On The Pony Express Trail
By Mrs. Linares

On the spot where now I stand
Beside the sage and the shifting sand
A messenger, a rider, if you will,
Raced on toward far distant hill.

Galloping buckskin and flying tail,
Bravely carrying the U.S. mail.
In April of 1860, so the story goes
Young men hired on and were chose

Three men, Russell, Majors, and Waddell
Founded and created the Pony Express Mail.
To provide a faster mail delivery route
From East to West in 10 days, about.

From St. Joseph, Missouri the boys would ride
Toward Sacramento and the ocean tide.
Return riders charged toward the east
Not slowing up, not in the least

If per chance, that two should meet,
Sometimes they didn’t know, they rode asleep!
Switching riders and horses on the flight,
At the stations, they’d rest and eat a bite.

Over wide prairies and steep terrain,
Through snow and hail and sleet and rain.
18-year-old boys faced the unknown,
risking life and leaving home.

Carrying letters of Civil War
To family members near and far.
Bob Haslam, Buffalo Bill, and many more
Are among the names of Pony Express lore.

On October 24, 1861,
This piece of history was over and done.
Telegraph wires from east to west
Ended the era of the Pony Express.

What had taken about ten days
Could now be done in much faster ways.
Technology had made it obsolete
For the brave young mail riders to compete.

But sometimes on a clear cool night,
When all but the coyotes and frogs are quiet.
Carefully listening while I stand
Beside the sage and desert sand.

A lump in my throat and my ear to the ground.
Is it just my heart or another sound?
By the side of MY Pony Express trail,
I hear the echo of hoofbeats carrying the mail.

My 4th-6th grade students, and I, live in Ibapah Utah, on the pony express trail.
We are going to try and create a book with this poem.
Marilyn Linares