Mrs Lee's Class
Mrs Lee's Class Hi,
Here are some acrostic poems. We are Mrs Lee's Class fourth grade class from Alta Vista Elementary school. We live in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Thank You
Debbie Conner

Pony Express Poems

Ponies can run fast
One of the riders died
No girls were allowed
Young riders rode ponies
Early riders had to tell the truth
X was on letters that were mailed
Ponies were allowed to run
Riders were strong, young, and wiry
Each rider was tired at the end of the ride
Sun up to
Sun down they delivered the mail
By Travis

People sent letters for $5 for ounce letter.
One rider disappeared.
No girls were allowed.
Young riders were needed.
Excellent riders were needed.
eXpress was hard for the riders.
Ponies ate grain only.
Rough terrain.
Even stations were 10 to15mils apart.
St. Joseph, Missouri to
Sacramento, California.
By Chris

Pony Express lasted 18 months.
Orphans were preferred.
No girls allowed in the Pony Express.
Young riders were 11-18.
Ended when the Telegraph.
eXpected horses to run really fast.
Protected themselves with guns.
Relay stations and home stations.
Excellent horses were preferred.
Silk was used to cover mail.
Sacramento CA, is were they ended.
By Maksim

People clap and cheer for them.
Out of all the men one rider died.
None of the riders were girls.
Youngest rider was 11 years old.
Eighty riders rode for the PONY EXPRESS.
eXpress riders were talented.
Pony Express lasted until 1861.
Riders were excited when they came home.
Ended when telegraph was completed.
Skinny, slim, and athletic riders could ride.
St. Joseph, Missouri is where they started.
By Maiah

People paid $5.00 to send a letter.
Oldest rider was 45.
No women riders.
Young riders were needed.
Everybody liked the riders.
eXpert riders were preferred.
Ponies were used.
Riders had good horsemanship.
Every station was 10-15 miles apart.
St. Joseph was the starting point.
Stopped in 1861
By Jason

People protected themselves with guns.
Only orphans could join at 11.
None of the women could join.
You would take a bible with you.
Express service ended when the telegraph was completed.
eXpress mail cost five dollars.
Pony Express lasted 18 months.
Relay station - Home station were 10 - 15 miles apart.
Express riders were excited to go on their trip.
Switches at station took only 2 minutes.
Skinny, wiry young boys wanted.
By: Megan

People sent letters for $5.
Only expert riders expert riders were accepted, but they had to be under 18 years of age.
No girls were allowed to ride.
Young people could ride.
Excellent riders made it back.
eXtra riders were needed.
Pro riders only!
Rider made it all the way.
Easy traveling was not on the way.
St. Joseph was where they started.
Stations equaled 190.
By Tyreece

People under 18 were preferred
Orphans were wanted
No woman were allowed
Young, skinny, wirey fellows were wanted
Easy? No riding was tough
eXtremly strong horses were used
Ponies ate grain
Riders were tough
Excellent riders feared danger
St. Joseph is where it started
Service took ten days
By Kendra

Ponies blazed the lengthy trail,
One rider disappeared,
No Indian could catch up,
Youngest rider saddled up a pony at eleven.
Everyone carried a bible as a token of good luck,
eXpert riders were the ones who rode,
Pony Express went bankrupt in eighteen months,
Rural towns kept in touch by the Pony Express,
Education was not needed to apply,
Salary was $25.00 a month,
Saddles were called "Mochilas".
By Sarah

Pony express lasted 18 months
Only one person died
No women were allowed to ride
Youngest rider was only 11 years old
Express ended because of the telegraph
eXtreme weather happened on the trail
Pony express was the name but they didn't use ponies
Riders rode to 15 to 10 miles then they handed off the mochila
Exciting things happened like new land
Started at St.Joseph, Missouri
Some horse's died from the trail
By Taryn

Pony Express lasted for 18 months.
Only station keepers at the stops could open the locks on the mochile.
Not more than one rider died.
You could be a Pony Express rider when you were 11 years old.
Every man that was a Pony Express rider was aloud to rest.
eXpert horses knew where they were going.
Ponies were really horses.
Riders were told that they had to be 18 and younger.
Expert riders had to ride in rain& snow.
Stopped when telegram was done.
Started in the 1860's 'til 1861.
By Joanie

Pony express lasted 18 mounts.
Orphans preferred.
No woman was in the pony express.
Youngest rider was 11 years old his name was Bronco Charlie.
Ended in 18 mounts.
eXpress riders always carried a Bible.
Protected themselves with guns.
Relay station & Home station were 10 to 15 miles apart.
Ended when the first telegraph was completed.
St.Joseph was were they started.
Station keepers minded the station.
By: Marshall

Pony Express only lasted 18 months.
Only men 18 years or younger.
No woman riders.
Youngest rider was 11 years old.
Ended when telegraph was completed.
eXpress riders carried a Bible.
Ponies cost 150 to 200 dollars.
Relay stations were one of two stations.
Express riders protected themselves with revolvers.
Special mailbags were called mochilas.
St.Joseph is where it started.
By Angela

Pony Express was a way of mail travel.
One rider died on the trail.
Not very many people died.
Young, skinny riders were suggested.
Each station had a new pony.
eXcellent horses were used on the trail.
Protected themselves with guns.
Relay stations were one of two stations.
Excellent riders were preferred.
St. Joseph was where they started.
Silk is cloth they wrapped the letters in.
By: Matt

Post offices wrapped the letters in gold silk.
Orphans were preferred to work for the Pony Express.
No over weight men were accepted.
Youngest rider was 11 years old.
Ended when telegraph was completed.
eXciting things never really happened.
People could send letters for $5.oo.
Riders had mailbags called Machilas.
Express riders protected them selves with guns.
Switching time took two minuets.
St. Joseph, Missouri is where it started.
By Haley

Private mail was sent.
Other mail services were slow.
Not many people died.
Young riders were needed.
Everyone had guns.
eXtra riders were needed.
Ponies were used.
Relay stations along the trail.
Expert riders needed.
Started in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Stopped when telegraph was completed.
By: Cameron

Protected themselves with guns.
Only shinny, wiry, and young men.
No older than 18 years old.
Youngest rider was 11 years old. (Bronco Charlie)
Express riders face lot of dangers.
eXpress service in ten days.
Pony Express only lasted 18 months.
Riders always had a bible with them.
Express riders held their mail in a mochila.
Started at St. Joseph, Missouri and ended at Sacramento, California.
Stations where 10-15 miles.
By Josie