Reports from the Trail 2013

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Lizzi Tremayne from New Zealand is writing a novel around the Utah portion of the trail and has created a blog on the Re-Ride and her novel. Here is a link to her blog.

From: Jim Hannah, Nevada, Ride Captain Austin to Smith Creek Ranch
Sent: July 1, 12:45pm PDT

Although the weather was dicey both the day and night before, we got the mail right outside of Austin under soon to be clear skies. We were blessed with good weather, uphill but regular terrain, excellent support and even better riders and mounts. We ran a smooth fast leg with very little trouble and helped put the mail back on time at Smith Creek Ranch. We were able to cut the allotted time on our 30-ish mile section by an hour and ten minutes.

Our horses and riders were Jimmy Hannah on Quince and Anna, Vince Hannah on Mileno, Jimmy Hannah on Winter, Hunter on Peaches, Darrell Beighley on Tico, Barbara on a flashy QH, and me on two of my horses - Rusty and Dora. Art Johnson on his Paint Horse helped to pace my nephew Jimmy on Anna for a few miles leading up to Railroad Pass and provided on-trail advice.. My wife Mary Hannah, sister in law Loretta Hannah, and Niece Kyla Hannah were our support team and our reserve riders.We held yet another horse, Tess, in reserve, but didn't need her. We barely put any miles on our other reserve mounts as our primary mounts held up well for us.

We had a great time camping out at the Austin Roping Arena. Lots of shade, water, space, and good company.

We all feel blessed to be part of the Pony Express again this year. We're already looking forward to next year. All of us Hannahs would like to say thanks to our state president and officers, all who helped with the ride, all the riders who pushed the mail through all kinds of conditions, and a special thanks to Barbara and Elizabeth who befriended us at Austin.

Go Pony!

From: John Chaney
Sent: July 1, 11:59am PDT

Photos from Casper, Wyoming

From: Laura Beeman, California NPEA
Sent: June 29, 9:04pm PDT

Report from the Trail (Kyburz Dump to Wire Gate)

Knowing we would be riding in daylight this year allowed my riding partner Sheree Harrington and me to choose a more technical portion of the XP Trail through El Dorado National Forest. We were assigned the 4.2 mile stretch from Kyburz Dump to Wire Gate and allotted 65 minutes to complete this fairly advanced stretch of mountain terrain.

After a great BBQ dinner of tri-tip and chicken with all the fixings, prepared by Donnie "Cookie" Harrington, we were tacked up and ready for the ride.

The mochilla was running about 30 minutes early and the rider before us (Dave Peters on his quarter horse, Rowdy) made good time on his portion of the trail from Eagle Rock down to Sheree and I at Kyburz. This year my horse, Grady carried the mochilla as Sheree had carried it last year. The exchange was extremely quick - about 2 minutes and we headed into the hills.

The trail had several bridges and culverts and was fairly steep with lots of ups and downs. We had really struggled to get the trail cleared this year in advance of our ride and Sheree took a pretty nasty fall when a tree rolled over us about 2 weeks earlier. But it is always our practice to do our ride several times before the big night and that really paid off for us this year.

There is one spot in the trail that's nearly impassable. It's on the side of the hill and very steep, a large bolder is on the downhill side and a large tree root on the uphill side with about 18 inches between them. We determined the best way to handle this was to dismount, have each rider go through first and then urge the horses to follow after us. It was tight but we were able to make it through.

We arrived at Wire Gate in 45 minutes, shaving about 20 minutes off the time and I think we surprised the next rider that we came in so quickly. We also made a pretty fast exchange at Wire Gate and then loosened the cinches and hand-walked our horses back to Donnie waiting out on Highway 50 with our trailer.

Another year and another great ride. GO PONY!

From: Petra Keller, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 28, 12:56pm PDT

My fourth year participating in the reride and what fun we had in 3 very diverse sections of trail across NV and CA.

The first section was with Ride Captain Doug Jares - April Carlson(1st time rider) riding my filly Tiara Nevada (T) received the mail at the 'white house'. We heard the incoming rider Corey Jares 'hoot' through the willows announcing his arrival - a swift exchange between the two and off we went. At the first cattle guard we came across we opened the gate and choose to make the Mochila exchange here, as we had to dismount anyway. For the remaining 4 miles my thoroughbred Red and I carry the mochila - and he knows what an important job he has! We canter towards the next Cattle guard/Montana gate - about this time Corey is approaching with my rig and passes us. We keep a good pace along the dirt road when we see that Corey is stopped ahead. A brief stop to find out what is going on - flat tire - oops - We ride ahead to our next exchange at hwy 50. As we approach the next rider - Red stretches out in true race form fore the home stretch; we hand off to ride captain Doug Jares who is off towards Cold Springs station. We cool down the horses on the way back to rig - thankfully Dan the Ham Radio Operator knew how to get the spare off and we were able to get back on the road.
Photos for this section.

My fourth year riding for Ride Captain Bob Moore in Carson City a 3 mile section on the streets of Carson. Originally scheduled for 6AM arrival in Carson City - we knew it was going to be early as the NV riders in the middle of the state where able to make up time and actually get ahead of schedule. We arrived plenty early to ensure we were ready for the early incoming mail. I get T ready for her second leg of this reride and her second year carrying on this leg. A crowd started gathering awaiting the incoming mail - then we hear 'Rider Coming In' - it's still dark and the flashing lights of the VIP Support is very visible. With lots of folks helping the exchange went fast and off we went. Escorting by the VIP Support and Ham operators - down we go Curry Street until we have to get on US 395 and cross US50 to arrive at Fuji Park to hand off to Deby O'Gorman. Amazing in the 22 min from when receiving the mail to turning it over - what a daylight difference there was! Photos for this section.

My third leg was as a shadow rider with CA XP Rider Carolyn Gilmore. This year the Pony Express Trail crossed part of the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) - this only happens when we go west - and as a board member of the TRT - I had the privilege of shadowing Carolyn on her leg which included a part on the TRT. We met Carolyn at Echo Summit, CA - and from there we rode through the pines to Sierra Ranch. A beautiful section through the woods and it makes you wonder how riders ever found their way through this during the original days. Thankfully the huge tree we had discovered on the preride was removed by the forest service in time for the reride and there was no need for the detour! As we approach the Sierra Ranch - I did my best imitation of the 'Corey Hoot" to announce our arrival. There we were greeted by the CA XP folks and Carolyn handed off to Andy. My third leg as well as T's and we watched as Andy and Carolyn ride on towards Slippery Forge. Photos for this section.

What a great year! Go Pony!

From: Gary Plank, California NPEA
Sent: June 28, 11:59am PDT

Here is a link to a movie I made featuring the Eagle Rock portion of the Pony Express National Trail. The mail passed by on the afternoon of June 26th.

From: Wendy Anderson, Schellbourne Re-riders Pony Express
Sent: June 27, 10:58pm PDT

Hello, fellow Pony Riders, well we have all done it once again. Hope it was a great experience for everyone involved.

Our group of 21 riders was scheduled to pick up the mail at 11:30 p.m. Nevada time, it was a few hours late. Shortly before 4:00 a.m. we took off down the trail. Our riders were all lined out clear to Tippets Flat. In the lead, we had our Nevada State President, Arthur Johnson lighting the way for us on his 4-wheeler. It was a huge help in making it safer for our riders as we passed 8 cattle guards from where we started until we reached Rock Springs. So, thanks Arthur for all your help!

Riders riding from Ibapah, Utah clear to Rock Springs included the following: Tony Zamora, Wendy Anderson, Savannah Anderson, G.N. Christensen, Chris Christensen, Gene Ockert, Claude Malnack, Jordan Starbuck; then at Tippets Flats we had Eva Jensen, Bridget Jefferies, Sue Ann Cornwell and Carol Hunt ride. This took us up to Rock Springs turn off, where Doc Christensen and his son took another 4 miles up to the Pony turn around spot. Savannah Anderson and Marilyn Linares rode over 8 miles through a mountain range that reached over 8,000 feet in elevation at one point. Although they were not able to move quickly up the trail, they covered some tough mountain miles. Good job ladies!

At the top of Rock Springs we dropped off Ariel, Jordan and Candy to cover some tough miles (about 9) down to Voglers Ranch. These miles were covered at break neck speed, they almost beat the trucks and trailers down the mountain.

Candice Bridgers had a rough trip this year. Before she even arrived at the Hicks Ranch, she blew a tire. On the top of Rock Springs she lost another tire. She ended up with two young girls and a couple kids too. Boy, my cowboy hat is off to her, that would have taken a lot of patience to put up with and have all the vehicle/tire problems she had. Candice covered 8 miles for us on a really great horse, who has always been very dependable for Candy. She came to us all the way from Colorado, and I personally hope to see her back again next year, as we really need her help.

Schellbourne Pass was next with 13 tough up hill miles to cover. Riders like Gene Ockert, Claude Malnack, Bridget, Sue Ann, Eva, Carol, Candy and anyone else that wanted a few miles in the first half of the ride lined out to cover the miles up the pass and down to Schellbourne Station and the monument for breakfast.

Calvin Kennedy, Barbara Anderson and Mandy Dickerson had arranged to take time off from work to come to Schellbourne Station and prepare breakfast for our group of tired and hungry riders. So, thanks to you three for doing this for all of us. They have been riders in the past and could not make it all happen and ride this year, but we appreciated their contributions to our group.

At Schellbourne, we ate, cleaned up, watered and fed horses, put air in tires and fuel in tanks and took off again.

The mail did not stop, Savannah lined out for 2 miles and handed off to Pi Linares of which handed off to Marilyn Linares, and everyone else started lining out across the valley heading to Egan Canyon. I am not sure who all got into this line up, as the rest of the riders headed around Cherry Creek to get into place on the other side of Egan Canyon.

At Schellbourne Station, we lost Savannah, of which had to leave to go home to start preparing for her upcoming wedding, but we picked up Ken Heinbaugh and his daughter, Holly Omar. Savannah is marrying Kade Jensen and we hope to get him into Pony Express some day too!

Doc Chris and his son, Chris took the mail up into Egan Canyon and handed off to Claude Malnack and Gene Ockert. It is a long way across this mountain range and you have to have good horses, we were actually short a horse on this pass, but the guys covered the miles and in pretty good time too. Thanks guys, I know it was tough, but I knew you could do it too.

Eva Jensen brought the mail down from the mine road to the Butte Valley road where she handed off to Bridget Jefferies and Sue Ann Cornwell. These ladies ride some big, strong horses and they always cover the miles that are asked of them in good time.

Tony Zamora and Jordan Starbuck went where only horses can go through White Rock, about 8 miles. They did great, covered the miles in really good time, but their horses were definitely tired when they came out of the last mountain and out to the road where all our riders were waiting.

Ken Heinbaugh and Holly Omar took the mail from here. Even though they did not move really fast down the trail, they were there and they covered the miles for us.

Coming up in the Mavericks, we had a truck get stuck and some of us spent a bit of time trying to resolve this problem. Special thanks to the ham operators for all their help during this time. As luck would have it, we had riders in the front all lined out thanks to Tom Love and Carol Hunt keeping people going. As the Ride Captain, I was fit to be tied not knowing what was going on, but when we moved up the Mavericks, we found out that Candy and a few other riders had covered the miles to get us to Ruby Valley where they sent Ariel and her horse down the trail. Tony and I took off after her, knowing that she did not know the trail and where to go. It was a good thing that we did, she left the trail and we had to catch her and turn her around. It only cost us a few minutes time. We sent Jordan down the trail with Ariel. The wind was blowing hard and the temperatures had dropped, it was beginning to rain. The girls covered the miles and we all met up for the final 20 miles of 144. Everyone with a horse with anything left, got in line to cover the miles.

I even got in line twice and did 4 more miles. I say even, because a few weeks ago I took a shoulder dive into the dirt off a horse. The first time I have come off in over 13 years. Not really good timing on my part and my shoulder separation made it painful to ride too many miles this year, but not even my physical therapist could keep me off my horse. My last ride was a good one, my horse had decided he was not going to be left behind, so he ran as fast as he could to keep up with the trailer. That was a fast 2 miles.

Ariel rode her horse up a mile or so and handed off to Chris Christensen of whom, took off riding straight uphill to cover part of the final 4-5 miles where he would hand off to his dad, who has been riding for 32 years straight. So, the toughest ride of the 18 hours comes late with Doc Christensen handing the mail off on the top of the Diamonds (Overland Pass). They reported to me that they handed off at 8:11 p.m. Although we could not make up all the time, we did shave some time off to help get it closer to on time.

I hope everyone had a great time and good experience. It takes a lot of time, talent, good horses, trucks, trailers, tires, money and devotion to make it all happen in our group, as well as in yours too. Special thanks to all my riders for this devotion! :) I may have forgotten, or not known where someone rode or did something great, if so, forgive me for not giving you credit where it was deserved.

Thanks to all the ham operators who were there for us through the miles of Pony Express trail-- you are awesome!

Schellbourne pictures for 2013 re-ride:

#1 Holly Omar
#2 Debra Parks, Bridget Jefferies, Sue Ann Cornwell, Gene Ockert
#3 Gene Ockert
#4 Pony Rider in the mountains
#5 Bridget, Jordan Starbuck
#6 Eva Jensen, Carol Hunt
#7 Tony Zamora, Gene
#8 Candy Bridgers and her horse
#9 Claude Malnack and horse
#10 Tom Love
#11 G. N. Christensen has rode for 32 years straight, Chris Christensen, Duane Hicks
#12 Gene, Wendy Anderson, Arial (getting sworn in) Tony Zamora
#13 Pi and Marilyn Linares from Ibapah, Utah riding with Schellbourne
#14 Nevada State President, Arthur Johnson, Doc Christensen, Wendy
#15 Jordan Starbuck and Arial
#16 Gene and Savannah Jensen
#17 Arial and her horse from Colorado
#18 Wendy Anderson, Ride Captain, and Cowboy
#19 Wendy, Ken Heinbaugh, Tony Zamora, Arial and Gene

From: Doug Monkemeier, Nebraska NPEA
Sent: June 27, 7:21pm PDT

Here are Doug's Photos.

Photo 0224 - Here's a group photo of riders in front of the Midway Station at 69 Ranch south of Gothenburg, NE
Photo 5360 - Merri Monkemeier, first time rider between Lyle Gronewold and National President. At exchangein North Platte,NE

From: Larry Carpenter, California Division Member.
Sent: June 27, 3:30pm PDT

The last Rider arrived in Pony Express Plaza, Old Sacramento, California, at 10:30 AM, June 27, 2013---On Scheduled Time. He was Escorted by a color guard of California Riders. The mochila which started at the Patee House in St Joseph, Missouri, on June 17th was 10 days on the trail.

His was welcomed by an appreciative crowd at 2nd and J St in front of the Pony Rider Monument. I introduced Jeff Lelevich, Sacramento Postmaster, who gave Welcoming Remarks from a historical perspective. Jim Swigart, NPEA National President then gave an overview of the 2013 Re-ride since he travelled with the Ride, sheparded the mochila from St Joseph.

The Rider Dean Freitas and his horse was the subject of attention though, both proudly posing for the many fans taking pictures of the historica occasion. The event was in the shadow of the Pony Rider Monument and it too was a favorite to pose before and take pictures of.

Pony Express Plaza is across the street from the BF Hastings Bldg, the site of the Pony Express Agency in 1860-61. It was from here that on the morning of April 4, 1860, William Hamilton departed with the first eastbound Ride. He rode to Upper Placerville (present day Camino) where he turned over his mochila to Warren Upson, who rode through a snowstorm to take it over the Sierras. If you look West and down J St, you can see the waterfront where the steamboat brought the first mail upriver from San Francisco. A historic area in Pony Express History.

Good Media attention with a couple of TV Stations and the local newspaper in attendance. We thank the US Postal Service for having a Team in place to Hand Cancel the Ride Letter. Ralph Petty Customer Service Director for the Postal Service again was of great help and we appreciate the support of the Re-ride each year.

From: Ron Bell, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 27, 12:16pm PDT

Report Sand Mountain to Top Gun

Sandy Blair started our section riding Tango; Tango is Larry McPherson's horse. He would have ridden her this year if his health had permitted. Sandy and Tango covered the first two mile section. Tango had a little problem getting started but after a bit cantered along just fine.

Anne Martins picked up the mail from Sandy, riding Sam, her Mustang. With a fast exchange Anne was up galloping down the trail. I followed along for a bit then moved on past to get to my start location about three miles further down the trail. Just when I got to my station I got a call from the radio operator that Sam was having problems, so I turned around and headed back to meet them. When I got close I could see Anne leading Sam, heading on to meet me so she could get as much distance as she could. I pulled up and unloaded Dandy exchanged the mochilla and stepped aboard.

I am riding Dandy. This is his third year on this section of the trail; it runs along the base of the mountain just to the west of the dry lake. This part of the trail has a lot of rocks and gullies with some parts that you can canter your horse. Some of this section you need to walk. Dandy ran the better part of the first three miles, getting back to my supposed start point. We had sand blowing in our face at about 30 plus mph. My hat was blowing off even though I had a hurricane leather string. Dandy just cantered on, ears forward, just doing his Dandy thing - just what you ask him to do. Grant Bell, the ride captain, drove back down the road and asked Jim Swigart, the National President, if he could ride into my section on Diamond to help our team.

Jim Swigart rode back into my section about two miles. By this time Dandy had ran about five out of the eight miles I had covered. He was starting to slow down. Reaching Jim, we exchanged the mail. Jim turned and galloped off leaving Dandy and me in the dust. Jim ran Diamond about three miles to make the next exchange with Rex.

Rex Hall was riding what could have been the youngest horses on the re-ride - a three year old mare. Rex and horse both did a great job riding only a short section of two and one half miles. Next year he wants to ride a longer section when his horse has more miles on her. Rex also came back later to help ride another section of the trail on Diamond. Diamond ran a five mile section at about 1:00 am on the 26th.

Grant Bell received the mail from Rex and stepped aboard Dakota. This is Grant's second year and Dakota's first year. Grant rode from the power plant over the hill to Pit Road. Dakota likes to run off road, so they bypassed the road and went directly up the hill and down the mountain through the brush at a full gallop. Better him than me, I would have taken the road. Hitting the road at the bottom, he headed down the draw to the exchange.

Now the fun started, it could have gone the other way. Crystal Reno and Stephanie Wilkes were ready to go. Mail on Karma, they started out onto the dry lake. Not just yet. Stephanie's horse Harley bucked her off before she made the dry lake. Crystal had her music playing on her ear phones and was in the lead. In about two hundred yards Harley was running beside Crystal. She reached out and pulled the reins over her head, hooked them on the saddle horn and galloped on, not much she could do at that point except control the horse. Back at the crash site Stephanie dusted herself off and jumped into the jeep with radio crew and they raced out to catch Crystal. About a mile out on the lake they passed Crystal. Going on ahead, Stephanie jumped out of the jeep and Crystal slowed up and gave her the reins. Stephanie jumped into the saddle and they raced on across the lake heading on to Top Gun. Crystal reached Top Gun just ahead of Stephanie. We all reached Top Gun in time to see Stephanie come in. I told her she had some mud on her face. She said, "following Crystal any one would have mud on their face."

Great ending for a fun day.

Sent: June 27, 9:25am PDT


Sent: June 27, 8:29am PDT

XP RIDER EXCHANGE:"H" STREET - TIME OUT:0826 HRS - 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Sent: June 27, 7:22am PDT


From: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
Sent: June 27, 7:05am PDT

Rider leaving Rossmoor 6:51am, 17 min ahead of schedule.

From: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
Sent: June 27, 12:29am PDT

Rider leaving Hangtown at 12:25am, 30 min ahead of schedule.

Sent: June 26, 11:56pm PDT


From: Jerry Ranger, Net Control K6GER
Sent: June 26, 8:25pm PDT

Rider arrived at Brockliss Bridge 7:58PM and departed 8:25PM. Running 1 hr 20 min ahead of schedule.

From: Jerry Ranger, Net Control K6GER
Sent: June 26, 6:55pm PDT

Rider arrived at Cleveland Corral at 6:48PM and departed 6:49PM.

From: Larry Carpenter, California Division Member.
Sent: June 26, 6:19pm PDT

Greetings from Eldorado County. I have left the Ride for the Day. Time to head home and check my Emails and the Web, and prepare for the Arrival Ceremony in Old Sacramento.

I noticed the Banner on the Ride Web Page.....Rider arrived Kyburz Dump 4:42- Departed 4:44. The site is off HWY 50 this side of the community of Kyburz. Actually a former Dump buried under landfill from the one of the landslides on the highway, and surrounded by cedars and pines. The north canyon wall overshadows it. A nice shaded glade. In the late afternoon it was transformed into a Ride Relay Station.

Donnie set up a BBQ and Incoming and Outgoing Riders and Radio Net people showed up and enjoyed a meal before taking off. A nice treat. After meals and experiences were exchanged, the mail arrived and then departed and the Ride Captain Rich Tatman, Riders, Trucks, trailers and horses disappeared on the road and Donnie was left with the leftovers and the dishes to clean. Thank you Donnie. California has a long way to go to catch up with Nebraska, even Nevada, on Ride Camps, but we are working at it.

From: Jerry Ranger, Net Control K6GER
Sent: June 26, 4:46pm PDT

Rider arrived Kyburz Dump at 4:42PM and departed 4:44PM.

From: Larry Carpenter, California Division Member.
Sent: June 26, 12:26pm PDT

Greetings from Lake Tahoe! The mail departed Stateline (California/Nevada border) at 11:30 AM, June 26, On-time. The Outgoing Rider Davey "Doc" Wiser of Placerville, California, was Sworn-In by California Division President Rich Tatman. His Ride is 4.3 miles to Trout Creek via US 50 and Pioneer Trail. About 40 people including Arthur Johnson, Nevada President, NPEA members from Nevada and California, and Tourists witnessed the event. Cool temperatures, scattered clouds, and beautiful Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is the last large body of water the Reride passes. Salt Lake is the second largest Lake on the route.

From Stateline the route will be southwest to Johnson Pass (original route after May 1861) crossing at 6372 ft and down the South Fork of the American River crossing the river on two large bridges and several small ones in the El Dorado National Forest. Near Pacific House, it will cross at the site of the Brockless Bridge. The Bridge near the original route was destroyed about 10 years ago and we now cross the River via a cable strung across it. The Westbound Rider attaches the mochila to a cable and it is pulled across to the southwest bank, detached and put on the horse for the journey downward. The river here is rushing with spring runoff and the water roars over the granite boulders. It cannot be crossed by horse and is too wide for the mochila to be handed over. The cable is about 50 feet over the rushing stream. It is something to see and something to do, especially in the dead of night.

Later tonight the mochila will be exchanged at Sportsmans Hall in Camino. Sportsmans was the 1st Home Station in California during the Pony Express operational period of 1860-1861. A restaurant now occupies the site and has been the site of many General Meetings and Swearing-In Dinners for the California Division.

Best Wishes to all California Division Members and Thank You to all of this year's Riders who got the mail to Stateline 1.5 hrs ahead of Scheduled time. See you in Old Sacramento tomorrow!

From: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
Sent: June 26, 11:40am PDT

The Nevada Pony Express rider came rushing into California and met with Pony Express Rider Davey Doc Wiser. The weather was beautiful and great for a nice mountain run. The Mochila was exchanged the rider took the oath and then they were off in a flash.

From: Nevada Pony Express Hotline (855-809-8589)
Sent: June 26, 10:36am PDT

At 9:46am PDT the mail was transfered to the California Riders at Stateline, Nevada, 1 hour 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 26, 7:86am PDT

The Pony was at Genoa, NV at 6:55 AM PDT running 1 and 1/2 hours early.

From: Ginger Swigert
Sent: June 26, 6:29am PDT

The city of Genoa and the Nevada Pony Express Association had planned numerous community events after the pony and rider headed towards the California state line. Special kudos goes to Nevada for making up the lost time and delivering the mail ahead of schedule.

The Secretary of the Nevada Division speaking to the crowd in Genoa.

Here are her photos.

From: Pony Express Hotline (925-693-0580)
Sent: June 25, 10:51pm PDT

It is ten fifty. We are ten miles East of Highway 95. About twelve miles from Fort Churchill. They are still about forty five minutes fast.

From: Ginger Swigert
Sent: June 25, 10:45pm PDT

Each state has its own unique challenges to overcome as they carry the mail through different terrain. The states all find solutions to their challenges and the mail moves on. In Nevada the riders are riding through terrain where vehicles can't follow them. This year the President used an all-terrain vehicle to make sure riders are safe as they ride through the night. Cowboy ingenuity is apparent in all the states.

We drove into Cold Springs station and at least 5 rigs were ready to roll out as the rider was fast approaching.
Attached are pictures of the rider coming in and two riders moving on down the trail. With the strong winds hats blew off but the riders kept going.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 10:38pm PDT

At 10:28 PM PDT the Pony was reported to be about one mile East of Hooten Wells and still running early.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 9:43pm PDT

At 9::22 PM PDT the Pony was 7 miles East of Hooten Wells and running a little ahead of time. Nevada is doing well.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 7:16pm PDT

At 6:55 PM PDT the Pony was reported to be 1/2 mile East of Wildcat Station and running a lttle ahead of time.

From: Trail Captain, Joseph Hatch
Sent: June 25, 7:00pm PDT

June 23/24 were exciting days (and night) for two riders in the Utah Division who have become 14 years old during the past year. Josie Workman and Hannah Jenkins are both in multiple rider families. I can not imagine two young ladies anywhere on the planet happier than they were, out on Utah's West Desert.


  • Cindy Furse and Diana VanUitert relax while waiting for the mail to arrive.

  • Hannah Jenkins on VooDoo

  • Jossie Workman and Sam

  • Utah President, Mark Jenkins standing with his wife, Marcy, and children,Kyle and Hannah. All are excellent riders.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 2:51pm PDT

The Pony was reported to be at the junction of HWY59 and HWY277, East Gate, and was running on time.

From: Larry Carpenter, NPEA Corresponding Secretary
Sent: June 25, 11:39am PDT

Greetings from the banks of the Sacramento River and Sacramento, the Western Terminus of the 2013 Re-ride. Congratulations Tom on your excellent coverage of the Re-ride.

Thanks for Posting the News Clips sent from On-line editions of newspapers on the XP Route. More to come. The Weeklies will start publishing tomorrow and Thursday. Combined with the Reports and Photo Albums it gives those of us still to Ride, still to go out and help with the Ride, and those who have already ridden an opportunity to catch the excitement of the event, and to anticipate being a part of the Ride. The Photos are great.

It is great to see many friends I have met over the years on the Ride and at Conventions actually riding. The You Tube additions this year are even better.

We in California are getting ready to Ride. Saturday June 15, the California Division had its Swearing In and Ride Dinner in Shingle Springs. Gary Moore and his crew did a great job putting the Dinner together.

Rich Tatman, State Ride Captain and President, will be at Stateline awaiting the Incoming mail, and will Swear In the Outgoing Rider Davey "Doc" Wiser. On the 26 and 27th the Division will take the mail out of the Lake Tahoe Basin and over Johnson Pass (nr Echo Pass), and through the woods of the Eledorado National Forest, across the South Fork of the American at Brockless Bridge (the mail is literally goes across the rushing water by cable as you know) 44 Rides later the mail will be in Old Sacramento, on the banks of the Sacramento. The last Rider will deliver the mochila which left St Joe on the 17th to 2nd and J, in the shadow of California's Pony Rider Monument.

Wow.....1966 miles, 8 states, and alot of corn and wheat fields, prairie, mountains, sagebrush, wind, rain, and sun! Great effort by all involved in the Ride, especially the horses and riders. I always tell people that we do reenactments of the Pony Express with the dedication of the 1860 Riders. Ralph Petty, of the Sacramento Regional Post Office will be in Pony Express Plaza to accept the Mail. In fact, the letters will probably be Cancelled right on the spot.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 11:20am PDT

At 10:22 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time the Pony was reported at Baskin summit running 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 10:26am PDT

The Pony was 17 miles West of Railroad Pass at 9:58 am PDT.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 9:25am PDT

At 8:45 am PDT the Pony was at Railroad Pass and headed for Smith Creek Ranch. Pony is 45 min late.

From: Ron Atkinson, Uinta County, Wyoming, Ride Captain
Sent: June 25, 8:29am PDT

Got call that the mail was 51/2 behind. Had to call riders and tell them not to be at Granger at noon, some were already on road as it takes us an hour to get to starting point. Most riders arrived at Sweetwater Uinta County Line around 3:30 pm. We lost 8 riders at start due to mail being so late as they had other obligations. Riders rallied and started offering to fill in runs. Mail finally arrived and we were off and running at 5:40pm. Run were spectacular , great weather, beautiful riding conditions and a great bunch of riders, everybody filling in for riders who had to leave. At about 10:00p.m. we had riders showing up to ride. They had finished the other obligations and came and found us and got their rides in to help us finish. Of the 8 riders who had to leave at start, 7 came back to ride. We arrived at Uah State Line at 1:00 am. Just a thank you to a great team, amazing how everybody pitched in to help, when I got call mail was so late and had 8 riders call and say they could not make the ride was not sure what to do. By the time we got mail had so many call and say tell us what you need and we will get it done, such a great attitude, could not got done without these great people. Thank you so much.

Editor's Note: A heroic effort. The Pony Express riders of 1860 would have been proud.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 25, 8:17am PDT

At 7:22 am PDT the Pony was at Austin Airport running 1 hr and 8 min late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 10:40pm PDT

At 10:04 PM PDT the Pony was headed for Roberts Creek Ranch, 3 hrs late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 10:00pm PDT

At 8:15 PM PDT the Pony was atop the Diamonds handing off to Notterman 2 hrs late.

From: Thomas Tabacco, KE7NCJ
Sent: June 24, 9:37pm PDT

Amateur Radio Operators reported that the pony crossed over Overland Pass at 8:15 PM approximately 2 hrs. behind schedule.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 8:15pm PDT

At 7:00 PM PDT the Pony was reported to be on the Eastside of the Diamonds and running on time.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 7:28pm PDT

At 6:33 PM PDT the Pony was at Elko-Hamilton Stage Rd., East side of the Diamonds running about 1 hr late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 6:25pm PDT

At 5:50 PM PDT the Pony was reported to be on Telegraph Canyon Rd near Overland Pass, about 2 hours and 10 minutes late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 4:52pm PDT

At 2:58 pm PDT the Pony was at Prominent Stone Ridge, that is 39.5 miles West of Schellbourn Bar, 2 hours 05 min late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 12:05pm PDT

The Pony is 22.1 miles West of Shellbourn Bar, 45 min late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 10:51am PDT

Pony is 9.5 mi West of Schellbourn Bar, 1 hr 25 min late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 10:00am PDT

The Pony was at Shellbourn Bar at 9:00am PDT, 1 hour and 30 minutes late.

From: Nevada Hot Line (855) 809-8589
Sent: June 24, 9:49am PDT

At 9:00am the rider left Shellbourne Bar.

From: Nevada Hot Line (855) 809-8589
Sent: June 24, 9:10am PDT

At 8:21am the rider was reported to be at Shellbourne Pass, 47 miles west of Ibapah running 1 hour 40 minutes behind schedule.

From: Patrick Hearty, Utah NPEA
Sent: June 24, 8:02am PDT

Utah Division has put another Re-ride in the books. Dave Riet and Jack Rhodes and their group received the mail at the Wyoming border about 1:15 A.M on Sunday morning, yes, a little late. They made a good run down the hill to Salt Lake City, and made the hand-off to our group, which left Murray Park at about 9:30 A.M. (Scheduled time was 5:00 A.M., but I guess nobody complained about a little extra sleep.) You don't make up any time through Salt Lake Valley and Lehi, but we held to our allowed time, and everyone gave us a great effort. We made Camp Floyd State Park about 2:30 P.M., and National President Jim Swigart got an up-hill ride on Kevin Kimber's horse, Lefty, shortly after that. We thoroughly enjoyed having Jim and Ginger along for several hours. We picked up the pace from there, a little, arriving at Simpson Springs at about 6:15 P.M. Turned it over to Mark Jenkins and Joe Hatch and company for their run across the desert under the "Supermoon." Doc Hatch was the first rider from Simpson.

Worst moment of the day was when Jerry Hurst's horse shied on a section of concrete road, and fell with him. Horse was alright, but Jerry was pretty banged up. But after a little medical attention, he made his second ride later in the afternoon. Coolest thing I saw all day was Payton Paulick, riding for his first time, tearing through a field in Eagle Mountain, with the he horse running flat out, tail streaming behind. That's how it's done

Once again, I can't say enough thanks to our riders and their horses. And best of luck to the Nevada and California riders. Thanks for another great one.

From: Thomas Tabacco, KE7NCJ
Sent: June 24, 7:13am PDT

Please check the Nevada Hot Line (855) 809-8589. This is being updated by the Nevada amateur radio operators.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 5:17am PDT

At 4:55 am PDT the Pony was at White Pine County Road 32 and Whiskey Rd., 2 hrs 44 minutes late.

From: David Kittle, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 24, 4:21am PDT

At 3:58 am PDT the Pony was at 8 Mile Rd., 7.4 miles West of Ibapah meaning the the Pony is running 3 hrs 21 minutes late.

From: Ginger Swigert
Sent: June 23, 11:50pm PDT

The mail is behind because of a few set backs that occurred in WY but it is clear that everyone is working extremely hard to make up time safely. Late Saturday night we caught up with the first of the Utah riders in Evanston, WY. Three generations of riders were participating for the first time. They knew the mail was a little behind but their spirits were high and exited about riding. Sunday started following the riders up State St. in Utah. Riding many miles on asphalt is difficult but the riders take it in stride. This leg of the ride ends in Simpson Springs where a relay station is located.

When we drove-up to the left I saw about 10 rigs and numerous horses tied to trailers and on our right was a herd of wild Mustangs in the distance. It was amazing. Simpson Springs still resembles what it must of looked like in 1860 (minus the rigs and signs). When the pony rider was near the rigs left to go their spots and the team that had just completed their rides were approaching. The rider rode into Simpson Springs just after 6:00 pm. Food appeared prepared by riders and non- riders. Blankets for babies, chairs for the more mature of us, and ice chest to sit on, a party had started. I have enclosed some
pictures of the Simpson Springs exchange and best of all a video of Pat Hearty singing with his son Jeff reciting western poetry.

As Jim and I were driving to Nevada on back roads, we approached a herd of wild Mustangs on the road. It doesn't get any better then this.

From: Carly Russell
Sent: June 23, 10:19pm PDT

Just left Fish Springs NWR

From: Laurie Sakaeda
Sent: June 23, 8:34pm PDT

We were at the Fairfield station and at a rider exchange just east of Faust, UT. I took some pictures which I'm including. The switch happened about a mile east of the Faust Station marker in kind of a gravel pit, so the background is kind of rugged. Of course this whole section of the trail is pretty barren with a lot of alkali, sagebrush, rocks, and little water. As the rider came in he said "I made it."

3301-Riding into Fairfield
3303-the riders meet
3307-Moving the Mochilla
3311-The new rider goes out
3322-The next generation of Pony Express riders
3328-The Fairfield Rider heads out on the road
3334-The next horse waits his turn
3335-The rider from the east comes into the switch area (sorry about the corners)
3340-The support crew
3343-tightening the cinch
3344-taking off down the road
3336-Rider dismounting at arrival
3338-Starting the switch
3339-Mochilla moving

From: Troy Bryan
Sent: June 23, 8:22pm PDT

I put up a youtube video of the 2013 ride near Bridgeport Nebraska.

Also a few photos attached.

From: Stu Pollock
Sent: June 23, 4:09pm PDT

Mail just left Lookout Pass at 4:53pm MDT.

From: Stu Pollock
Sent: June 23, 1:21pm PDT

Mail just left Fairfield at 2:02pm MDT.

From: Mark Jenkins, Utah NPEA
Sent: June 23, 10:04am PDT

Just give you a quick report. Our first Team One picked up the mail five and a quarter hours late at Utah-Wyoming border at one fifteen this morning. They had a very good ride. They made it to Murray Park in Salt Lake City and hand it off to Team Three which is Pat Hardy's crew by nine fifteen this morning.

From: Stu Pollock
Sent: June 23, 9:30am PDT

Mail just left Murry Park at 9:21am MDT.

From: John and Missy Harris,Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Sent: June 23, 9:00am PDT

June 22, 2013

This was our twelth year riding with the Pony Express. In the weeks before the ride our mule broke my hand and I was going to be unable to ride. Disappointment was mingled with fear for my husband. His horse can be unpredictable, at best, if ridden alone. I attempted to find someone to ride my fairly head-strong mustang but that also didn't end well. In the end it would be John and Dark Moon Rising, aka Giraffe, 15 year old breeding stock paint, with our daughter, Emily who is 9, and myself trailing on the 4 wheeler. I figured if things went horribly wrong at least I could get to him sooner rather than later.

With this goal we practiced near the house, riding along with Giraffe and carrying horse treats to give him every time we stopped. It wasn't long before Giraffe looked forward to approaching the 4 wheeler just for his treats. I was hopeful everything would be okay, but still worried.

The morning of the ride dawned sunny and cool. We were anticipating a ride around 10:30 am. Should be a great day for it. What we didn't know when we left at 7:35 am was the mail was now 5 hours late. We got to our spot at around 9 am and didn't find out til 11 how far the mail was behind. Our gorgeous morning was turning into a very windy afternoon. The windspeed at times that afternoon was 35 mph with gusts of 48 mph. It was windy.

We were now anticipating riding around 2 pm so we unsaddled Giraffe and settled in to wait. Giraffe went from being calm to being very nervous, the wind was not helping anything.

I am not exactly sure what time we got the mail but it was close to 3:30 pm. For the first time in 7 years of Giraffe participating in the Pony Express he didn't stand still for the transfer of the mochilla. I know it was the unrelenting wind causing the nervousness but it sure didn't help my confidence that this was going to be okay.

Finally the mochilla was settled, signed and they were off. I had requested they start slow and build up into a canter. I was quite relieved to see that was exactly what was happening. I ran to the 4 wheeler where our daughter was waiting, and it wouldn't start. I was practicially in a panic, how could this be, I had started it numerous times throughout the day. Just as I realized, pull start it, Emily said the same thing. It started right up and we were in pursuit. I noticed that Giraffe was running with his head cocked to the side and it took me a minute to realize he was looking for the 4 wheeler. With a signal from John we passed them and took off down the trail with Giraffe in pursuit. It seems Giraffe had decided that the 4 wheeler was now his "companion horse" and looked to us for leadership. Strange I know, but once we got in the lead Giraffe galloped straight and true.

Two miles went by in a blur and we handed off to the next rider and turned for the trek back to the trailer. Last year we had rode 4 miles and the horses were so done in we decided to only do 2 miles this year. I don't know what was different this year but Giraffe still wanted to run, so they did. We arrived safely at the trailer, got everything loaded and headed home. I don't think we have every had a ride without "something" happening and this would be no exception. We had barely started the trip home when John stated very calmly "the truck is on fire". Well it was only the brake controller for the trailer, John was able to unplug it and we continued home with no further excitement.

Till next year, wishing everyone a safe, swift ride. Run Pony Run.

Here are Missy's photos.

From: Sandy Reid, Team 2
Sent: June 23, 8:28am PDT

Mail just left Traveler's Rest Stop going down to Sandy City. We are about 3 1/2 hours behind. Made up a little time but not as much as we would have liked.

From: Dave Riet Team 1 Trail Captain
Sent: June 23, 7:13am PDT

Past This is the Place Monument at 7:45 am most. Was a great night with the moon out. We are about 3 1/2 hours behind.

From: David Reit
Sent: June 23, 3:04am PDT

Utah team 1 received the mail around 1 am. We will do our best to make up some time. Ben Barlow just took off crossing the bridge into Henefer, Utah at 3:50.

From: Sherry Kilpac Utah Division Team One
Sent: June 22, 9:04pm PDT

We are at the Wyoming/Utah border. It's ten oh three and we're still waiting for the Wyoming people to show up. And moon's out. Kinda chilly but we're happy to be here.

From: Jim Swigert, President National Pony Express Association
Sent: June 22, 12:31pm PDT

We were doing just fine staying on schedule. We actually left yesterday morning from Casper about a half hour ahead of schedule but they lost time last night. Wyoming lost about four hours last night. No accidents, nobody's hurt, but it was just a couple slow riders, couple riders in the wrong spot. Just a kind of a thing and had to go get him get him in the right position move horses around and they just some time. I am at Granger right now. Just talked to Les Bennington. The riders are not expected to arrive in Granger until about 4:00pm. Good day, windy but not hot. Should pick up some time.

From: Debbie Hill, Jefferson County NE Pony Express Re-Ride
Sent: June 22, 9:48am PDT

With the sun shining and a light breeze it was a beautiful morning for a ride on the 2nd day of the 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride. These pictures were taken at the Tri-County Marker on the Nebraska/Kansas border just north of Hanover, KS by Gary Heit and Dylan Au-Tegethoff.

Gary 16. Jefferson County Nebraska Pony Express Riders are visiting while waiting for the Washington County Kansas Pony Express Riders at the Kansas/Nebraska border. From left to right: Nebraska Pony Express Assoc. President Lyle Gronewold, Chris Riggle, Brenda Riggle, Kenny Riggle, Kolby Garret and Kody Riggle, all members of the Jefferson County branch of the Nebraska Pony Express Association.

Dylan 3. Rick Pralle and his horse carrying the mochila are escorted by other members of the Washington County Kansas Pony Express Riders as they arrive at the Tri-County marker on the Kansas-Nebraska border to hand off the mochila to Richie Hill.

Dylan 6. Richie Hill with the Jefferson County Nebraska Pony Express Riders gets ready to mount up for his run west with along the Nebraska/Kansas border.

Dylan 8. Richie is up and riding hard on the Kansas/Nebraska border with the 2013 mochila.

Dylan 15. It was a beautiful morning for a run and Richie and Roany are making this look easy.

Dylan 17. Kenny Nelson with the Jefferson County Nebraska Riders is waiting for Richie to arrive with the mochila.

Gary 29. Kenny and Richie transfer to mochila to Kenny's horse.

Dylan 20. AND he's off... Kenny begins his stretch of the 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride as he heads north into Nebraska.

The beautiful morning continued as we moved further north into Jefferson County Nebraska for the 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride. The following pictures were taken by Gary Heit and Dylan Au-Tegethoff.

Dylan 25. Kolby Garrett with the Jefferson County Nebraska Riders tops a hill heading west across Nebraska with the mochila.

Gary 44. Debbie Hill with the Jefferson County Nebraska Riders gets the mochila settled on her horse Captain with the help of Kolby and Richie.

Dylan 29. Debbie heads west with the mochila.

Dylan 35. With her portion of the ride about over, Debbie is just enjoying the ride.

Gary 54. Debbie dismounts as her portion of this year's ride is over.

Gary 56. Richie Hill, Hayden Hemphill and Kolt Nutsch with the Jefferson County Nebraska Pony Express Riders help move the mochila from Debbie's horse to Kolt's horse for his portion of the ride while Kolt signs the mochila.

Gary 57. Kolt mounts up.

Dylan 37. Richie and Deb wait for Kolt to take off north.

Dylan 40. Kolt is on his way northwest across Nebraska for his portion of the 2013 Pony Express Re-Ride as Debbie and Richie move out of the way.

From: Howard Schultz, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, Ride Captain
Sent: June 22, 8:13am PDT

We just picked up mail at Atlantic City at seven thirty Mountain standard Time. Headed to Farson trying to make up as much time as we can. Thank you.

From: Ginger Swigart
Sent: June 21, 10:27pm PDT

As I send this WY is riding through the night. The good news is no big problems. If the mail is behind, some how it seems to work out.

The opportunity to follow the re-ride has been amazing. The riders are so committed to getting the Mochilla handed off on time. The comradely in the states and between the states is evident. I have seen the riders pull together when they hear a ride captain has been in a major accident, experienced a fall, or a serious illness. The events the community sponsors have been terrific. Just tonight at Martins Cove in WY, a dinner was provided to all pony riders. All the states up to this point have had some type of community event for the riders.

This is the statue that is just outside The Interpretive Center in Casper WY.

From: Mike Coley KE7AZF, Casper Ameteur Radio Club
Sent: June 21, 5:32pm PDT

XP rider departed Martins Cove at 18:15 MDST.

From: Mike Coley KE7AZF, Casper Ameteur Radio Club
Sent: June 21, 4:39pm PDT

XP rider just left Independence Rock headed for Martins Cove at 17:35 MDST.

From: Jay Jenson, Central Wyoming Ride Captain
Sent: June 21, 3:45pm PDT

The rider is approximately five miles east of Independence Rock. We're running about fifteen minutes behind time right now but everything is looking good. Got good weather everybody's having a great day out here little bit of breeze. So it makes a little bit cooler and it's at eight eight five ninety degrees thanks.

From: Larry Carpenter,NPEA Corresponding Secretary
Sent: june 21, 1:10pm PDT

I talked to Jim Swigert about an hour ago, and he was 20 miles West of Casper and the Interpretative Center, and entering the Dead Zone.

From: Mike Coley KE7AZF, Casper Ameteur Radio Club
Sent: June 21, 10:47am PDT

The XP rider has passed the Poison Spider school at 11:40 MDT.

From: Mike Coley KE7AZF, Casper Ameteur Radio Club
Sent: June 21, 8:40am PDT

At 9:40am MDT the pony has arrived at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper.

From: Mike Coley KE7AZF, Casper Ameteur Radio Club
Sent: June 21, 8:00am PDT

The XP rider has departed the Sinclair stop.

From: Angela Montgomery
Sent: June 20, 6:33pm PDT

In Guernsey, WY 7:30 pm.

From: Angela Montgomery
Sent: June 20, 3:54pm PDT

The mail just left Lingle,WY at 4:45 pm, mountain time, headed towards Ft Laramie.

From: Tim Gibbens, Nebraska Division
Sent: June 20, 11:29am PDT

As of sun up yesterday at Cozad, NE the mail was running an hour ahead of schedule.

From: Casey Debus
Sent: June 20, 11:24am PDT

The pony was at the Scotts Bluff National Monument at noon.

From: Ginger Swigart
Sent: June 19, 11:00pm PDT

More Trail Pictures:

1. What a crew! This was taken in Henry just before Nebraska delivered the mail to Wyoming.
2. The exchange from Nebraska to Wyoming.
3. Future Pony Rider.
4. Pony Riders.
5. This is one of the teams in Nebraska just before being sworn in to start their ride. (Note from Mary Cone: here are the names of the riders, taken south of Paxton, Nebraska, left to right: Mary Dale, Bill, Mary, Howard, Angie, Adam)

From: Mary Cone, National Pony Express Assn Insurance Coordinator/Trail Captain
Sent: June 19, 11:40pm PDT

The Pony and mochila arrived south of Paxton, Nebraska at 5:57pm MDT, running about a half-hour late. The weather was warm, in the 80's and very windy, 20-30mph out of the south. A few clouds danced in the sky to offer occasional shade.

President Jim Swigart and wife Ginger arrived prior to the Pony and Jim administered the NPEA oath to the riders.

Angie took off, heading into the west in a cloud of dust. She, Adam, Bill, Kristy, Howard, Donna, Mary Dale, Don, Russell and Mary then took turns carrying the mochila for the next 43 miles of Nebraska XP Trail.

We hit Tri-Trails Park south of Ogallala, Nebraska at 7:41pm MDT. The local newspaper was there with camera in hand to capture the exchange.

The ride went smoothly, with no untoward incidences. A deer jumped up and ran parallel to Mary Dale and Casper as they rode one stretch. Later, after darkness had descended on the trail, a raccoon crossed the road in front of Mary and HC, then became concerned and returned right back in front of the pair. Horse and raccoon were both a bit befuddled and the incident was very comical to the humans observing!

We had a first in my experience……two "XP Groupies". Vicki and Patti from Missouri had been following the Pony since St. Joseph and continued with us during our trek. They provided some delightful company and useful vehicle flashers for us, especially after dark. Thanks to them for watching out for the Pony and having our back!

Darkness descended on us at about Brule, Nebraska. The waxing moon helped guide the way as the ride continued on to south of Big Springs, Nebraska, where the mochila was handed over to the Colorado Riders at 10:27pm MDT, on schedule. It's always nice to finish a ride on time and safe. God speed to riders on down the trail to Sacramento!!

From: Edward Hoover, Special Correspondent
Sent: June 19, 10:44am PDT

For many years Edward Hoover has been a historical reenactor working with many historical sites in Kansas. One of his personages is a Newspaper Correspondent. On his last visit to the Hollingberg Pony Express Station last month he suprised the curator (a friend) dressed as a reporter from the "St Joseph Gazzet", the first newspaper carried west by the Pony Express.

Edward R Hoover
Correspondent for the St.Joseph Gazzet

Here is his report:

The morning awoke clear and cool. I was the first to arrive at the Hollenberg Pony Express Station just before sun up around 5:30am. As the Special Correspondent I was dress as an 1860 reporter from the St Joseph Daily Gazette. This was the only newspaper carried by the Pony Express on the first run, in an abbreviated size. I promptly set up my correspondence table and a 33 star national flag to welcome the Riders. Around 5:40am the first of the NPEA personnel arrived with his horse. Doug Holle and his assistant unloaded his horse Whiskey and prepared for the days ride. A few short minutes later around 5:50am the incoming rider Shawn Minge on his horse Abby arrived on their leg of the re-ride about one hour early to only myself and Doug as a greeting party.

A few minutes later a procession of vehicles and trailers arrived with the other riders and support people. Not expecting such an early arrival of the incoming rider it naturally changed the nature of the welcoming by the Pony Express site that is usually closed on Tuesdays. It did not take too long for the sites curator and several volunteers to get the mornings refreshments ready for those in attendance.

While waiting for the proper take off time to arrive there was much conversation to be found about the upcoming days activity's and on what had transpired on the ride the day before. Several NPEA members also took advantage of the layover to sign the Mochila. At 7am the President of the Kansas Chapter of the NPEA Dan Pralle gave the word to mount up. Doug Holle quickly mounted up and with a final wave he and Whiskey were off on the next leg of the Pony Express re-ride 2013.

In closing I can say that the stopover at the Hollenberg Pony Express Station while did not have a large crowd of spectators due to the early hour, it was a great success. Fun, refreshments and good conversation was enjoyed by all. As for myself, I am already looking forward to next year's re-ride.

Pony Express Re-Ride Pictures

#1 - Doug Holle and his horse Whiskey waiting for the incoming rider.
#2 - Incoming rider Shawn Minge on his horse Abby arriving at 5:50am about one hour early.
#3 - Shawn transfers the mochila to Doug's horse.
#4 - 5 - 6 More NPEA members / riders arrive. #7 - Doug and Whiskey ready for their leg of the re-ride.
#8-9 - Special Correspondent Edward Hoover interviews the out bound rider Doug Holle.
#10 - The lovely lady Katherine McCartney, Hollenberg Pony Express Station's curator, with the out bound rider Doug Holle and Whiskey.
#11 - Ms McCartney watches members of the NPEA sign the Mochila.
#12 - Kansas NPEA Division President Dan Pralle and others enjoy the early morning refreshments provided by several of the stations volunteers.
#13 - Doug Holle and Dan Pralle the Kansas NPEA Division President just before he gives the command to mount up.
#14 - While waiting for the ride to continue, NPEA members/riders and the public relax and enjoy refreshments and conversation.
#15 - Doug is given the command to mount up.
#16 - Doug and Whiskey turn to head out on their leg of the day's ride.
#17 - At 7am June 18 the mail leaves with Doug Holle and Whiskey from the Hollenberg Pony Express Station for points west.
#18- Several of the Hollenberg Pony Express Station's volunteer's that helped make the layover a enjoyable one.

From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 18, 9:37pm PDT

As of this date and time I have received no reports on the location or status of the Riders!

From: Ginger Swigart
Sent: June 18, 8:45pm PDT

Spending the night in Gothenburg NE. I have attached pictures from St. Joe the swearing in and Gary speaking to the crowd. In Kanas I included a picture of the riders coming into Seneca. The town of Seneca had a big event for the riders. Closed off the street and it was an all day event. In Nebraska today is a picture of many of the riders meeting in the town of Oak NE.

All is well!

From: Edward Hoover, Pony Express re-ride Special Correspondent
Sent: June 18, 4:41pm PDT

It has been a Loooooong day . Up at 3am out the door by 4am , had to take a different route there do to hwy construction adding 20+ miles . Got to the Hollenberg Pony Express Station at 5:30am the incoming rider arrived at around 5:50+/- am almost a hour earlier than posted . The only ones there were myself and the next rider and his crew person whom only arrived about 10 minutes before the incoming riders arrival . BUT I did catch his arrival on camera . Have around 20 pictures of the event . I'll work on the story tomorrow , just tooo tuckerd out today .

From: Mike Crowe w0msc & wife Sharon, Hiawatha , Kansas
Sent: June 18, 1:31pm PDT

HARC escorting from Elwood, Kansas to 140th and 75 hwy. one mile north of Sac & Fox casino.

I am from Hiawatha Kansas. I have my radio up and I sent you some pictures. And I just wanted to let you know it was our Hiawatha amateur radio club is sponsoring the they escort and Wolf River Outfitters. Tom Johnansen is the owner of the outfitters group. And he was the one that I provided the vehicle for me to do the run and everything.

See Mike's photos here.

From: Pony Express Hotline (925-693-0580)
Sent: June 18, 8:37am PDT

Mochila arrived at the Kansas-Nebraska border exactly at eight am Central daylight Time today. It was passed from the Kansas riders led by Rick Crawley on to Richie Hill at the Nebraska riders. Just now crossing Jefferson County and is running on time or slightly ahead. It's great weather. Have a good ride everyone.

From: Bruce Stanley, KB0DEU, Seneca, KS
Sent: June 17, 6:56pm PDT

Arrived, Seneca KS @ 2050 DST.

Rider comin' - Photo by Myra Koch

From: Bruce Stanley, KB0DEU, Seneca, KS
Sent: June 17, 5:27pm PDT

Locations: 1834 CDT, Granada Township, Nemaha County, KS
1916 CDT, Intersection of TH and U4 Road, Nemaha County, KS

From: Bruce Stanley, KB0DEU, Seneca, KS
Sent: June 17, 5:27pm PDT

Locations: 1834 CDT, Granada Township, Nemaha County, KS
1916 CDT, Intersection of TH and U4 Road, Nemaha County, KS

From: Bruce Stanley, KB0DEU, Seneca, KS
Sent: June 17, 5:22pm PDT

Location at 1916 CDT, Nemaha County, KS
Intersection of TH and U4 Road

From: Bruce Stanley, KB0DEU, Seneca, KS
Sent: June 17, 4:30pm PDT

At 6:34 CDT, location Granada Township, Nemaha Co. Ks.

From: John McClain, KF0IN
Sent: June 17, 4:20pm PDT

The Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club has handed off the escort duties of the Pony Express Re-ride to the Nemaha County group at 6:00 PM on 17 June, 2013 at the junction of US-75 highway and 110th road in Brown County Kansas.

From: John McClain, KF0IN
Sent: June 17, 2:30pm PDT

As of 4:15 PM on June 17th 2013 the Pony Express Re-ride was in the city of Horton, KS and was expected to leave shortly. The riders have been a little ahead of schedule and so rested a little longer than planned in Horton.

From: John McClain, KF0IN
Sent: June 17, 2:23pm PDT

The Pony Express reride is in the City of Horton, Kansas as of 4:15 PM 17 June 2013 and about to leave the city.

From: John McClain, KF0IN
Sent: June 17, 12:43pm PDT

I just talked to Michael Crowe and the Pony Express was at the intersection of 110th road and Sunflower Road which is about two miles east of Everest Kansas. Will try to keep you informed as the ride progresses! Time is 2:40 PM on June 17, 2013.

From: John McClain, KF0IN
Sent: June 17, 8:28am PDT

I just talked to Michael Crowe and the Pony Express just went through Elwood, Kansas, continuing on to Wathena. Time is 10:20 AM 17 June, 2013.