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Sulphur Springs is commonly listed as a Pony Express Station. However, it could not have been one of the original stations built in the spring of 1860.

In reviewing the literature, there is no mention of this station prior to the Overland Stage and Mail Express maps of 1863. Again, recalling W.H. Streeper's account, he said, "My route was in Nevada between Diamond Springs and Smith Creek. From Diamond Springs it was 35 miles to our next station, which was Robert's Creek." There is no mention of Sulphur Springs which was later to be built between Diamond Springs and Robert's Creek.

Sir Richard Burton on October 9, 1860 ate lunch possibly near this site:

"Shortly after noon we left Diamond Springs and carried on to our lunching ground, a rushy water, black where it overlies mud, and bluish green where light gravel and shells form the bottom; the taste is sulphury, and it abounds in conferval and animalculae like leeches and little tadpoles."

Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs was probably built in July of 1861 to facilitate the opening of the Overland Stage. Since it was on, or at least near, the Pony Express Route it was probably used as a way station for horse changes from the time of the station's inception to the demise of the Pony. It was used as an Overland stop until 1869.

At Sulphur Springs, which is now fenced in, and across the road there are several types of ruins. There is one remnant of a log wall, several stone foundations, and many pieces of old artifacts. This is possibly the site of the Overland Stage Station. The site is one to two miles north of the Pony Express Trail and about two miles south of the Sulphur Springs Ranch which has since been renamed the Diamond Star Ranch. The site is on private land owned by John Trowbridge.

Source: Mason, The Pony Express in Nevada, 1976.

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