Pony Express Rider

Studio: Doty-Dayton, 1976

Director: Robert Totten

Script: Dan Greer, Hal Harrison Jr

Stars: Stewart Petersen, Jack Elam, Joan Caulfield, Slim Pickens, Dub Taylor

While looking for his fathers's killer, a young man finds a murdered Pony Express rider and decides to finish his mail run.


video-ponyexpressrider Stewart Petersen stars as Jimmy D., a young Texan who seeks revenge for his father's death. To do so, he must chase the killer half-way across the country ... and in 1860 the fastest way for a young man to head West was to join the Pony Express. As Jimmy D. races across the hostile terrain evading outlaws and Indians, he carries both the United States mail and a thirst for vengeance. PONY EXPRESS RIDER is a rousing adventure story of young love and betrayal in the tradition of western sagas. Starring: Stewart Petersen, Henry Wilcoxon, Buck Taylor and Maureen McCormick.



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