Map of the Pony Express Route

map-honnel-1 map-honnel-2 map-honnel-3
This map was created by W. R. Honnel, also know as Willie Whitewater. In fact there is a fascinating book by that name about his life. He was seventy-five years old in 1935 when he made the map. The map shows 190 stations along the 2000-mile route and gives other pertinent information relative to the service, including the 40 main division points. The names of 99 riders are given, and the map is embellished with numerous drawings, including one of the type of saddle used by the Express riders, over which a Mochila is hung. In 1937, his map earned Honnel a honorary life member of the Oregon Trail Association.

It is probably one of the very best and most accurate maps of the Pony Express trail.

Thanks to Linda McGrath for the photos. See says in part, "My husband and I (with our partner) became the new owners of Strawberry Lodge and are interested in its history and the things in the Lodge like the map. We know that Strawberry was one of the stops along the Pony Express route. Telling visitors to the Lodge about its history is one of the many fun things about running the business.