Sarah Paik
by Sarah Paik

Tom was an average young man, but people kept forgetting that fact because Tom was a troublesome little fellow. He was always bothering or pestering the locals. People were even forced to keep escape plans with them!

Now, Tom was the fastest rider in town, so the Pony Express hired him. They stationed in a house a Pony station in Folsom. When he got there, he learned what the mission of the Pony Express was. He learned that the Pony Express was trying to beat the telegraph and make mail and communication faster while trying to deliver transcontinental mail in less than a month. When he heard the riders' hoof-beats he would wait outside for the mochila to be passed to him. Then he rode off into the sunset. The people and towns who saw him said he rode as fast as the wind.

Now, everything was going fine when the telegraph, Indians, silver, and weather changed it all. Soon everything was a big calamity. Tom, now twenty-six had to be sent back home to his hometown. There he met an attractive young lady willing to marry him, so he lived happily ever after.

Sarah Paik
Mrs.Pucil's class
Notre Dame Academy
original story using
the pony express as setting

June 11, 2001