James Laird

Born: New York

Married: Catherine Smith, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1851

In the summer of 1859 and 1860, Laird served as Station Keeper for the Pony Express Station at Echo Canyon east of Salt Lake City.

James Laird
Walt Laird
James Laird & Chloe Harry,
his second wife
Walt Laird

Family history records that when he was young James had ridden for the Pony Express, but he was too heavy so that he kept the station instead.

However, his younger brother, Walt, also rode. The Indians never bothered them and they were never afraid of them. It was renegades dressed like Indians for which they were afraid. Outriders followed the Pony Express riders and sometimes went ahead. They watched everyone on the job and were always on the lookout for renegades and such and tried to stay close enough to help out the riders in a pinch.

The rider did not look left nor right. He just rode. Hew would stop under no one's command and would just go as fast as he could go. James and his brother owned and furnished horses. They also tried to see that the riders got through without being attacked.

Information provided by David James Laird, great great grandson of James Laird, August 1999.