44th Annual Pony Express Mail Run

Canaan - Madison On Saturday, September 11,2010, the little country village of Canaan, Indiana, will step back into the past if only for a short time. Canaan will be celebrating their 46th Annual Canaan Fall Festival and their 44th Annual Pony Express Mail Run from Canaan to Madison, Indiana, a distance of about 13 miles. We will start the day off with a parade and a pie baking contest, games for the children, good food and entertainment and music and at 1:00 PM the mail will be brought to the stage in the center of the small village in saddle bags. The six riders will be sworn in by Dale Sparks, manager of Post office operations for the Greater Indiana District, Sat C. All of the letters and cards from all over the world will be hand canceled with the "Special Pictorial Cancellation" only used for this occasion and after 30 days, it will never be used again. The horse for this cancellation was drawn by a 5th Grade student at the Canaan elementary school. After some detail work by the postmaster of Canaan, Carolyn Hankins, It was approved by the United States Postal service.

After the riders are sworn in, they will embark on the ride of a life time, carrying the mail relay fashion from the Canaan Post office to the Madison Post office. In the past there have been as many as 1500 cancellations in the saddle bags. It will be very hot and the horses must be in shape to travel the hilly road from Canaan to Madison. Last year it was a little over an hour's ride. Once they arrive in Madison they will have a police escort through the city streets and stop lights to the Madison post office.

It is an awesome experience. I ,as the postmaster am very proud of this, If you have never been to Canaan Indiana, you are in for a special delight, Canaan is in northeastern Jefferson County in Southeastern Indiana and Madison sits on the Ohio River. The thirteen miles is on beautiful country roads part of the way following a creek, where last year one of the riders took his horse down for a drink. Once at Madison the mail will be put in the modern mail stream with orders not to over cancel. A lot of the mail is from collectors who will want their letters and cards returned under cover so as to guarantee no over cancelling.

If you want to send mail to be included in this popular event, send your cards and letters to 44th Annual Pony Express Mail Run Station, Canaan IN 47224 and our phone number is 812-839-4600.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hoping you will all come to visit us in Canaan and enjoy this special day with us.