Reports from the Trail 2014

We need Reports from the Trail!
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From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 23, 9:03am

The 2014 Pony Express reride was a trek of extremes from Historic Old Sac CA to St. Joe MO. From mountain forest and rough water crossings to dry dusty desert ranges. High population areas to the solitude of vast range areas. The dry range in Nevada and Utah to vast grass range in Wyoming and western Nebraska to the irrigated areas of east central Nebraska with vast alfalfa and corn fields. Transitioning into the green grass and fields in eastern Nebraska and northeast Kansas after the spring rain.

The weather was good until we were in Colorado when they encountered a storm and were delayed for safety purposes, but didn't effect the arrival time at the next exchange. At this exchange the mail was diverted to hard surface roads because heavy rains prior to the exchange.

During the reride the mail varied from on time to 4 hrs. early but mostly varied about 30 minutes one way or the other of the schedule. We sustained no serious injuries to my knowledge.

It is fantastic to see the local support of the communities and the attention from the public as the reride passes through their areas.

The completion of an event of this size with all volunteer members is a great feat. Everyone has the same goal in site, finish my ride safely and be on time.

Thanks to All!

Here is Lyle's photo essay of the Re-Ride.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 23, 8:28am

We would like to thank riders, members, family, friends and support staff that helped make the 35th reride a success.

We would like to thank all the folks that offered us food, drinks or housing during our travels. It was great meeting and visiting with as many riders and members as we could. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel.

The Officers of the National Pony Express.

From: Carl Schultz, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 7:40pm

I know that this may be a little late,but I feel that we need to recognize the riders that took the time to carry the mail across Sweetwater County. We received the mail at 9:15 am on Monday June 16th from the Uinta group. The first rider received the Mochilla and we were off and running. The second rider was not able to make the ride so we did the usual, we adapted and improvised. We headed for Farson in hopes of making up some time. With the help of some great rides we did exactly that. We arrived in Farson about 1:50 pm about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. From there we headed for Atlantic City, at an accelerated pace. Again we had to adapt and improvise as some of our riders could not make it. With the help of some very dedicated riders we started to gain some more time. We decided that if we could cut down on our exchange and strive for a 12 min ride we could make up quite a bit of time. I was quite pleased as we averaged 15 sec. per exchange and 10 min per each two mile ride over the 110 miles of trail. We arrived at Atlantic City at 6:15 pm, 2 hours ahead of schedule. We passed the Mochilla to Stan Bean and his group headed for Jeffery City. It takes a lot of dedicated riders to make this event be so great. Thanks to all who ride and to those who support this great event.

From: John McClain KF0IN
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 6:14pm

I was informed by John Bouser that the Pony Express reride for 2014 arrived exactly on time at Patee House museum in St. Joseph, MO. This completes the 2014 ride. Thanks for all you do in California. On this reride I got to meet the Ride Captain Dave Sanner which was a thrill for me personally. I learned a lot about the organization and how it all works. What a noble and wonderful thing these people do. I was honored to be a small part of it and plan on providing communication support next year as well.

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From: commishh
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 1:29pm

The pony was about to cross the pony express bridge at Elwood into St Joseph, Mo at 3:11. Law enforcement was being assembled for traffic control.

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From: Joseph Plankinton WDØDMV
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 12:40pm

At 2:30 PM Central time they just crossed 36 Highway at Wathena, Kansas. Now traveling on the old 36 road.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 10:31am

The riders have been moving well Thur the night. And morning running ahead of time but it heating up and the humidity is rising. Should be at the bridge at Elwood early.

From: Joseph Plankinton WDØDMV
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 10:30am

Stopped at 11:50am central time at Doniphan West Middle School for a break. Left there at 12:24 PM Central time East on Highway 20 and Dove Creek. Temperature 90 degrees.

From: Carla Fritchie Miele
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 10:14am

Here are a few photosfrom last Saturday at Ibapah. We really enjoyed being out there to see the Nevada Riders arrive!

Photo 1: Marilyn Linares of Ibapah, UT rider with the NV Riders
Photo 2: Marilyn Linares with my son Thai Miele
Photo 3: Horse awaiting departure

From: Joseph Plankinton WDØDMV
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 8:20am

Left Horton at 9:25 am CST At 10:10 AM CST they arrived at 73 highway outside of Everest Kansas. Moving onto Raccoon Rd. Temp 82 with a light breeze from the SW. KFØIN left the group at Horton and John Bower NØYXG and his wife NØZKH took up the following of the rider for reports. They will go all the way to St. Joe.

From: Joseph Plankinton WDØDMV
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 7:03am

Arrived in Horton, Kansas at 8:57 AM Central time 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 20, 8:51pm

8:45pm - Exchange at Marysville 30 min early.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 20, 5:46pm

7:25 pm Exchange at Hollenberg Station on time

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 20, 11:46am

Exchange made at Hwy 53, 1:30 pm on time.

Lyle continues to provide a photo essay of the Re-Ride.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 20, 8:18am

Exchange at Oak on time 9:45 am.

Lyle continues to provide a photo essay of the Re-Ride.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 20, 8:01am

The riders move well over night and will arrive at Oak on time.

From: Paula Bath, Member and former rider CO division
Sent: Friday, June 20, 7:37am

Here are photos from the transfer from NE to CO at Chapell, NE.

CO rider talking the first mile is Bob Ellis, CO director. Storm followed NE and was a major factor in the evening ride. Tornado just outside Ovid, CO which CO rides thru caused concern.

Wishing a safe ride for all who follow us to St Joseph, MO. Thanks to you for all the dedication and hard work to keep us updated along the trail.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2:42pm

Exchange at Midway Station on time 3:50 pm.

From: Leo Morin, USAF-Retired
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2:38pm

P/E 2014, East Canyon & Henefer, UT

My pics with a pocket camera don't compare to the others you've received, but you asked if I would send you mine from this years re-ride. I don't know any of the riders by name, as I'm just a spectator, but love to watch the riders, horses, and support folks. Maybe the Utah riders & other photographers can help identify those I've captured in my pics.

I had planned on taking my pics near This Is The Place Heritage Park & the mouth of Emigration Canyon, after driving down from Ogden. Even though I was in the area about an hour + earlier than the 7PM estimate, it wasn't until about 6:30PM that a jogger told me he had observed the riders at least an hour prior; good for riders, bad for me, oops!

I was able to catch up to the mochila along East Canyon Reservoir (Utah State Road 65). Based on her report, I believe my first pic is of Cindy Furse & Tesla having just passed my location. Unfortunately, I fumbled with the camera and missed a good shot of her approaching my location. I'll have to sharpen my skills on multi-tasking; enjoying the moment AND taking the pic! The 3 remaining pics are of the mochila arriving at Milepost 22, Utah State Road 65. Kudos to everyone that made this re-ride happen!

My second set of pics from Milepost 22, Utah State Road 65 (East Canyon).

My third set of pics from Milepost 22, Utah State Road 65

My last 3 pics. The first is of the mochila leaving Milepost 22, Utah State Road 65, south of Henefer. The last 2 pictures were taken in Henefer, at Main Street & Frontage Road (between the Weber River & Interstate-84). The time of the last 2 pics was @ 7:40PM.

Thanks again, to everyone involved, for a great job & a great show!

Here's my last 3 pics (this time from my cell phone), also taken on Sunday, 15 JUN 2014. They are of the Re-Ride Team just entering Henefer on East Canyon Road (SR 65) near the Henefer Pioneer Trails Park. Time was @ 7:35PM & about 3-1/2 hours ahead of schedule!

Thanks again to everyone for their hard work and dedication in keeping the Pony Express history alive! Here are Leo's photos.

From: Mary Cone, Trail Captain, Keith County, Nebraska
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 11:45am

The 2014 Re-Ride of the Pony Express will be a memory to long remember for the Keith County, Nebraska Re-Riders!! The name of the game was weather-the nasty kind!

You've read previously about the Colorado Riders coming through the tornado warning, rain, lightning, hail, wind………wow, I don't know how they did it!! And in the dark, no less. Great job, Colorado!

As our group's ride time approached, we were making phone calls, trying to figure out when to gather, waiting out the tornado warnings in a safe place. The storms were popping up everywhere by the minute, it seemed. The radar screen was a multi-colored panorama of weather terror!! Reds, yellows, greens, purples…….what to do, when and how to proceed?!

But, with true Pony Express grit and innovation, we made an alternate plan and got down to it. We administered the Pony Express Oath to the riders at the Big Springs starting point and everyone was apprised of our plan. With only a small delay, waiting for the last of our group to gather, we headed east from Big Springs as rain and wind squalls darted in and out of our ride path. "It was a dark and stormy night", I believe is how Snoopy would have described it. As Adam reported earlier, we chose a path of travel to allow the rigs safe passage on oiled roads. The regular gravel roads would have seen our rigs into mud up to the axles or in a ditch.

Everyone willingly accepted and bought into the adventure, excitement and purpose of our mission and we just made it all happen. What a crew and what a game bunch of riders! A HUGE thanks to Adam, Howard, Angie, Kristy, Russell, Ron, Joan, Donna and Bill for their gutsiness in the face of this challenge! And we cannot forget our willing ponies who also took the challenge upon their backs, along with we riders and the mochila, and got us all safely through the night.

We actually made good time once we got started. The storms fussed a bit more until finally heading off into the night. We passed through Brule, Nebraska at 2:55am MDT and then through Ogallala at 4:02am MDT. I called the Report Line as we left Ogallala, but my phone must not have gotten the message through to XPTom. Shucks. We made it on through Roscoe--- I didn't get the time logged down---- but the good news is we arrived at the mochila exchange site south of Paxton to sunny, daylight skies and a fresh crew from the North Platte area at 6:19 am MDT. The new crew willingly accepted the well-traveled mochila and headed off to the east --on schedule--to meet the television crews at North Platte.

It's amazing to think what all the mochila must "see" as it traverses the Pony Express Trail each year. Here we are all connected to this one piece of leather artistry, we Pony Express Re-Riders. And each year we throw it on and off our ponies hundreds of times reliving this unique part of American history. I'm honored to be a Pony Express Re-Rider from Nebraska.

From: Patsy Lange, Former First Lady, Utah NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 11:45am

I want to thank Lyle and Dean for their support, and following up on the entire trail! By now, I know theyf are getting pretty tired (I can still remember George and I's trip, of course) and the many memories they will always carry with them! You are doing a great job reporting along the trail, Lyle, and thanks for the pictures, also!!!

I also want to thank Sherry Mattingly, my step-daughter for taking pictures of group 2 and posting them. She was scurrying the whole time through traffic, trying to keep ahead of us! I think she did a terrific job.

From: Adam Bolek, Nebraska NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 8:58am

Received the mail 45 min early from the Colorado riders (1245 am Mnt) due to some of our riders being held up due to area storms (tornado's, wind, heavy rain and hail) the pony left Big Springs ahead of schedule. Riders had to ride in rain and sleet at times. While others stopped along the way clearing tree debris off the roads so we could get rigs and ponies through. Due to the heavy rain and road conditions it forced us to change our path of travel but all riders had made it safe to Brule and were headed to Ogallala when we ended our stretch of the "wet" trail.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 8:42am

After a stormy night ride with rain hail and tornado warnings for the Co. Crew and the first section back in Neb the mail will on time at North Platte at 11:00 am.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 8:42am

Co. received the mail from Ne 1:20 min early.

From: Lisa Marie, Colorado Mail
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 10:53pm

News from Colo. Division. 6 miles in ran into rain, lightning, hail, tornado! Took shelter! Then continued on watching the sky for a second storm cell that was moving our way. Should get to Big Springs 12:30-1:00.

From: Lisa Marie, Colorado Mail
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 7:42pm

Chappell, NE. Colorado division picked up the mail at 8.44 mountain time.1:45 hours ahead of schedule. Big storm on our tail.

From: Vicki Hood of Guernsey, WY
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 1:35pm

The group from Southeast Wyoming picked up the mail from the Douglas riders at Glendo and headed out about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday. Elana Herr made her first official Pony Express ride as she covered the first leg out of Glendo. The moon was about 3/4 full, some wind, lightning in the distance and partly cloudy skies made for cool riding but we all stayed dry!

The mail was exchanged at Register Cliff (Nine Mile House) around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday and the riders headed toward Fort Laramie. The riders made their way east and handed off to the Nebraska riders at the Wyoming/Nebraska state line about 7:45 a.m.

It was a great re-ride and we all consider it an honor to be a part of this event commemorating our past and advancing the legacy that was a limited but critical piece of our nation's growth. Happy trails to all of our fellow riders!

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 12:01pm

Chimney Rock - Mail is 1 hr 45 min ahead 81 degrees light wind.

From: Casey Debus, Nebraska NPEA
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 9:49am

Exchange at Scotts Bluff National Monument at 10:35 MDT. 1:45 ahead of schedule.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 7:32am

Mail exchange Henry Neb 1:30 early

From: Beverley Heffernan, Utah Team 2
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 8:17pm

I am part of Utah's Team 2 which carried the mail from Murray Park to the Wyoming border, handing off 3 hours ahead of schedule. My first ride was in Emigration Canyon where my horse Luke was swarmed by neighborhood kids, a few of whom were thrilled because they had just learned about the Pony Express in school. I got lots of cheers from bike riders and from a terrace full of diners at a little cafe. As usual our leaders did a great job of planning, keeping things moving has to be like herding cats!

Here are some photos:

- Mail exchange at Murray Park in Utah.
- The view through Luke's ears in Emigration Canyon and 2 pictures of Team 2 Leader Joe Hatch arriving at the Morgan County line. Beverley Heffernan

From: Ron Atkinson, Uinta County Wyoming Ride Captain
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 3:02pm

Had one of best rerides our group has had.Received the mail from utah approx. 3 hours ahead of schedule. This really starts the wheels in motion. I had scheduled riders to be at state line 1 1/2 hours early. This caught us off guard and the scramble was on.Started getting riders at state line and we headed out at 12;55. Sky was over cast part time so no moon.All riders were at their assigned rides so ride went effortlessly. Near perfect riding conditions, what a fun day it was. noteable exceptions; had one young lady's horse Abby Hayduk and her horse Jaimie took quit a tumble,horse flipped over ,rolled over her ,had mochilla come off, by time i got to her she was up, threw mochilla on, jumped into saddle and finished her ride and rode 3 more times. 2 first time riders jackie hoggart and sam lester missed turns and had to be caught and turned around but both riders turned around and finished rides on time. Arrived at county line and handed off to Sweetwater county. A wonderful time was had by all and looking forward to next year. Enjoyed visits with state pres. Les Bennington and national pres. Lyle Ladner and vice pres. Dean Atkins.

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2:42pm

3:30 PM MDT. The rider and mochila departed Glenrock, Wy., about 1 hour ahead of schedule. The weather has clouded up and it looks like it could shower later this PM.

Have a good trip on to St Joseph.

From: Cindy Furse, Team #2, Utah
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 12:18pm

Here are some photos of Tesla and me carrying the mail from East Canyon Reservoir to Broad Hollow with Team #2 (Utah) Sunday evening about 730pm. Bit blurry, because we are at a full gallop, but a unique perspective, I think. And a photo after this ride (he is a big, powerful horse still anxious to go), and then a wash down and snack.

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 12:17pm

1:15 PM MDT, Rider departed the Sinclair Refinery enroute to Glenrock, Wy. 1:15 ahead of schedule.

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 11:33am

12:14 PM MDT After a very brief ceremony, the rider departed the Trails Center, eastbound. 1:15 hours ahead of schedule.

From: Sherry Killpack, Utah Npea
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 10:48am

For 8 years my grand daughter jaelynn went with me on the re ride. Every year jaelynn wished that she could ride, her day finally arrived. She got to ride with the Utah team from simpson springs to Murray park in salt lake utah. She was even our first rider up. Her horse poncho did her proud. The smile on her face made all the hard work worth it. Our ride from Simpson springs was as close to perfect as it could be. The weather was perfect for the horses. We saw the wild horses lots of antelopes and other wild life. No accidents riders where all in the right place and ready to go. We arrived in Murray park 1 hour early our trucks were covered in dust are riders where dirty and tired but we wished the next team a safe ride and a see you next year. Here is a photo of Jaelynn.

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 10:44am

11:40 AM MDT Rider change at Ft Caspar, Wy -- enroute to Historic Trails Center

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 9:08am

10.03 AM Poison Spider School, Wy West of Mills About 1 hour ahead of schedule

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 8:04m

at 10 a.m. Mountain time the pony was reported to be 2 hours west of Casper Wyoming, expected arrival at Casper is between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

From: Dwight Parrill, Casper amateur Radio Club
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 7:12am

Rider Change, Prospect Hill 8:09 AM, Ahead of schedule.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 6:52am

Riders headed to Casper mail is running apx 2 hrs early.

From: Wendy Anderson, Nevada NPEA Ride Captain
Sent: Monday, June 16, 8:08pm

Ride Captain's Report Hello, all you horse and Pony Express lovers!! I can't believe another year has come and gone for our group the Schellbourne Re-Riders! We had a really great, exciting year in 2014. Had a group of great riders join us from Pahrump Nevada, Utah and Idaho. I want to take the time and thank everyone who rode with us this year, so here we go, THANKS EVERYONE :) Hope I don't miss anyone. Gene Ockert, Deanna Hoge, Josef Drain, Wendy Anderson, Tony Zamora, Carol Hunt, Eva Jensen, Tom Love, Travis Morrison, Steve Campbell, Claude Malnack, Pi Linnares, Marilyn Linnares, Doug Shaw, George Veliz, Darrell Beighley, Kyla Hannah, James Hannah, Mason Haner, James D. Hannah, Jim Hannah, Mary Hannah, Loretta Hannah, Vincent Hannah, Norm "Doc" Christensen, Bret Christensen, Drake Christensen, and Chris Christensen. Ed Ockert came along to drive and take pictures for us. Thanks Ed.

Most of our group camped out on Friday the 13th, had a great meal (Hotel Nevada donated the beans, chicken and salad), got to know each other, visiting most of the evening and having a super swear in for all the new riders which consisted of: Deanna Hoge, Josef Drain, Travis Morrison, George Veliz, Mason Haner, Jimmy Hannah, and Drake Christensen, most of which are teenagers. After lots of coffee to keep warm and stay awake, the ride started for us up on top of the Diamonds/Overland Pass this year. We sent Gene and Josef up to the top of mountain at 7:30 p.m. where they had to wait until 12:20 a.m. to pick the mail up from Notterman's group. They were just over 2 hours early, which was greatly appreciated. From there, our group of excited riders started lining out across Huntington. I am only going to say this one time, but it was true throughout the 144 miles, boy those Paso Fino horses are quick and durable. Everyone not riding Paso's did an awesome job too, and I know because I don't have a Paso Fino, yet!

At Ruby Valley we handed off to Doc, Bret, Chris and Drake, where they covered the miles with a quickness. Once again, we all lined out up through the Mavericks, headed to White Rock where only horses travel. At this point, Tony and Gene were prepared to take the mochilla and head for the hills. George came riding up the trail on a paso, he had passed another rider arriving just in time for me to ask him if he was ready for a really great ride. Without consideration, George took off after the other riders and they were all out of sight within seconds. The rest of the group started heading for the other side of White Rock and Butte Valley. Because Ed and I had to pick up riders on White Rock, we took off first.

This was the only time I was concerned about riders missing! It seemed like an eternity waiting for the riders to come down out of White Rock, but they were just enjoying their ride and taking it easy. Then, I really became concerned when I could not see the dust clear across the valleys for the Pahrump riders. I thought maybe we had lost them. Later, after the ride in speaking to George, he said they were all over on the other side of White Rock looking for him, he had gone missing. Yep, we kind of forgot to let their group know he had gone through White Rock. Good thing they finally gave up on looking for him and came on through to the Butte Valley Road.

I hit a rock with Tony's new trailer tires and blew one, so Travis and I dropped the trailer in a gully and changed the tire and was ready for the riders when they came off White Rock. We then handed off to Josef and Deanna and they took off across Butte Valley to where they handed off to the Christensen group. Chris got that grump gray mare lined out and up the mountain to Egan he headed. The rest of our riders had to jump in trucks and drive around the mountain and into Cherry Creek over to the road coming down out of Egan. Travis and I tried to get a quick ride in here, but the Christensen's were so fast, there was not time to get in line. The Paso riders took over from here lining out down the fence line and road into Schellbourne Station. Joyce Christensen (Doc's wife) had volunteered to bring our group of tired, hungry riders breakfast items, lunch items, water for the horses and gas for thirsty trucks. Thanks so much, we could not have survived without you. And, if you are in Ely, check out the local museum, where Joyce put together a great Pony Express display.

As the rider came in, Jimmy Hannah handed the mochilla off to (new, fresh riders) Tom Love, Carol Hunt, Eva Jensen, Steve Campbell, Claude Malnack, and Marilyn Linnares. We were ready for a bit of a rest. They all lined out across Schellbourne, down to Voglers Y and on up the mountain heading up to the highest mountain peak along the 1900 plus miles of trail--Rock Springs. Travis Morrison and I were there awaiting the arrival of the mail. We were met by Kyla and James Hannah. They handed off to us and we headed up the steep mountains, around 9 or 10 miles through to the area we call the turn around. We had a wonderful, peaceful ride, kept the trot pace up and made some good time. Then we handed off to Carol and Eva, of whom took it down to the Tippets trail, where all the Christensen's took over again for another 8 miles or so. At the cattle guard, Steve Campbell, Eva Jensen, and quite a few others lined out for the final 17 miles of our ride. At this point, anyone who wanted more miles got out and rode together. For the last 10 miles or so, it became a race and I lost. The Paso Fino horses with teenagers on them, blew past me on my white, Quarter, Paint, Arabian horse. They obviously train their horses to run for miles, I guess I will be working on this for next year. Yes, I will try again next year to keep up with you young riders. It was great fun! I felt it the next day though!

All the riders, that wanted to participate, rode in together to the Ibapah Pony Express Monument several hours early where we were met by the National President Lyle Ladner and First Vice President, Dean Atkin. Some of the Utah riders started arriving before we headed for Hicks Ranch and dinner! Thanks to our National officers for being there and supporting all the riders along the trail this year. So, there you have it. Yes, we all had a great time and will have some tall tales to tell for the year to come. I personally cannot wait until next year! Best wishes to all of you until we meet again on the Pony Express Trail.

Here are Wendy's photos:

1. Pahrump Group
2. New Pony Members 2014 for Schellbourne
3. Swearing in the New Members/Ride Captain, Wendy Anderson
4. Doug Shaw
5. Mary Hannah, Moral Support
6. Jimmy Hannah, coming into Schellbourne with the mochilla
7. Norman Christensen on his new horse
8. Marilyn Linnares, from Ibapah
9. Wendy Anderson
10. Tony Zamora
11. Drake Christensen, Travis Morrison, Ride Captain
12. Deanna Hoge and her grandpa, Gene Ockert
13, National President, Lyle Ladner
14. Jim Hannah crashing through Long Valley Wash, what a great movie scene
15. Tony Zamora, Gene Ockert going up into White Rock
16. Claude Malnack on his Arabian
17. Marilyn Linnares
18. Mason and James
20. Happy Pony Riders at dinner time
21. The Pahrump/Utah Group--the Hannahs, Darrell Beighley, Doug Shaw
22. Tony, Gene, Carol & Loretta
23. Eva Jensen
24. Kyla Hannah
25. Bret Christensen 26. The Christensen's

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 7:37pm

At 6:30 pm MT the Pony was reported to be at Atlantic City, WY, 2 hours ahead of schedule.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 3:37pm

Granger Wy mail is 1 1/2 hr ahead.

From: Carol Hunt, Schellbourne Re-riders, White Pine County, Nevada
Sent: Monday, June 16, 1:48pm

I have really enjoyed the posts and riders experiences for the 2014 Pony! God Bless all of you for your efforts in recreating history! Sorry Utah had some "issues," but that's what makes a story. The adversity is what is remembered and talked about. We had our turn a couple of years ago, so now it was Utah's turn. It'll be better! Eva Jensen and I picked up prepared food from the Hotel Nevada for our dinner Friday night at Huntington. It was our ride Captain's birthday, and she was excited about the ten Paso Fino's and their riders from Pahrump, so it was nice she was freed up a little to socialize instead of being completely involved in cooking. We got the report that the mail was two hours early, which added to our excitement. Our rider headed out to go up to Overland Pass and be ready.

Eva and Tom Love and I loaded Eva's truck with gas cans to refill several rigs. There isn't any gas station along our 144 miles of trail. In fact, our stretch of trail is 99.9% actual pristine trail just as the pony riders found it 154 years ago. It's not quite so "hostile" as back in the old days. The convenience of vehicles following along is a great reassurance of safety, although our new Pahrump folks had to wait a few times to get directions through Long Valley and Butte Valley, and Egan. Maps just don't give all the information a person needs in unfamiliar territory. We joined the riders at Schellbourne. Joyce Christensen brought gas and diesel, and good sandwich makings and fruit and all the goodies for a good lunch.

The mail finally arrived, and Tom Love jumped aboard my good, level headed Missouri Fox Trotter, Eagle, to head on east. Eagle didn't like the trailer going away without him and his stable mates, so Tom got several good bucks, but he hung on, and finally got leveled out! He passed off to Eva, and away she went, passing off to Marilyn Linares, a resident of Ibapah, who has ridden with us several years. She got the steepest part of climbing the Schellbourne Pass. After that, it was all downhill, sort of. Steve Campbell and Claude Mulnack took that section.

We had to take a "truck" route to the south and through Antelope Valley to get up to the area called "Tippets." There we had to head back up the hill to the west to get our horses to where Wendy Anderson would be coming off of Rock Springs, said to be the highest part of the entire Pony trail at almost 8,000 feet.

We got the mail, and headed back down the hill past a scary BLM sign, a brown rectangular sign with the BLM triangle on it, that made it "kinda" look like a calf, or some scary creature, at least my "good sensible" Eagle thought. I survived his silliness.

On down to Tippets, and pass off to N.G. "Chris" Christensen and their group to take it across the flats toward the Goshute Indian reservation.

We met up with a lot of the group, and lined out for the final ten miles into Ibapah. We had gained another hour or so, depends on who you talk to. About less than a half mile from the National Pony Express Monument at Ibapah, we waited for rigs and riders to join us and ride in together, at a stampede, I might add. It's all in fun. No Utah riders. We hadn't been able to get ahold of them. But Wendy took care of passing off the mail to Utah people, and we headed for the Hicks ranch and camp, and dinner!! It was truly a great day, great weather (70 degree) no violent wind (like the night before at Huntington, so see, we had a little adversity!) LOL!!

Tom and I ate, then headed back to Ely as we changed our hats to "train robbers," to get up and out for the 9:30 Father's Day train. That's another story. See what you have to look forward to when you retire!! Loved the great folks from Pahrump. They were so uplifted and happy, and their Pasos did an incredible job! All the horses did. Eight young people, two girls and six fellas were sworn in and rode, and they exemplified the spirit of the ad that called for "young, wirey, skinny orphans" not like some of old-"er" re-tireds who are a little more "fluffy." haha Wendy will have her report, with info I don't have, so look for it. God Bless every volunteer who rode this year.

Here are Carol's photos.

Pony Rider, Tom Love, leaves Schellbourne on Hwy 93, two hours ahead of schedule!
O.k., O.k! The mochilla was heavy with 65 pounds of mail Claude Mulnack and Steve Campbell heading down Schellbourne Pass, Nevada.
Carol Hunt and Eva Jensen waiting for mochilla just east of Rock Springs about 20 miles east of Schellbourne.
Some of Pahrump riders checking rider out on trail.
Marilyn Linares about ten miles from her home, Ibapah!
What a great shot of Eva Jensen on Sosi, taken from moving truck with iPhone!
Kyla Hannah
Johnny, a six year old Tennessee Walker, finds Heaven in Ibapah, UT.
Mail was delivered three hours early to Utah!Carol Hunt, Eva Jensen, Tom Love after a great days ride!
National Pony Express Monument , Ibapah, UT.
Ride Captain, Wendy Anderson. Puts on her "Chef's" hat.

From: Sherry Lange-Mattingly, Utah Group 2
Sent: Monday, June 16, 11:34am

GGroup 2 left Murray, Utah with little incident about 1 hour ahead of schedule and ran extremely well. It was tough to get ahead as I was slotted to be the unofficial photographer for this trip and with traffic, it seemed they were ahead of me a good part of the time. Since Murray to the Wyoming border is the toughest part for Utah as its 90% pavement and mostly uphill, it was surprising how well and quickly it seemed to go. There were a few missteps, but they had alternates ready to fill in when needed, so there was little hold up when someone wasn't where they needed to be.

I'm going to apologize ahead of time as regretfully I was unable to get photos of everyone from Group 2; it was really difficult to get around the stream of trailers and whatnot to get into position. I'm determined to do a better job next year. I left the group about 22 miles from the border and they were well ahead of schedule, so I'm hoping all went well from there. It's been a few years since I rode, but I still love being part of the process and enjoy cheering on the riders. As a former rider of Group 2, I'm proud that they did such an awesome job.

Here are her photos.

From: Patsy Lange, Utah NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 11:11am

Good afternoon Tom!!! thanks again for the website; but I have noticed that Utah reports are not coming thru???? A cpl just posted from the west; but we rode the leg from Murray Park to Wyo; my daughter posted 3 times, using the phone number on the web; and checked phone # twice, but her messages did not get thru? just wondering what our problem is??? We enjoy keeping the website updated; and I encourage everyone else to!

PLEASE NOTE: Incorrect number was listed - must have had a senior moment. Correct number is now posted.

We were short 8 riders this year; so that hurts!!! need to made a fix before next year. We left Murray Park an hour early; had a lot of daylight riding, and that is a beautiful run (even on pavement!) up around East Canyon and on to Wyoming!

see ya all up the trail!

From: Patrick Hearty, Utah NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 10:34am

"How was the Ride?" Well, it was confusion and chaos, liberally mixed with pandemonium. We had a printed schedule and a BLM map, and only one rider who couldn't make it. But it seemed that, for some reason, or likely a variety of reasons, no one was where they were expected all night long. We were constantly rushing horses out of trailers, throwing saddles at them and pulling on the bridle as the mail arrived. When we reached the end of the printed schedule, we were still 10 miles west of Simpson. Worst mess I was ever involved in.

Still and all, we made good time and arrived at Simpson Springs without mishap and well ahead of schedule, thanks to everyone's efforts. Schellbourne Riders delivered the mochila at the border 4 hours early (4 hours, bless their hearts). By the time we learned that, it was too late to get our people to Deep Creek that early, but we were able to start about 8:15 MDT and ride a couple of hours in the daylight. Temperature was about perfect for the horses, no wind, and a big moon through hazy clouds. Lyle, the National Prez, was with us much of the way, but we never managed to get him on a horse. Sorry, Lyle.

Hope everyone on to the east has a spectacular ride.

From: Becky Kimber, Utah Division NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 6:15am

I am from Utah and was with the division that picked up the mail at Ibapah. My ride was around 3:45 am about 8 miles from Simpson Spring.

Some of my most cherished memories have been watching my dad and later three of my boys and one of my daughters ride in the Pony Express Re-ride; then add a daughter-in-law, her dad, her three brothers and her sister-in-law, to my list of cherished memories. However, I have always wished I could be one of the riders. Every year I wondered if this would be the year that I would have the courage to do what I so longed to do. I have dreamed about it for fifteen years.

Today my dream came true! I rode in the The 2014 Pony Express Re-Ride. I now know how it really feels to actually be a link in that long chain of riders. I know how it feels to sit on the mochila instead of just watching as it is handed off. Nothing compares to actually being on the horse and feeling that connection with the horse, knowing you are on the same journey together. To be a rider changed everything for me. I see it as something bigger than just one horse and a rider. I will never see it the same. This is a blessed day!

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Monday, June 16, 5:11am

Rider at Fort Bridger mail on time 6:00 am.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 10:05pm

Utah handed off the mail to Wyoming 3 hours early 11:30 pm.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 5:46pm

Rider and Mochilla entering East Cayon 1 hr ahead.

From: Susan Maxwell Skinner, Sacramento
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 4:49pm

The Females Must Get through
Report by Susan Maxwell Skinner Sacramento

In 1860, Pony Express recruitment favored lean boys. Orphans were preferred. To carry mail between Sacramento and St Joseph MO, riders galloped like the wind. There was a chance of being killed en route.

Despite the macho legend, annual reruns of the fabled ride now depend hugely on ladies. Staged by the Pony Express Association, the 2014 relay began last week. In early stages, most of the jockeys were female.

"These days, association would not exist without women," reports California president and ride Captain Rich Tatman: "Over 60 per cent of our riders are female. They're accomplished horse people and their passion is dauntless."

So it was that 72-year-old great-grandmother Pat Fanelli claimed precious mochila (mailbags) at H Street last week and thundered via Arcade and Carmichael toward the rider exchange at River Bend Park. She and her companion, granddaughter Jessica Sloat, crossed the American River at William Pond Park; 20 minutes before schedule.

"It was an easy ride," she reported. "We had a nice delta breeze and flat ground; we could open up and gallop most of the six miles. That's what the horses love." A veteran of 13 annual reruns, the retired Sacramento District Attorney employee and 26-year-old gelding Sugar Dandy have not always enjoyed such serendipity. "One year, I did the Brockliss stretch (near Placerville)," she recalls. "We pull the mochila across the American river on a cable. It was 1:30 a.m. and pitch dark. Dandy did not expect the high-pitched cable scream and he freaked out. I ended up in a bush with two frightened horses wrapped around me. No one was hurt. It took a while for us all to calm down."

Fanelli likens participation in the annual run to wedding prep: "You do trial runs; you're excited for weeks in anticipation," she says. "Then you're all done in 20 minutes. You relive the ride mentally, over and over. These days, Facebook lets you share the experience and makes the thrill last longer."

With Facebook, cell phones, partner riders -- and a motor vehicle escort within miles of the trail -- things have changed for the Pony Express. Lone 1860 riders galloped over rough trails for many miles; leaping from exhausted to fresh mounts. They carried Colt 45s and Bibles for protection. Fanelli, a volunteer with the Folsom Lake Trail Patrol, never rides alone. "Sugar Dandy looks after me and I trust him," she explains. But I always ride with a companion; it's a safety factor. You never know what you might meet on a trail."

Round-the-clock, the 2014 Pony Express re-run galloped under scorching sun and moonlight - via mountain trails and on busy highways -- to cross the Nevada State Line by Thursday morning last week. On Saturday, the mail was in Utah. Over 1966 miles, the path will transect eight states and weary 550 riders and mounts. Imprinted with the legendary Pony Express cancelation, mail will reach St Joseph this Saturday.

Gender aside, couriers are seldom the slender teenagers preferred by Express recruiters of yore. "At 17, you leap into the saddle at a run," marvels ride captain Tatman. "Some older riders need help. But once mounted, they feel they can do anything. My hat's off to them."

This year's re-ride marked the 154st Pony Express anniversary. A financial disaster, the 19-month service failed in a cloud of dust when telegraph lines pierced the West in 1861.

Still, the romance of its dauntless couriers lingers among urban cowboys. Says Tatman: "Everybody loves the aura of the American West. Part of everyone wants to be a cowboy." Or a cowgirl.

Here are Susan photos.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2:42pm

Mail arrived 1 hour early at Murray Park.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 5:23am

Report from Egan's Station: Beautiful sunny day with lite breeze blowing waiting on the rider to arrive, doing some hiking around the area. Here are Lyle's photosas he follows the Mail across country.

From: Churchill County Communications Nevada Hotline
Received: Sunday, June 15, 11:52am

At 10:5am MDT the Rider was reported at Camp Floyd, Utah, one hour behind schedule.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 8:15am

At 8:58 a.m. Mountain time the pony was reported to be Faust Utah. That makes them about 1/2 hour ahead of schedule.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 5:23am

Report from Egan's Station: Beautiful sunny day with lite breeze blowing waiting on the rider to arrive, doing some hiking around the area. Here are Lyle's photosas he follows the Mail across country.

From: Churchill County Communications Nevada Hotline
Received: Saturday, June 14, 10:55pm

At 11:45pm MDT the Rider was reported at Boyd Station in Western Utah.

From: Arthur Johnson, President Nevada NPEA
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 10:01pm

I would like to thank all of the Nevada's riders and support team for a job well done! Congrats to each and every one of you. I am so honored and humbled to serve such a hard working group of men and women! All of you worked through the challenges and over came the obstacles ( lame horses, blown motors, flat tires etc ). Once again THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 6:02pm

5:50 p.m. Pacific time the Nevada Division turnd the Mochila over to the Utah Division at Ibapha, Utah, they arrived 3 hours early.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 1:34pm

At 2:43 p.m. Pacific time the pony was reported to be 25 miles east of Shelburne crossing county road 32.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 1:34pm

At 1 p.m. Pacific time the pony was reported to be 10 miles east of Schellbourne, Nevada

From: Petra Keller - Pony Express Nevada
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 10:14am

Go Pony!

Rider Report Petra Keller

My horse has a big heart:
We arrived at our first section at the Fredericksburg Cemetery, CA. The weather report called for clear skies and wind - LOTS of wind. And the weather man was right - the flag at the cemetery was flapping, the metal clasps banging against the flag pole, a helium balloon flutters across the street, only the nearby residents are quiet. It's 8:30 AM and we are saddling up waiting for the incoming mail. My mount Red is alert and feels the excitement in the air as several Pony Members come stop at the exchange spot. Then you hear - "Pony Rider coming in". Here comes Deby and we do a swift exchange helped by Nevada President Arthur Johnson and Nicky Weiss. Mount up and of we go - down the Fredericksburg Road we go. Our first time on this section - lots of new things to take in, being a thoroughbred, Red is not used to cattle and does a double take on several cows close to the road. As the terrain allows we move out - across the California/Nevada state line. We turn onto Foothill Road and see several folks awaiting us to take photos. As we get closer to Faye Luther Trail - we see deer crossing the road! Red is on a mission to deliver the mail and falls into a nice canter on the shoulder.Here are some photos.

There ahead - a sea of Red Shirts awaiting us and the next rider. Many folks there to help with the exchange and of goes the next rider.

Photos from first leg - Fredericksburg Cemetery, CA - Red Barn Ranch NV

After our first leg, we go home and get ready to head off to our next leg near Cold Springs Station in Nevada. We arrive at Cold springs and get camp set up, a wonderful BBQ with the (now) obligatory salsa, great conversation and fun that evening. Mail is scheduled to arrive about 7:30AM and we make plans for our section the next day. Ride Captain Doug will hand over to me at the road to Edwards Canyon.

About 4:30AM Red gets startled by something on his picket line, I incorrectly assumed he was spooked by something. I go out and take him to walk around a bit to settle him down. He calms down, but seems at odds with something and we can't quite put our finger on it. We load up and go to our starting point to get ready. After saddling up, his first couple of steps are gimpy and he is just not quite himself. We get the mail and I mount up and plan on walking - our thought was that he might be a bit stiff from his ride the previous day. As we walk down the trail, I just notice he is getting worse and worse, I dismount and start leading him. His breathing is getting heavier - I decided to ask the Ham Radio Operator to please drive ahead and ask the next rider to start riding towards me as my horse was not doing well. Of he went and said he'd bring my rig back as well. We walk on a bit more and then Red just stops - I turn around to see him standing there wobbling on his 4 legs. I knew at this point I needed to do what is best for Red, I took the Mochila off as well as the saddle. He just stood there, no movement. Trying to figure out what is going on - some of his symptoms seemed to point toward colic. Here we are hours away from our vet! While waiting for the trailer to come, I start massaging him, which seemed to help - I started hearing loud tummy grumblings. His head picks up and here comes the trailer - I don't think Red has ever been this happy to see the trailer. When the trailer door opens, he makes his first steps, with a major limp, he manages to get in the trailer. What crazy set of symptoms. We load up the gear and meet up with Corey who then took the extra miles on with his mount to carry the mail on. Needless to say - we delayed the mail on this leg. Thanks to all the riders ahead and behind that helped make up time. Ironically it also includes Red on his first leg - where he ran so strong. I say he has heart as he tried to carry the mail, despite being in extreme pain. He went as far as he could and knew he had to stop going. Thanks to all the support folks that managed to coordinate the exchange and for the Pony Riders that had to take on additional legs for us.

Diagnosis is that he was bitten by something (Black widow, wasp, scorpion) - most likely that is what spooked him at 4:30AM that day and the swelling had not develop immediately. By the time I pulled him out of my trailer at home and vet saw him his leg had swollen a lot. He is now on meds and slowly improving.

Photos from Cold springs

From: Churchill County Communications Nevada Hotline
Received: Saturday, June 14, 10:10am

At 5:25am on June 14 the rider reported crossing Long Valley Wash 2 hours ahead of schedule.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Saturday, June 14, 12:20am

At 11:47pm on June 13 the rider reported at Thompson Creek Ranch on the way to Telegraph Canyon.

From: Ron Bell, Silver Springs Nv
Sent: Friday, June 13, 9:47pm

Ride of 2014
Poem By
Ron Bell Silver Springs Nv

The moon is setting high in the sky
My horse moves away as the Mochilla is placed
I step up, my toe searches for the stirrup
My horses hoofs echoing, I feel the magic of the ride

With a cool night breeze in my face
The trail is opening before me by the light of the moon
How many times, how many have ridden this trail
Taking me back in time the magic of the ride

As my horse floats across the flats
The moon is lifting me into the past
Has any rider ever felt what I feel
My horse and I are feeling the magic of the ride

Our new rider has the mail and riding down the trail
The moon is aglow casting shadows along his way
His heart is pounding as he remembers the riders of the past
He is riding hard and feeling the magic of the ride

I am up now and feel the night calm my spirit
Shadows fly by as I canter down the trail
I slow for the rocks, a shadow moves across my path
My horse stumbles but on I go feeling the magic of the ride

The last riders appear in the dark the mail is passed
They canter out of sight, the sound of hoofs are gone
Alone I stand in the glow of the moon my ride is done
As they ride to the next exchange do they feel the magic of the ride

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 13, 6:42pm

At 6:30 pm the Pony was at Grubs Well.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Friday, June 13, 5:21pm

At 3:34pm the rider reported at Right Creek Wash.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 13, 11:39am

Pony reported to have left Edwards Creek at 10:50 am June 13th.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Friday, June 13, 6:13am

At 6:38 am the Pony was at Cold Springs, running about an hour ahead of schedule.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Friday, June 13, 6:07am

At 6:00m the rider reported 5 miles west of Cold Springs 1 hour ahead of schedule.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Thursday, June 12, 11:20pm

At 11:00pm the rider reported at Wildcat Station 21 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: Steven Bickford, N6AE, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 8:48pm

I helped in providing radio amateur radio coverage at several exchanges during the California portion. The last exchanged I covered was at Luther Pass, CA, elevation 7,740 feet. The weather was a breezy 53 degrees at 0743 in the morning when the incoming rider rode in. Enjoy these two pictures.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Thursday, June 12, 8:39pm

The rider reported 11 miles west of Top Gun Raceway making good time.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 5:50pm

Mail exchange at Fort Churchill 1:15 hours ahead of schedule.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Thursday, June 12, 4:23pm

The rider reported at Hwy 50/Fort Churchill Road at 4:12pm, 1 hour behind schedule.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 3:09pm

Pony departed Carson City at 2:15 PM.

From: Churchill Communications (Churchill County, Nevada) Nevada Hotline
Received: Thursday, June 12, 1:14pm

The rider departed Genoa at 11:30am, on time headed for Carson City.

From: Lyle Ladner, President NPEA
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 9:26am

The rider is between Nevada line and Geno, on time.

From: Jeremiah Norrell, Eldorado County Amateur Radio Club
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 8:55am

Woodfords arrival 0848 depart 0850
Net control relinquished to Nevada Control. Have a good day!

From: Chris Robinson, Eldorado County Amateur Radio Club
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 8:29am

Picketts Junction.....In 0802....out 0803

From: Chris Robinson, Eldorado County Amateur Radio Club
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 12:52am

Wire Gate.....In 00:42.....out 00:44

From: Chris Robinson, Eldorado County Amateur Radio Club
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 11:45pm

Cleveland Corral.....In 2315.....out 2319

From: Chris Robinson, Eldorado County Amateur Radio Club
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 10:14pm

Mochilla crossed Brockless Bridge at 10:10pm

From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 7:29pm


From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 5:25pm

EL DORADO Y….. IN….1718 OUT….1723

From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2:41pm

FOLSOM MUSEUM…… IN……1440 OUT……1441

From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2:06pm

WILLOW CREEK…. IN….1401 OUT….1403

From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 1:42pm


From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 1:08pm

SUNRISE:IN…1302 OUT……1305

From: Dennis, N6PMI, RAMS Radio Club, Sacramento
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 10:24am


From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 10:24am

The Pony, with Lee Hofer aboard, departed Old Sacramento at 10:00 am.

From: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 10:46pm

I will attempt to keep you updated on the location and times via email and Facebook when cell or wifi service is available. We will be leaving a few minutes prior to 10:00 AM tomorrow morning in order to accommodate the live news broadcasts.