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This information on the Pony Express in Movies, Serials and Television was compiled and provided by John Hoff, a member of the California Division, National Pony Express Association. John lives in southern California and has an extraordinary collection of Pony Express memorabilia.





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Patee House Museum
June 1997

Pony Express Movie Latest Media Contact for Patee House

A new Pony Express movie with Stephen Spielberg as producer could be at a theater near you in the next year or two. Screenwriters Monte Williams and Fred Ellis spent a full day at Patee House recently researching the Pony Express and interviewing museum director Gary Chilcote.

The Austin, Texas, writers said the movie would actually be filmed in Nevada or Utah, but they came to St. Joseph for background to assure a degree of accuracy to the movie. It would probably deal with the loneliness on the trail, and the Paiute Indian problem in 1860.

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Pony Express Days

Studio: Warner Brothers, 1940

Director: B. Reeves Eason

Script: Charles L. Tetford

Stars: George Reeves, David Bruce, Frank Wilson

A short feature which follows most closely to historical information on the Pony Express.

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The Pinto Bandit

Studio: Producers Releasing Corporation. 1944

Script: Elmer Clifton

Stars: James Newill, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Mady Lawrence

The Texas Rangers trio enter a three-man relay race for a mail contract in order to capture the masked bandit who has been stealing mail shipments between two towns. Part of the long-running "The Texas Rangers" series.

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The Plainsman and the Lady

Studio: Republic, 1946

Director: Joseph kane

Script: Richard Wormser

Stars: William Elliott, Vera Ralston, Donald (Don "Red") Barry

Before the Civil War, a rich cattleman aids a banker and his pretty daughter in establishing the Pony Express between St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, despite the machinations of a crooked stagecoach operator and his murderous henchman. Don Barry as the gunman and Gail Patrick as the heroin's socail-climbing sister.

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Riders of the Pony Express

Studio: Kayson/Screencraft, 1949

Director: Michael Salle

Stars: Ken Curtis

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Stagecoach Driver

Studio: Monogram, 1951

Director: Lewis D. Collins

Script: Joseph O'Donnell

Stars: Whip Wilson, Fuzzy Knight, Gloria Winters

A lawman and his pals try to stop the lawlessness caused when the telegraph begins putting the Pony Express and freight lines out of business.

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Range Rider

Studio: Flying "A" Productions, 1951

Episode: Last of the Pony Express

Stars: Gene Autry

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The Pony Express

Jame Cruze's 1925 silent film epic starring Ricardo Cortez, Betty Compson, Ernest Torrence, Wallace Berry and George Bancroft.

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