Letters from West Deptford Middle School

These letters are among 125 written by Jean Cervone's eighth grade students from West Deptford Middle School in West Deptford, New Jersey. The students have been writing essays on the Pony Express. They wish all of the 2001 pony riders good luck on the 141st annual rerun. The letters were forwarded to Gary Chilcote at the Patee House Museum just a day before the ride began.

deptford-andrew Dear Riders,
I hope you have a fun time riding your route this year. I hope you guys do well and go very fast and maybe even break a record. Also have a safe trip because it could be dangerous.
Dear Pony Express Riders,
My class has recently been doing a project on the Pony Express, and I am utterly fascinated with all of the hard work of the riders. My best of luck to you.
Sincerely, Jessie Bintz
deptford-keith Dear Pony Express Riders.
Our class has been work extremely hard on writing a story. The topic was what would you do if you were a rider. We have all researched and learned about the Pony Express. I have got a fantastic experience from this entire story.
The Pony Express is something I will remember for a long time. Maybe when I get older I will ride in the re-run of the Pony Express.
Good luck to you! I hope you win.
Keith Novack
Dear Riders,
Enjoy your ride in the outdoors but don't waste too much time. I wish that I had a chance to ride the Pony Express Trail like you guys do. Have your horse go break a leg but not litterly.
John Hauer

To: Pony Express Riders
Hello. I think what you are doing is great for our country, reliving the old times. I am sure if any Pony Express riders were still living they would be so happy you are honoring them. Hope you have a wonderful reride and don't get hurt by Indians. Just kidding. Have a good time.
Michelle Huesser
Dear Pony Express rider,
I hope that you have a safe and fun ride along your stint. We have been learning about the Pony Express for a while now. We made treat boxes that had things to do with the Pony Express. We will auction them off tomorrow. I just want to say that I am really impressed with your courage and want to meet a rider some day. Good Luck!
Alex Ruthersle
deptford-sara Dear Riders,
I would like to wish you good luck and best wishes. Most importantly, have fun!
Someday I hope I can do what you are doing, if I can work up the courage.
Yours truly,
Sara Sterling
Dear Pony Express Riders, Hope your trip is as fun as we read about. This isn't long but it's positive, so stay safe and brave.
Yours truely,
David Maxwell
deptford-diana Dear Pony Express Riders,
My literacy class is doing a fun activity on the Pony Express. I have learned so much stuff about the Pony Express and it all sounds so exciting and fun! God bless you and your horse, and remember have fun and be careful.
Diana Shreiner
Dear Pony Express Re-Run Riders,
For the last two weeks we have been studying the Pony Express. It seems very interesting!
Tomorrow we are having a box lunch auction and a western dress up day! Have fun & good luck in your ride!
Julie Weitzel
deptford-rosie I hope that you have a good run and maybe you'll break a record! I also hope that you have fun. Our class is doing a project on the Pony Express and we're also having an auction! I think we're going to have fun dressing up! I hope that you have as much fun riding as we did learning about it!
Rosie Paris