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Dayton Station Dayton, one of the first settlements in Nevada, was first known as a stopping place on the Carson River for California-bound pioneers. Coming in from the desert they rested here before continuing westward. In 1849, gold was found at the mouth of Gold Canyon and prospecting began in the canyons to the west leading to the discovery of the fabulous ore deposits of Gold Hill and Virginia City in 1859.

The first Pony Express stop was at Spafford Hall's Station, which is now a gravel pit. The Union Hotel now occupies the second site for the remount station. The free-standing rock wall is the original wall of the Overland Stage Station and Pony Express stop.

On October 19, 1860, Sir Richard Burton described Dayton, then called Chinatown:

"The line of ranches and frame houses, a kind of length-without-breadth place, once celebrated in the gold-digging days looked dreary and grim in the evening gloom."

Source: Mason, The Pony Express in Nevada, 1976.

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