Allen Park
Billy Bob Jones
by Allen Park

This story is about a young rider named Billy Bob Jones. He was a skinny and wiry fellow. He was close to the age of fifteen. Delivering mail to California would not be easy.

After about two months Billy Bob Jones was waiting for the next rider to come with the mail. He was waiting all morning. It was such a bore. Finally the rider came. "C'mon, c'mon let's hurry it up. We're going off schedule," said a man with a bushy, black mustache. Billy Bob Jones started running off like the wind.

The Pony Express was a hard way of communication for people all across the country. Some others had heard that they were building a transcontinental railroad. It would be almost impossible to cross the Sierra Nevadas.

About a few hours later, Billy Bob Jones reached another station. He was early. There was another boy about his age called Randy Taylor . Billy Bob Jones could tell Randy had butterflies in his stomach. "Let's hit the road, Randy. We got some mail to deliver," said a young man out of nowhere. And off Randy went, fast as an arrow. As months passed by, the Pony Express was going pretty smoothly.

On October 26, 1861 the first telegraph was built and sent. It was a wonderful success! A few months later the transcontinental railroad was also successfully built. Now it seemed like nobody was using the Pony Express and it was only eighteen months old. The Pony Express was out of business. The riders and people were downhearted, but not Billy Bob Jones and Randy Taylor and the other boys. The danger was out of the way.

Soon the workers and riders found out that the telegraph and the transcontinental railroad were amazing. The new way of communication and transportation was much better.

The End

Allen Park
Grade 4 Mrs. Pucik
Notre Dame Academy In California