. The Wyeth family built the home that now houses the St. Joseph Museum. Huston Wyeth was interested in the Pony Express and the Wyeth Hardware Wholesale Company made the first replica mochilas.

James William - There is a J. Williams listed in some Deseret News articles in the early 1900s about Pony Express celebrations. I believe he is also on the Loving list.