Ned Buntline

Ned Buntline The amazing Ned Buntline, adventurer extraordinary and creator of the dime novel, lived a life far more fantastic than that of any of his imaginary heroes. If he hadn't actually existed and thus become the subject of this lively biography, it is doubtful if any novelist would have had the temerity to create so incredible a hero. In fact the story of Ned Buntline reads like all the dime novels rolled into one super-duper.

Edward Zone Carroll Judson (the famous pseudonym of Buntline is a nautical term for a rope at the bottom of a square sail) was born in 1823, ran away to sea as a boy and, by the time he was fifteen, was a midshipman in the navy. Resigning four years later, he led a life of incredible adventures in the Seminole Wars, and later in the Northwest fur trade. When he was twenty-three, he was tried for murder in Nashville, was lynched by a mob, and was cut down in time to be brought back to life. He could sport more scars, including a bullet hole in his chest, than any man he met -and he had a whole supply of yarns to go with each wound.

Generally in trouble, whether financially, romantically or with the law, stocky, red-bearded Ned Buntline had at least as many enemies as friends. Unscrupulous, often accused of blackmail, defendant in several trials, he once jumped bail in St. Louis, and was heavily implicated in the 1849 riot in Astor Place in New York. A reformer who frequently got drunk after delivering a lecture on Temperance, Ned was also one of the founders of the Know Nothing Party.

In the 1840's he established Ned Buntline's Own. In this sensational weekly he published not only his novels but also stories exposing gambling, prostitution and drinking in New York City - championing the cause of the Know-Nothing movement. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army as a sergeant (later broken to private) and afterwards undeservedly assumed the rank of Colonel, a title which stuck until his death.

Buntl;ine, Cody, Texas Jack
Ned Buntline, "Buffalo Bill" Cody,
"Texas jack" Omohundro
It was on a Western trip that he met handsome William Cody, dubbed him Buffalo Bill and wrote a series of dime novels based on Cody's life as a hunter and scout. He also launched Cody on a theatrical career in a play he wrote in four hours-The Scouts of the Plains-with himself playing a leading part. But despite the renown, infamous or otherwise, of his exploits, Ned Buntline is perhaps best remembered for his dime novels. Typical of his four hundred-odd stories are: The Mysteries and Miseries of New York, Navigator Ned; or, He Would Be Captain, Stella Delorme; or, The Comanche's Dream, The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main; or, The Fiend of Blood, and Buffalo Bill.

Source: Monaghan. The Great Rascal: The Life and Advertures of Ned Buntline.