Mrs. Mallory's Fourth Grade Class

My fourth grade class in Lusk, Wyoming, wrote Pony Express Acrostic poems while learning about the pony express in Wyoming History. We used your web site to research our poems so that they are fairly historically accurate.

Mrs. Mallory, Student teacher.

by Daniel

Little Muddy was a Swing Station
I was not born when it was made
Thomas Ranhan was a rider
Thomas Jefferson was not.
Little Muddy was a cold station
Express riders hated the station

Marve Beaty was another rider
Up in flames some stations went
Daring Dare-devils rode the west
Ducking under arrows.
Young men rode the Pony Express.

Johnny Fry
by Kortney

Johnny was a little boy when he began
On the trail all the time for the Pony Express
He was and expert with horses
Nice, kind, and quite a ladies man
(k)Nows the way of the Pony Express
Your kind of guy.

First rider to leave St. Joseph
Riding for the Pony Express
Young, skinny, and under 18.

Johnny Frye
by Luke

Johnny Frye was the first Pony Express rider
On his way to deliver the mail
Honored with the pleasure of being the first
Never giving up,
Not ever cruel.
Ye ha!, he yells while riding down the trail.

Fabulous on his horse
Really excited
Young he was, under 18
Excellent with his fists.

by Kali

Pony express Riders traveled 2000 miles west.
Each rider Idealized his horn as the best.
A quick Decisive exchange of rider and mail.
Feed their Excited horses a grass bale....
The riders Rode through blizzards and attacks,
And carried Suede mochillas on their backs.

by Ashley

Riders rode across the country
It was a long journey,
Delivering mail by horseback
Express riders had fast horses
Riders rode in bad weather
Sweetwater River, rough dry country, poison alkali water.

by Patrick

Mochilla is what they carry mail in
All the mail gets there on time
Ice or snow didn't slow them down.
Left Missouri for California.

by Anna

Mochilla carries the mail
A rider changed horses at every station
Ice and snow makes it hard to travel
Letters had to be delivered.

by Justin

Riders race across the prairie and mountains.
Indians chased them as they went.
Delivering mail across the country,
Express riders had a risk of dying daily
Riders got payed around 25 dollars a week.
Some people rode farther than others.

by Will

Mochillas they wore on their horses
Across the plains a lone rider rides.
Indians they had to dodge.
Letters, letters they delivered.

by Alissa

Riders rode half way across America
Indians chased after them
Delivering mail to the West Coast
Express riders rode full speed
Riders were young and skinny
Sometimes they rode in bad weather

by Steven


by Kris

Mochilla is what they carried the mail in
Across the plains the mail was carried
Indians were very dangerous
Letters were at least $4.

by Benny

Mochillas carried the mail
Actually some people got killed
Indians were the ones who killed them
Little Muddy was their station to stop to get the mail.

by Shilo

Mochilla held the letters.
Across the country they ride
It cost $5 to mail a letter
Lone riders galloped across the plains.

by Lara

Riders rode across the country
It was a long journey
Delivering mail by horseback
Emigrant travelers crossed the North Platte
Riders god $25 a week
Some stations fed the riders

Johnny Frye
by Desiree

Johnny was a little boy when entering the Pony Express
Often he rode in bad weather
He was good with his fists
Not killed by Indians
Never late
Young when he started

First rider to leave St. Joseph
Rode fabulously
Yelled, "Yee! Ha!" before he got to the station
Expert rider.

Pony Express
by Tom

People in the west needed news
Overland coach line took too long
New route was needed
Young, skinny riders wanted

Excellent riders
eXcellent with a rifle
Pony Express riders changed horses at stations
Risked death daily
Even had to ride in bad weather
St. Joseph is where they started
Sacremento is where they finished.