Reports from the Trail 2010

We need Reports from the Trail!
Please send your reports and photos to Tom Crews
so that we may all share in this historic occasion!

*** Note: If a name is spelled wrong, please advise me so that a correction may be made. ***

From: Diana van Uitert
Sent: June 30

Here is a great episode of a TV program called "At Your Leisure" that was taped during our Utah re-ride and aired this last weekend.

From: Paula Bath
Sent: June 26

Here are some photos of BBQ are at the Julesburg Visitor Center, Julesburg, Colorado. Ride Photos are Colorado Division getting mail from Nebraska Division at 5am, beginning at Chappel, Nebraska, sale barn, and along the route all the way to just outside Big Springs before turning Mochilla back over to Nebraska.

From: Netti DeBusk, Nevada
Sent: June 26

I drove out to Austin on June 17 to watch my daughter Mikayla DeBusk ride with Earnie Bugg into Austin. Here are some random pictures of Delbert Bugg bringing the mail in to Mikayla and Earnie. Then Mikayla and Earnie carrying it to the park in Austin.

From: Don Parmenter
Sent: June 21, 10:05pm PDT

Who is the oldest person to ride in the re-ride??? I understand there was a 91 year old man that registered to ride this year, but was unable to actually do the ride.

My brother rode this year at 82, his daughter rode, his grandson rode and his son-in-law rode. We were wondering how many years he gets to ride to be the oldest rider.

From: Tim Gibbens, Nebraska XP Rider
Sent: June 21, 11:57am PDT

What a great ride we had through the middle of Nebraska.

We received the mail Our group received the Mochilas at Cozad City Park in front of an original XP Station 1 hour and 20 minutes late. Pat Hearty issued the oath and then we carried 2 Mochilas out of town and then we handed it off to the young riders of our club. We delivered it only 20 minutes late. It was great to ride with the riders that haven't been here in a while and the new riders in our group.

To borrow a famous line "It gives me a thrill up my leg" when you throw that Mochila on your ol hos and it knows what is going on from years past and she is shooting off when your toes hit the stirrups.

From: Gary Hines. Fernley, NV
Sent: June 20, 1:06pm PDT

As a non-riding novice volunteer for the 2010 Pony Express Reride, I looked to leaders to know what to do and how to act. During the relative hardships (by modern standards) of Nevada's Weeks to Schurz Highway section, I was privileged to see the very best leadership, present and past.

Extensive preparations and intense training by rides, riders and ride captains alike could not and did not smooth out all of the adversity along that Nevada Division historic section. However, instead of falling apart, all involved pulled together harder in one accord to move the mail forward. At the forefront of encouragement, patience and hands-on assistance was the leadership of present President Les Bennington and past President Dave Sanner. They inspired everyone around them and unselfishly exhibited the true spirit of 150 years of the Pony Express.

Original 1860 riders faced exponentially worse problems with great pride and marvelous performance. Lurking on the back of everyone's mind was what those robust riders would think of our struggling collective effort on June 9th, 2010. Cell phones, creature-comfort four wheel drive vehicles, satellite weather forecasts, cheering onlookers instead of once hostile opponents, 20 days instead of 7 days, 17 hours: in 2010, did we measure up to honor those from 1860? The answer is a resounding yes. The proven character of the Pony Express lives on in the hearts and minds of all involved. I feel privileged to have been there to see that Pony Express spirit, like the mail itself, move unflappably forward.

From: Mary Cone, Trail Captain, Big Springs-to-Paxton, Nebraska
Sent: June 20, 10:27am PDT

What an absolutely glorious day for our Re-ride section to enjoy. Gorgeous, blue skies overhead. A nice easterly breeze. Temps in the low 80's. For riders who usually carry the Mochila during the dead of night on most re-rides, we were ecstatic and delighted!!

After receiving the mail, in both Mochilas, from the Colorado Riders south of Big Springs, Neb. at 10:05 am Saturday morning, we had 35 minutes to make up over the next 23 miles to arrive at Ogallala on time for the Big Doin's to be had. I asked the riders to let 'er fly and we sure did. Smooth rides, good roads, we made the Tri-Trails Park south of Ogallala at 12:10pm, riding in with both mochilas. Our brief presentation there consisted of Les Bennington leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegience and giving the riders the XP Oath. The Mayor of Ogallala issued a proclamation for Pony Express Awareness Day, today, June 19, 2010. Les and Lyle Gronewold handed out the 2010 Ride Pins and Bibles to the riders. We then gave a brief history of the Park--it is located very close to the site of the crossing of the Oregon, Pony Express and Texas Trails, hence, Tri-Trails Park. The new sign we erected last week welcomed all who attended the festivities--about 150-175 people. The Ogallala Cream Can Supper Company served a cream can lunch for participants, including riders, and served almost 150. Les was delighted to have a change from the hamburgers he has enjoyed for the past two weeks!!! It was, indeed, a delicious offering of food!!

We did the Mochila exchange with both Mochilas in front of the stage for all to see and the mail was whisked out of the Park at 12:30pm, on time. The riders then kept time, riding two Mochilas much of the way until arriving south of Paxton at 2:30:33, per Lyle's watch--ON TIME. I am so proud of all my riders who displayed wonderful horsemanship and grit to make up time to Ogallala. Absolutely all who participated in this incredibly historic event rode marvelously and respectfully, getting the mail through. A personal thanks to all from me! What an absolutely, unforgettable, wonderful day this was. Safe and Happy Trails on to St. Joe!!!!

From: Paula Bath, Colorado Division Pony Express Rider
Sent: June 20, 8:34am PDT

The Colorado Division turned the mail over to Nebraska yesterday morning. Despite the previous evening storms, we had beautiful weather for a daylight ride and a great many riders to carry on the tradition. I believe there were 34 riders this year. Many new faces and many familiar ones as well.

I would like to thank Gary Lancaster, President, Larry Frame and Mike Pankonin for all the hard work they put into making the ride feasible and special for all of us who rode. I know they work year round on the ride the activities the Colorado Division accomplishes. Gary gave us the oath and we got our bibles stamped by Gene, Mikleson, a long time member. Mike Pankonin covered safety and other issues that the previous riders had encountered along the way.

The Pony Express Festival was held last night at the Julesburg Visitor Center and although I could not attend I am sure was a great time of food and festivities.

I am attaching a photo of myself and my partner, Steve Seuss as we get ready to take our ride.

I ride the Palomino mare, Sugar owned by another rider, Rick Taylor. I have ridden Sugar for 8 years now. I believe this was Steve's first ride and his 5 year old bay horse did well for him.

At this time I do not have access to all the photos that we took but as soon as I do I shall send them on for all to see. It is always great to see friends and enjoy a common interest in keeping the history alive! Best luck to all of those yet to ride. Hope all have a safe ride.

From: Donnie Norvell, Wyoming NPEA
Sent: June 18, 9:10pm PDT

On Thursday,June 17th, around 8:15am, I met the mail about 6 miles west of Douglas where I rode about a 1.5 mile stretch on a BLM mustang on loan to me named Amadeaus to use in place of my Pryor Mountain Mustang Maggie,who died on me back in April. This was his first time as an XP horse and he did AWESOME.

After my first stretch I got in contact with ham radio operator Bill,KI0IN and gave him a couple of reports and went into Douglas to get ready for the presentation at the Chamber of Commerce. Dick Garrison and three other riders brought the Mochilla in about 9:30 and we started the presentation and delivered special letters made out to the mayor of Douglas, and the director of the Chamber of Commerce. We were there until about 10:20am and continued onto Glendo.

We reached Glendo about 1:30pm and delivered another special letter to the mayor of Glendo,and left about 10 minutes later. I was first rider out of Glendo which was my third stretch to ride. Car pooled with Dan Cole out Glendo and after he was done riding, we went back to Glendo and picked up my truck and trailer.

Before Dan's first stretch,Howard Heiduck,rode. Howard rode in 100th Anniversary back in 1960,and 50 years later he was able to participate in the 150th. Howard had his Bible and the Pistol given to him from the 100th with him.

I went around to Guernsey and met the mail at Register Cliff. While I was waiting,I let Amadeaus graze. The mail came and left and I headed down to Ft. Laramie to pick up my next stretch just past the actual fort. Jamie Vickers was suppose to be the one to hand off to me, but she slid off her horse and scraped her head up,so Zach Bennet finished her run. Jamie had to be taken to Torrington to have 9 staples to close her wound up. That was the only casualty for us this year along the ride.

I rode into the town of Ft. Laramie and handed off to George Branscom and Howard Heiduck's son Donald. We continued onto Henry,NE (WY/NE stateline). I picked up one stretch past Lingle and was the second to last rider into Henry. We ended up in Henry at 11:50pm, just 10 minutes before midnight.

After handing off the Mochilla to Nebraska, some of us met back in Guernsey and had a late(or maybe early) breakfast and swapped photos. After we parted ways, I dropped Amadeaus off about 3:30am and arrived at the house and in bed by 4am. It was a long day,but very fun and will be memorable for a very long time. Ended up riding six 1.5-2 mile stretches riding about 10-11 miles total.

Here are Donnie's photos.

From: Scott Larsen, Malad, Idaho
Sent: June 18, 2:19pm PDT

I found out about the Re-Ride through some of the Egan family, which I am a part of. My mother was an Egan and her Great, Great Grandfather was Major Howard Egan. I'm sure you know some or a lot of the history of The Major, if you've been around the Pony Express Association for awhile.

I'm not really a "horseman" , but I've got horses and have for many years. When I heard about the Re-Ride, I had to get involved because I thought it would be a great way to honor my GGG Grandfather. It turned out to be almost a spiritual experience for me, taking the mail from one rider, then riding "hard and fast" (which I did, by the way… completing my stretch in just under 5 minutes) and handing it off to Larry Deegan for him to take on into The City of Eagle Mountain, UT. While there at the little ceremony in Eagle Mountain, I met a slew of Egan's that I had never met before and we were kisses and hugs by the end of our meeting. What a special experience.

Howard Egan was a great man, by many accounts, and certainly all of us Egan's are so proud to be one of his very own. He epitomized the greatness and toughness that was the Western Frontiersman and the early Pioneers. Thank you for your work and I look forward to many more years of riding in The Pony Express!

As I rode, on June 14th in the am hours, I could almost feel Grandpa Egan (Father, as his family so proudly refers to him) watching me.

Here are Scott's photos. Most of these people are Howard Egan's direct descendants. There are some spunky women in this photo, let me tell you!!

From: Jamie Marvidakis, Lange Group, Team 2 Utah NPEA
Sent: June 18, 8:38am PDT

We carried the mail from Ibapah to Simpson Springs, we had 5 riders from our trailer, George and Patsy Lange, Cliff Lange, Sherry Mattingly, and Jamie Marvidakis.

We had 2 rides Saturday just out of Ibapah that went really well, some of the Nevada group decided to ambush George and Patsy on the first hill out of Ibapah, six riders came running up to rob the mail, it was quite a hoot to watch, but I guess they did their job as they were able to hang on to the mail and finish their run, despite a great effort by the robbers.

Some of team 2 came out and spent the night in Callao, a big thanks to Beth Anderson and Willow Springs Ranch for good food and entertainment as well as a welcomed place to stay the night, the mail left Callao at about 9:00 a.m. Sunday, Marshall Tripp ran out of Willow Springs Ranch in true Pony Express style, with quite a group gathered to watch.

We had 3 runs on Sunday, all went very well and the horses were all ready to run under cloudy skies and light to moderate rain all day and pretty cool weather, it was nice to be out in the desert during daylight hours and not roasting as in years past, but the mud did get pretty bad in a few spots and made it kind of like driving on a giant slippery slide.

Diane Workman took a rider less horse in to Simpson Springs in honor of a her grandfather and great XP rider Demar Brimhall who passed away just a few weeks prior, he was scheduled to make that run and I hope we made him proud, Diane did a great job.

I think this was one of the best years and everyone in our trailer was very honored to be part of the celebrations and 150th re-ride.

Here are some really nice pictures by Bart and Sherry Mattingly of some of the riders in team 2.

thank you to all the members for their hard work in putting on this event and all the hard work that goes on long before the event takes place.

From: Dave Harris, K7PDW
Sent: June 18, 7:44am PDT
Re: Pony Express 150th celebration ham radio style

I don't know how how much you've been told about DCARC's Pony Express activities. Originally we sat up what is called a special event station. More on that later. It was located a Camp Floyd by the Stage Coach Inn. That was about 5 years ago. During our operation some of the Utah Pony Express folks ask if our radios would work where cell phones did not. The next year DCARC members along with help from a number of non members began providing state wide back communications. Over the years a number of DCARC folks and the Pony Express people have forged a bond of mutual respect and admirations. Fast forward to 2010.

This year a number of DCARC member decided it was time to run a special event station for the 150th re-ride. This was in addition to our usual communications support of the re-ride. Special event stations are set up in connection with celebrations. A special call sign is reserved for the duration of the event. This year we reserved K7P. Certificates are available to anyone who has made radio contact. This year K7P made contact around the world, Russia, New Zealand, various European countries, as well as many contacts in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Collecting these certificates is a major part of the hobby for many hams. We are working with the Utah chapter of NPEA to develop a certificate to be sent for making contact with K7P this year.

From: George Branscomb, Ride Captain, Southeast Wyoming
Sent: June 17, 10:54pm PDT

We just delivered the mail to the Nebraska crew at Henry at 10 minutes before midnight. It's a really dark night. There are lots of stars, no moon but the wind has stopped blowing and it's not raining. That's good. It was a good ride.

From: Trish Popovitch, Deer Creek Museum
Sent: June 17, 5:00pm PDT

We had the pony express riders enjoy breakfast at our museum in Glenrock, Wyoming this morning. Les Bennington is a Glenrock resident and used the opportunity to swear in his riders. we had a great turn out at the early hour and can't wait to see you guys again next year. thanks so much.

From: Steve Greenwood. Stock Photographer
Sent: June 17, 5:05pm PDT

Here are Steve's photos.

I am a photographer in Salt Lake City. I did some photography of the Pony Express Riders from This Is The Place Park in Salt Lake City and on east to Big Mountain. I have attached a couple of photos here and I will be sending more as I work through them. Please feel free to use them in your web site and publications. It was fun and interesting to me to be a part of the celebration yesterday (6-14) as my great-great grandfather Frederick William Hurst was a station keeper at the Ruby Valley Station. This re-ride gives me a small taste of what it must have been like for them.

These photos are mostly of the activities at This Is The Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. Jack Rhodes, one of the Utah co-captains was being interviewed as part of a program sponsored by the NRA so I got some shots of him and the cabin he built. It is his Jack's grandson on the horse with Jack's son. The three kids with the statue are Jack's grand kids.

From: Scott Montgomery
Sent: June 17, 3:56pm PDT

The riders are just leaving Wendover enroute to Guernsey, WY at 5:00 p.m. MDT

From: Re-Ride Hotline
Sent: June 17, 2:12pm PDT

The Southeast Wyoming Division picked up the mail at 1:40pm MDT from the Converse County Group. We are progressing nicely. The wind has let up and the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.

From: Larry Carpenter, National Corresponding Secretary
Sent: June 17, 10:37am PDT

The mail left Sacramento, 11 days ago, but the Pony Express is still the topic of conversation. Last night I spoke on the subject of "The Pony Express and the 150th Anniversary Year Celebration," at the California Auto Museum here in Sacramento. Some there had been at the Old Sacramento Departure Ceremony last Monday.

Over 80 members of a Model A Ford Association met for Dinner prior to leaving for the St Joseph, Missouri, and the conclusion of the 2010 Re-Ride by the NPEA. Over 38 of the group will leave today and travel over the Pony Express National Historic Trail, mostly on the Auto Route. In Casper, Wyoming, they will Link up with others and travel east in time to be in St Joseph, for the arrival of the mail. The cars sport distinctive car magnetic car decals, and license plates with the event logo. They have patches and pins of the same design. I spoke to them of the history of the XP and our activities of the 150th Ride, weather, challenges, and great enthusiasm of the riders and families.

As I spoke the Ride was going through Ft Casper back in Wyoming. I encourage all NPEA Members to give them greetings and a warm welcome on the Trail. It is great to see fellow Americans have such appreciation of their heritage and the Pony Express.

Here is a link to their web site.

From: Bill Thompson
Sent: June 17, 9:33am PDT

The pony express rider, Donnie Norvell, KD5HQM, reported that he arrived at the Douglas Chamber of Commerce at 9:30 MDT, took part in the ceremony, and departed at 10:20 MDT.

Bill, KI0IN.

From: Bill Thompson
Sent: June 17, 7:54am PDT

The pony express riders were 1 mile west of Douglas, Wyoming at 8:40 MDT.

Bill, KI0IN

From: Mike Strain, Wyoming NPEA
Sent: June 16, 8:36pm PDT

I was on the Riverton Wy. crew consisting of Stanley Bean, captain, Stan jr., Troy(didn't catch his last name) and his son Seth. We received the mail from Sweetwater County at Atlantic City at 10:30pm June 15th as reported. Because the road was washed out and we couldn't use trucks and trailers the five of us rode all night, 31 miles, exchanging the mochilla as we went, and handed off to the rest of the Riverton crew at Hwy. 287 near Sweetwater Station at about 5:30- 5:45am June 16th.

It was a nice night, in the 40's, and good for travelling, good for the horses. Our little crescent moon didn't last long and it got pretty dark around midnight. There were cloud banks off to the west and south on the horizon with lightning in them off and on all night. About 3:30-3-45am we started getting a little first light off in the east.

About 5:00am we finally topped our last rim and saw the lights of Sweetwater Station about 5 miles distant and it was a pretty sight. So we beat it down off the rim onto the flats and handed off the mochilla to the waiting riders. It was a long and special night and we all gave the Glory to God for a safe and successful ride.

From: Diana van Uitert, Utah NPEA
Sent: June 16, 4:45pm PDT

Here are Diana's photos.

I have to say that this was probably one of the most fun and memorable re-rides I have ever done. Out in Utah's west desert, the rain fell, but did not stop us from doing what we wanted to do. Beth Anderson and her family put on quite the wing-ding out in Callao complete with food, entertainment, dancing, old cars and fireworks. My daughter, Kat Long and I stayed in the BLM field office with Ray and Bunny from the BLM. Ray cooked us a tasty spaghetti dinner. Thanks! Sunday was rainy and cool. Advantanges, no dust and my horse Honey Babe (22) had plenty of spunk. No prodding needed and she went a total of 9 1/2 miles with the mail. We rode in Bev Heffernan's rig. Mud was nasty. Just before we got to Simpson Springs, the sun came out and it was warm and beautiful. There must have been around 200 people waiting for the mail to come in. What a thrill! Tooele County put on a delicious BBQ for us there. The desert has never been so green and the wild flowers were very abundant. On the way home, we encountered wild horses, pronghorn antelopes, and a rabbit or two.

On Monday, I was kind of in charge of a celebration at the Sandy City Museum. We were concerned that not very many people would come, but they did! We had a great turnout. We had music by JC Needham, food by Randy 'Splatterdab' Smith and his Dutch Oven Society crew, 150th souvenir sales by artist, Peter Fillerup, as well as a replica of his bronze sculpture, "Hard and Fast All the Way", and artist, Bill Kohler signed his poster, "Just in Time". There was a display inside the museum. Jeff Hearty recited his poem about the Pony Express and we heard from President Les Bennington. David Fairbanks said a few words about his father, artist Arvard Fairbanks. The mail was brought in by Fred Leslie and his horse, Q-Tip lead by 3 of Sandy City's finest motorcycle policemen. Kevin Kimber took the mail north, again lead by the policemen. A special thanks to Sherry Worthen and her staff at the Sandy Museum all the folks who helped put this special event together. Skip and Audrey Elliott were fantastic. Colleen Sloan gave us all the rider skillets. Sorry if I left anyone out, but a big THANK YOU!

From: Gretchen Baker
Sent: June 16, 3:34pm PDT

I'm not one of the riders, but I sure enjoyed the festivities in Callao. Here's a link to my blog report of it.

From: Ron Atkinson, Uinta County, Wyoming, Ride Captain
Sent: June 16, 8:11am PDT via Pony Express Hotline

Started our ride out at Utah State line at 4:30a.m. Really dark, no moon and a crisp 34 degrees. Craig Bunker, a first time rider, started us out. oOe of the most enjoyable rides ever. What a great crew we have. Everybody was at their assigned rides ready to transferred the Mochilla.

By 8:30 a.m. it had warmed up to about 50 degrees but bright sunny skies. What a treat for us, the week before the Re-Ride it had rained all week. Arrived at Fort Bridger at 9:30a.m. A good sized crowd had gathered and watched a mail exchange. We let everyone who wanted a picture of rider horse and Mochilla get one then off we went. Everything proceed very well arrived at Sweetwater County line at 11:30a.m.

Again wow what a great group of people and what a ride. Happy trails.

From: Wendy Anderson, Schellbourne Re-Riders
Sent: June 15, 11:02pm PDT via Pony Express Hotline

Here are Wendy's photos.

My report starts out by meeting Gary Nezos, vice-president for Nevada Pony Express in Eureka, Nevada to pick up the second mochilla. We all had a nice visit talking about Pony Express over lunch, then we headed out for Huntington camp ground.

Once we got to Overland Pass, we spoke to the ham operator and he said he had not heard anything yet from anyone. At this time, it was about 3:30 p.m. Our group of riders headed for Huntington camp to set up for supper and get the horses ready for the ride.

As the evening progressed, more Schellbourne Re-riders showed up. The ham operator came by early in the evening and reported that the mail was 1 1/2 hours late. Around 7:00 p.m. the ham operator came and announced that the mail was about on time now. By 8:30 p.m. everyone was finally in camp.

I had made beef stew, chorizo sandwiches, chips, rolls, cookies etc. for everyone for supper. After everyone had finally had an opportunity to eat by 8:45 p.m., we hurried to get everything cleaned and packed up-- ready for the ride.

Tony Zamora and Rick Brown left camp about 7:00 p.m. to head to the top of Overland Pass. When the ride was over, I asked Z what time it was when they had got on top of the mountain and he said it was about 9:15 or 9:30 p.m. We were scheduled to pick up the mail at 9:30 p.m. I guess there was some delays in getting ready to head to the top of the mountain. So, my apologies to the Night Riders for not having our riders up there earlier, they were certainly sent earlier. Lesson learned for next year, we will send our riders even earlier.

By the time our riders made their way off the top of the mountain, they had been riding in pitch black darkness for the better part of two hours. The rest of our riders were lined out for miles along the trail waiting for their turn in the dark to carry the mail.

I was very proud of all of the Schellbourne riders, no one got lost, or hurt riding in the dark. We had a few riders who did not want to ride in the dark and I could not blame them, it was very challenging. You could not travel faster than a trot in the headlights of the vehicle behind you.

By the time we finally reached White Rock pass, Jim Bath, Jordan Anderson and Tony Zamora were ready to ride as light was finally coming into the night sky. Only horses can travel through this pass which is about 7 miles long. They did a great job and came through the pass at break neck speeds as usual.

Gene Ockert, Kathy Poole and Rebecca Fouts rode across Butte Valley and handed off to Bree. She headed up the mountain to the mine road where the Browns would pick up the mail from her and head into Egan Canyon. Most of us headed around the mountain by Cherry Creek to wait for the mail to come out of the canyon on the other side.

I had asked Doc Chris, Chris, Bret and his wife Val to go up into the Egan Canyon on the Cherry Creek side to intercept the mail and bring it down to the main road. The Christensen's always have great horses that are in really good shape.

The Christensen's handed off to a new Schellbourne Re-rider member, Steve Martin from Las Vegas on his mustang horse, Little Foot. I took my new horse Cowboy out of the trailer, (that had 30 days on him for training) and went with Steve down the trail headed to Schellbourne Station.

More handoffs were made and soon we were headed down the final stretch to Schellbourne Station. Coming into the station was Jim Bath (27 year consecutive rider) and G. Norman Christensen (30 year consecutive rider) to hand off to Brett Christensen (doc's son) and Bub McCall, one of our youngest riders.

Once at Schellbourne Station, we had a big celebration planned and so it commenced. Breakfast had been prepared by the new manager of the station, Rosie. It was great, thanks Rosie and staff. Then we all wandered across the street to the new Pony Express Silhouette for the dedication in freezing, windy weather. Keith Anderson had been working on this project for more than 2 years. He had special thanks and presentations for all the people responsible for making the project a success. Much more could be said about this part, but, there was newspaper staff, writers, documentary people and many more that will be doing stories concerning the dedication.

I did a special presentation for 3 men that rode in the 100 year ride for Pony Express in 1960. We recognized Demont Hansen, Duane Kerr and Jim Benson, all of whom are from the Ely area. They all have a love and special devotion for Pony Express. So on behalf of the Schellbourne Re-riders and Mt. Wheeler Power, we presented them each with a commemorative 150th year buckle.

Then we did a special presentation for G. Norman Christensen and gave him his 30 year patch. His family had purchased a special 150th year commemorative hand gun. It had not arrived in Ely yet for the presentation, but Keith Anderson loaned his to Doc for pictures.

We shared with the audience what it is like to become a member of Pony Express by going through the oath, handing out bibles etc. to new members. All and all it was a great event and special thanks to all that were there and took part in making it all happen. Thanks again to Keith Anderson and his committee for all their hard work in getting the project completed. Thanks to Larry Biorn, the artist that created the Pony Express Silhouette. We also want to thank Gene Ockert, White Pine Off Road group and the Lincoln Highway group for working on the kiosks.

After all the hubbub at Schellbourne Station, Brett Christensen and Savannah Anderson headed up Schellbourne Pass. Again, our riders lined out for miles up the pass and along the dirty, dusty trails.

Ken Heinbaugh had a bit of bad luck when he lost his alternator right off the bat and had to go home. Hope to see you and your daughter out again next year, Ken. As a side note, he makes a wicked batch of beans and we really did enjoy them for dinner that night.

Then we come to the part of the trail I really love, Rock Springs! The highest mountain range that Pony Express crosses over the 1900 plus miles. It is about 7 miles through this mountain range and a beautiful ride. Rebecca Fouts, Ann Little and I took off at a quick pace and before we knew it was on the other side handing off to Tom Love and his horse Cheyanne. The documentary crew was there filming Tom and his horse as they took off down the mountain heading to Tippets valley.

Tom Love and Carol Hunt had a couple friends join us from Las Vegas. Sue Ann Cornwell and Bridget Jefferies found out what it was like to ride Pony Express by taking the mail across part of Tippets flat with Tom and Carol.

From here, our group lined out again for miles handing off to some more Schellbourne Re-riders like Steve Campbell, Alice Nicholes, Kevin Nicholes (and their two big boys), Jeremy Anderson, Brandon Anderson and Keith Anderson.

Pi and Marilynn Linnares usually ride with the Utah riders, but this year I asked them to ride with us. They live in Ibapah, Utah and have been riding Pony Express for 7 to 8 years. Their son rode with us this year too! They said they had a good time! Hope to see them back next year. Marilynn brought her 92 year old father along for the ride, he is still a great horseman. Pat Hearty invited some of us to ride with the Utah group, hope that offer still stands next year!

As we came into Ibapah, we decided that everyone that wanted to, could all ride in together as a group, as we came up to the monument and completed the hand off to Utah! We handed the mail off on time!

In conclusion, it was dark, rainy, cold, etc. but we all had a really great time. We had a nice dinner at Hicks Ranch and most of us all went home, cold, wet and tired. However, many of us will be looking forward to next year already!

The 150th year celebration has been awesome! Thanks to the committee members, & Ken & Arleta Martin for doing such a great job!

From: Howard Schultz, Sweetwater County Division NPEA
Sent: June 15, 11:00pm PDT via Pony Express Hotline

We got the mail into Atlantic City at 10:30 about an hour ahead of schedule.

From: John & Missy Harris, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Sent: June 15, 6:42pm PDT

Here are Missy's photos.

This was our ninth year riding the Pony Express. This will definitely go down as one to remember.

Our weather in Wyoming has been miserable this year. High winds and lot of rain in the two months leading up to the ride. If I said we rode our horses 5 times this year, that would be a gross misrepresentation. We got on them 5 times. On ride 3, my husband's horse attempted to buck him off. A week before the ride, we had the horses shod and 3 days later my husband's horse, Dark Moon Rising, was lame. Found a close nail, and swelling in the fetlock. Rest and bute and good support wraps, we were hoping it would be enough.

The day before the ride, the weather finally broke and I decided to see if my mustang, Bullseye, was up to the task of carrying the mail. I got some saddlebags, put some heavy things in them and took him to the round pen to lunge. At a trot, no problem, asked him to canter and the bucking began. Then, the freak accident happened. The stirrup swung up and got caught on the round pen panel. Now the round pen was chasing Bullseye. I have done a lot of spook training with Bullseye and it paid off now. It took less than 10 seconds for him to collapse our 60 foot round pen down to about 20 feet but he stopped and the stirrup came free. I looked at my saddle and it was twisted. Checked the tree, cracked. Now I had to find a different saddle to use. Needless to say, Bullseye and I would not be carrying the mail.

To say I was worried about the ride is an understatement. I did not feel like we were ready and the horses definitely weren't. The morning of the ride we were relieved that Dark Moon Rising was sound. It was going to be a gorgeous day. Things were looking up.

We have a 6 year old daughter and early the morning of the ride, I confirmed with our take along baby sitter where we would meet her at 10. I went home to get ready and Bullseye decided he wasn't getting into that trailer, no way no how. Forty-five minutes later, both of us hot and sweaty, we were finally ready to go. We got to the pickup point for the baby sitter. She isn't there. We track her down (she forgot! in her defense, she has a lot going on) and we are on our way almost an hour later than we wanted to be.

We arrived at Hamsfork Station, Granger, WY, at about Noon and are relieved to find that the mail has not arrived yet. They were having a presentation there and we waited for the rider to come in, signed the mochilla and then immediately left for our spot, about 15 miles away. I still get tears in my eyes every year when I hear "Rider coming in", this year was no exception.

We turned off the paved road, US 30, onto the dirt two track. We did not make it far at all and got stuck in a mud hole. I mean stuck. Mud was up to the tow bar on the trailer. John got out and got muddy. Very muddy. He tried to get the chains on, but only had success with one tire. We were able to move a little but things weren't looking good. We knew if we unloaded the horses, we would never get my horse back in in time to get to our ride.

Things were looking bleak. To make matters worse. Our local paper had made the trip to write an article about us and what she got was pictures of us stuck in the mud.

Some fellow Pony Express riders saw our predicament, found a drier route and got in front of us. We had a tow rope, hitched it to their horse trailer and they pulled us out. BLESS THEM! This is why we ride with the Sweetwater County riders. Someone will help you, always.

Just as John was putting the muddy chains back in the truck, here came the Pony. Our ride was 6 miles away, down the windy, muddy in spots, dirt road and now it was a race to get there before the Pony got there. We never did see the newspaper reporter again.

For awhile, we weren't gaining any ground on the Pony, there were flying. Eventually we started to pull away and got a good lead on them. It was with much relief that we made it to our spot and the Pony was no where in sight. We got the horses saddled, everything was looking good again. I jumped on Bullseye since I wasn't carrying the mail and Bullseye was a nervous wreck. I didn't know if he was going to buck, bolt or what, but something was fixing to happen. He was coiled tighter than a spring. Then he saw the rider coming in and it was like he took a deep breath and said "Ok, now I know what to do" (this was his eighth trip on the Pony Express). He calmed right down, mail was exchanged and away we went.

What a great ride we had. Definitely one of our best. I was so proud of our horses when we made it to the next exchange point. They gave us everything they had. Dark Moon Rising stayed sound as well.

Our adventure wasn't over. We rode back to the horse trailer. Got Bullseye in in about 20 minutes. Dark Moon Rising jumps right in, thank God. Made our way out to the main road with no problems, thought we were home free. Forty miles to home. We hear a noise, I look in the mirror and see pieces flying off the trailer tire. I told my husband, at least there isn't any mud this time.

We had a spare, got it changed and finally the adventure was really over.

Wishing everyone a safe, swift ride. Ride Pony Ride!

From: Debra Jorgensen
Sent: June 15, 1:32pm PDT

Here is Debra's movie.

est. time 4:30PM, 6-14-2010:

Brothers Rob and Van Perkins, Great Grandson's of George Washington Perkins "Wash", a long time Pony Express Rider in Utah. The Great Grandsons are riding Concho and Reno, Tennessee Walking horses in the historic 150th Re-Ride of the Pony Express. Their trail starts in Salt Lake City, Utah at 800 S. 10th East, headed up hill to Emigration Canyon Road to the 'This Is The Place Monument' before Brothers change horse and rider. The Perkins brothers are headed for the Wyoming boarder with the mail. Emigration Canyon Road is a locals' favorite. The canyon's moderate grade, scenic attractions, historical significance, The 8-mile-long Emigration Canyon Road begins where Sunnyside Avenue (850 South) enters the Wasatch Mountains.

"This is the Place State Park" is a historical view. Long before a roadway curved up the canyon, Emigration was the chosen route for pioneer travelers, Pony Express, transcontinental telegraph, and various stage coach lines. Most notably, Brigham Young and his Mormon Pioneer Company descended Emigration Canyon in 1847 to culminate their great westward trek in the Great Salt Lake Valley. It was from near the canyon's mouth that Brigham Young purportedly look out over the sprawling valley and proclaimed the words after which the state park is named. .

From: Cindy Furse, Utah NPEA
Sent: June 15, 12:33am PDT

It was a fabulous ride through Utah's fantastic west desert. So much for 'bone dry'…. It was WET, rainy and muddy! The sky was exciting, changeable, fascinating. It was beautiful! My group, led my Joe Hatch, rode from Ibapah to Simpson Springs. We saw a small herd of wild horses east of Simpson Springs on the way home from our ride. Their pictures are in my photos too. That was a perfect end to an authentic western day. What a great day for a run.

Here are my photos.

From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 14, 8:00pm PDT

Still not receiving any reports from the ground, however, GPS tracking is doing a very good job of showing the current location.

From: Steven Notterman, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 14, 1:43pm PDT

2010 RE-RIDE





From: Beverley Heffernan, Utah NPEA
Sent: June 14, 1:08pm PDT

Here are Beverley's photos.

I am a member of Utah's Team 2 and we carried the mail from Ibapah to Simpson Springs, arriving there a little after 5 pm yesterday after departing Callao at 9 am. We spent Saturday night in Callao where the whole town (population 40 to 50 depending on who you ask) was very welcoming, in particular Beth Anderson who was our very gracious hostess at Willow Springs Ranch. She and her husband and family organized a car show, dinner, lecture, music (including square dancing) and fireworks. Yesterday we had not bad weather, which is to say rain all day so the dust wasn't bad at all and neither were the flies, and as far as I know no one got stuck in the mud though I have a few hundred pounds of mud stuck to my trailer, I think. Upon our arrival at Simpson Springs (I would bet there have NEVER been that many people at Simpson Springs, ever! I would guess a couple of hundred). The cool weather was great for the horses.

I had a great time, and feel honored to be a part of the 150th anniversary celebration. Thanks to team captains Joe Hatch and George Lang and everyone who did all that hard work on the special events across Utah.

Here is a link to press coverage in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune. Click on 'photo gallery' link for additional pictures.

From: Gary Nezos, Vice President, N.P.E.A. Nevada Division
Sent: June 14, 10:11am PDT

Larry Stainbrook and I were joined buy Terry Raemhild, what a trio ( Gary, Larry and Terry). We received the mail about 6 mile West of Fort Churchill. The day was partly cloudy and windy, gusts were predicated to be up to 55 mph. The horses were calm, but excited. All went well after weeks of getting ready, it was over in a matter of minutes. However, we all had a good time.

Friday, June 11th, 2010: Austin, Nevada. The Lyon's provided a early morning breakfast as the Pony came into their town for an exchange. Great Job Austin. The morning was mostly cloudy and cool, seemed more like early March. Les Bennington offered a word of thanks to the community for there effort and I add mine now.

From here I traveled to Eureka to deliver the second mochila to Wendy Anderson the Ride Captain for the Schellbourne Re Riders, Also, our Second Vice President.

On Saturday June 12th, 2010, the mail reached Schellbourne. Here the celebration continued. Through a great effort by Keith Anderson a silhouette was dedicated. It looks real great. It is place at a rest stop along Highway 93 for every one to see long into the future. There was a lot of effort to make this happen. Good job Schellbourne Re Riders. The weather at Schellbourne was like early February, Windy, Cloudy, Light Rain at 6,000 feet and Snow at 6,100 feet as they headed East to the Utah Border.

Here are a few picture from Fort Churchill, Austin and Schellbourne. Ride safe and enjoy participating in this years 150 year celebration.

I would like to thank Debi Royer for her many years as a Ride Captain. She also served on the Nevada Board of Directors and as out Treasure. Thanks Debi. I have attached a few pictures from Fort Churchill. Ride safe and enjoy participating in this years 150 year celebration.

From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 14, 8:38am PDT

No reports yet today. Hope we will start getting more reports from the ground either by email or by Hot Line. Everyone wishes the riders well and want to know what is happening.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 13, 9:17pm MDT

The Official Mochilla reported at 9:01 PM MDT and DOWNLOADED TODAY'S AND YESTERDAYS TRACKING PERFECTLY. Use the left column, TOP CLICK ON ( HISTORY ) Then proceed to the start and stop date change the top date the to 12th June 10 and at the bottom of the left side control panel CLICK on ( SHOW POINTS ) IF YOU CLICK ALL POSITIONS THAT'S OK TO.




It's not a TIMEX, but we don't do badly....RIDE ON XP !!!!!!!!!!!!



From: Dawn Brown, 3 Lazy B Ranch, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 13, 3:26pm PDT

Here are Dawn's photos.

Pics of young man on sorrel Paint horse (Lyle) is Bub McCall, age 16. His 3rd year on PXP. He is the great, great, great Grandson of Col. Totten who manned the Ruby Valley Pony Station in 1861.

Pics of man on sorrel Paint horse (Roscoe) is Rick Brown.

Silhouette dedication pics: Keith Anderson kneeling, Bub McCall on horse to left; Brett Christensen on horse to right.

Presentation of 150th Anniversary PXP buckles: Demont Hansen with wife Doris, Duane Kerr, and the family of Jim Benson (wife Erlene, daughter Susie Leyba, and g'daughters) Those 3 men rode in the 100th anniversary re-ride and were presented with 150th anniversary buckles.

Pic of old buckle up close: 100th Anniversary buckle worn by Demont Hansen.

Pics of mail coming into Schellbourne (carried by Jim Bath and Doc Christensen) and handed over to Bub McCall and Brett Christensen for the silhouette dedication and to be taken out of Schellbourne.

Woman with bay Paint horse, "Bueno" - Dawn Brown - Egan Canyon

Man on sorrel Paint, "Roscoe" - Rick Brown - Ruby Valley and Egan Canyon

Young man on Sorrel Paint, "Lyle" - Bub McCall, age 16 - Newark Valley Mochilla on "Bueno"

Wendy Anderson presenting Doc Christensen with the NPEA 150th Anniversary .36 caliber Navy Colt pistol in honor of his 30th year as a Pony Express Rider.

From: Marilyn Linares, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 13, 3:03pm PDT

I'm Marilyn Linares from Ibapah Utah. Yesterday my family and I rode the re-ride from Schellbourne station Nevada to my hometown of Ibapah, Utah. My 91 year old dad rode as well as my husband and son. I am attaching photos also please see the silhoutte that was recently created by Larry Bjorne and Keith Andersen at Schellbourne station. Lovely re-ride!

From: Nancy Hoggard, Ride Captain, Schurz Highway to Sand Springs, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 13, 3:02pm PDT

What a great Reride the Sand Springs section had for the 150th anniversary. We had an incredible group of riders that pulled off what I knew could be done on a section of the trail that has been plagued with problems in recent years. We also carried both mochilas over our entire section.

Kathy Davis riding Fire Feet and Camille Knox riding Gypsy began at 5:00 am from Highway 95 south of Fallon, NV. They traveled to the Wildcat Freight Station where they passed the mail to Nancy Hoggard riding Dirty Dancer and Joyce Wood riding Lacy.

Nancy and Joyce rode across Bass Flats to Pit Road. Kathy and Camille rode along with as there is no other way to get in or out of Wildcat.

At Pit Road, Arthur and Melody Johnson took the mail and proceeded across Simpson Pass. Arthur rode Misty and Melody rode Snowy, two of their beautiful paints. They then traveled along the Geothermal plant and the associated wells and pipelines to where there used to be a Pony Express sign.

At the "sign", Paula Watkins riding Nugget and Katie Finley riding J. Lo proceeded along the foothills behind 8 mile flat and 4 mile flat. When they arrived at the famous "water trough", they passed the mail to Ben and Sandy Scott riding Killian and Express respectively. They were also accompanied by Dave Finley riding Patches. They proceeded along the power line road.

When they reached the Ranch Road, Eileen Bailey riding Clear and Terry Eldredge riding Cleopatra took the mail out to the Sand Springs turnoff at Highway 50.

Our entire ride time was 2 hours and 55 minutes. What an amazing team of riders made this happen-showing that it could be done and helping me realize that dream. Each rider took the entire responsibility for their part of the trail as the inaccessibility leaves them on their own.

We had a great breakfast provided by the Boy Scouts at the Sand Mountain/Sand Spring turnoff at the end of our ride along with Nancy Upham's section. We also had the pleasure of the company of Ken and Arleta Martin, Pat and Linda Hearty, Dave Sanner, Les Bennington and Richard Gwin. I am so glad the Ken and Arleta were able to make this trip and we had the pleasure of the company. They always keep me laughing. Richard, the photographer, the also a pleasure-especially since he's promised to make me 40 lbs lighter.

I also have the privilege to work and plan celebrations and party with adjacent Ride Captains-Annette Lancaster and Nancy Upham. What GREAT people I had to work with this year. With the exception of one Mustang everything went perfectly.

I wished I had photos of all my riders, but hope to rectify that next year. Thanks go to Kathy Davis, Bill Adams and their expert photography friends for the photos I am able to provide. Here are Nancy's photos.

Photo identification:

Photo No. 100 2150
Riders on Bass Flats approaching Pit Road. From left to right: Kathy David and Fire Feet, Nancy Hoggard and Dirty Dancer, Camille Knox on Gypsy, Joyce Wood on Lacy

Photo No. 100-2160
Arthur Johnson and Melody Johnson departing Pit Road towards Simpson Pass

Here more pictures taken by Arthur Johnson's daughter, Chandly Johnson. Chandly was a shadow rider this year and I look forward to having her ride as a full member in the future. The Johnson family began riding with me 4 years ago when their daughter Tasha rode with me. She had her first baby last month.

From: Annette Nylander, California NPEA
Sent: June 13, 2:14pm PDT

Here are Annette's photos.

More photos from Annette.

Tuesday 6/8/2010

I was scheduled to ride Strawberry (42 mile track) to Slippery Ford in 20 minutes, but since I was using my Percheron mare this year I didn't figure I'd get to close to that time - boy was I wrong. The exchange went well and she stood like a princess while I climbed aboard that big back of hers, then we were off. Across the highway and over the bridge she took it at a slow trot, but the minute we were on the other side she shot out in her big ground eating trot. We made great time on the asphalt and dirt roads, then came the old original trail through the river bed (now just a little trickle of run off as the river moved many years ago). She picked her way over the river rock and around boulders below Lovers Leap and soon we were on to good dirt trail. We had to pause for a minute to let a 3 ½ foot rattle snake slither off the trail and we were off again. She was starting to get pretty tired, but she kept going until we came around a big rock outcrop and could see the cars and horses up in the distance across the other bridge. She dropped her head and kicked back up to her big trot until we had to drop over the edge of the trail and get down to the bridge crossing. As soon as we stopped I asked for the time - 21 minutes and that was with a stop for the snake.

I used the big mare this year instead of my arab because as soon as we were done with the XP ride I put away the saddle and hitched her to my spring wagon for a 4 day trek back down the highway as part of the 61st Hwy 50 Wagon Train - that's why it took so long to send in the report.

Annette Nylander and Beauty (aka Big Mare)

From: Karen Shepherd, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 13, 1:22pm PDT

Here are Karen's photos.

Roberts Creek up date. We had beautiful weather and a day ride which was a blessing for us. Everything went as planned and the mail was off and running. We have some new members and they really put their hearts in full heartily. We had some to monuments.

Once the mail made it through the Grub Wells into the Roberts Creek it went fast. I wish I could have had more photos to pass on, and I apologize to some of the folks I did not get names with. It was great to see Less Benninton and Dave out and about visiting, than they were on their way chasing the pony.

I will have to say...we missed the night ride and the stars shining and guiding our way. But next ride we will be back under the stars. We had no road problems at all and no stuck trailers.

Hope all is well with the rest of the riders and be safe and have a blast.

Keep a deep seat and a loose rain. God Bless for a safe and fun ride.

If anyone is passing through Hwy 80 be sure to swing by and visit the new California Trail Center. They have done a wonderful job to preserve the history of the pioneers and the Pony Express. Thank you to everyone on our team for making this a fun ride. Thanks again Tom for your great work, we had a marvelous write up in our local Elko daily Free Press. We have alot of support here in Elko.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 13, 11:38am PDT

To quote a song "We are the road to nowhere" This is remote..... but the trail is on the Pony Express Rd....good sign for navigation ! It looks like 8hrs to getting close to civilization and the " Official Mochilla " CAN DOWNLOAD the memory and back fill the way points / bread crumbs but to where it let off.

Tom Crews this should answer your question.... is anyone out there !!!!!! Alive and Well, I say as pace and direction controlled movements. There fine.........might be very hot out there.

From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 13, 8:00am PDT

No status reports yet this morning. Trust all is well on the trail.

From: Dave Harris, K7PDW
Received: June 12, 7:25pm PDT

12 June 2010 6:02 PM mail left Ibapah, UT
7:53 PM mail left Canyon Station - weather cool, light wind. cloudy. Everyone, horses doing well.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 12, 5:00pm PDT

The mail is handed off to Utah at Ibapah approximately 1 hour ahead of schedule.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 12, 4:14pm PDT

HELLO UTAH !!!!!!!!!!!! on or at the border... Thanks NEVADA The exchange of Horse and Rider Mochilla Exchange and off thru the wilderness of UTAH ! Eastboard to St Jo..

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 12, 2:10pm PDT

The Horse and Rider, From the NEVADA Crew are one mountain away from UTAH....... will have to see if the ELY Divsion brings it home on time !!!!!! They always have performed year after year pulling miricles in the Saddles, and working the problems out with finely tuned and trained Horses.......a true team effort to get it on time !!!!

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 12, 7:53am PDT

The mail is approximately 6 miles east of Overland Pass West.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 12, 7:13am PDT



From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 12, 6:15am PDT

There are no words to cover what the ELY Division does out there in the East Side of the NEVADA Desert !!!!!! COWBUY UP IS A UNDERSTATEMENT.

The extreme riding and conditions and yet they prevail every year.

The UTAH broder is on the Horizion to the east.


From: Annette Lancaster, Ride Captain, Fort Churchill to Schurz Highway, Nevada NPEA
Received: June 11, 10:56pm PDT

My first rider Larry Mcpherson from Stagecoach received the mail at 2:15pm he handed of to:
Joann McGrath from Silver Springs, NV
Annette Lancaster from Carson City, NV
Marissa Andreasen Modesto, CA
Brooklyn Andreasen from Carson City, NV
Deborah and Jon Dibble from Yerington, NV
Barry Mallory from Twain Harte, CA
Alex Andreasen Carson City, NV
Lani Davis from Minden, NV
Nancy and Brad Trolson from Minden, NV
Bonnie Way from Lotus, CA.

We handed off to Nancy Hoggard at Schurz Highway at 7:15 pm.

Thank you riders for all of you great horsemen ship and getting the mail thru. I also like to thank Les Bennington and Dave Sanner for all the help on the trail and expertise in changing a flat tire on the horse trailer . THANKS GREAT JOB! Special thanks John Dibble he was our master cock at the BQ after the re-ride and Gary Hines for gathering up my mile markers and for opening and closing gats Thanks you! - - - - - Thank you! - - - - to all that made the 150th re-ride a success.

Here are photos from our ride.

From: Debi Royer, Nevada NPEA
Received: June 11, 9:00pm PDT

Here are some pictures of the Carson City to Fort Churchill section.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 11, 5:11pm PDT

The mail has departed Roberts Creek approximately 80 miles east from today's starting point running about 1 hour 21 minutes behind schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 11, 1:55pm PDT

The mail has left Dry Creek running about 1 hour 25 minutes behind schedule. This area in Northern Nevada is pretty rugged.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 11, 11:57am PDT

The mail has left Wrye Patch. This area in Northern Nevada is pretty rugged.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 11, 9:31am PDT

Ok well the Horse and Rider arrived in AUSTIN NEVADA.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 11, 9:00am PDT

Horse and Rider just out side the City of Austin Nevada !!!! approxiately 4 miles west of Austin in bound 7 MPH.

From: Mike Neal, California NPEA
Sent: June 11, 8:16am PDT

Here are some photographs I took all along the Pleasant Grove House to Rescue California P.O. Segment.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 11, 7:46am PDT

The mail reported 9 miles east of Railroad Pass heading toward Austin about 30 minutes behind schedule.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 11, 6:31am PDT

Horse and Rider are moving on. There location is about 6 miles south west of the Austin Airport Nevada traveling along NV State Hyw 2, 722 Hyw.

From: Bill Andrews, Nevada NPEA
Received: June 10, 8:52pm PDT

These photos were taken today between the windmill west of Middlegate Station and enroute to Middlegate Station, on the Sand Springs to Cold Springs ride section.

The grey Arab mare, Serufina, is ridden by Eryn Andrews and owned by ride captain Nancy Upham. The chestnut Arab gelding, Springtime Classic (Rerun) is ridden by Jill Andrews.

We received the mail between 12:30 pm and 12:45, and delivered it to Middlegate Station around 1:00 pm.

From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 10, 8:50pm PDT
The last report from the S.I.E.R.A Hotline was at 3:30pm. Since then we have been out of contact. GPS shows that the Mail and Rider have stopped along Hwy 722 southwest of the Austin Airport. They are scheduled to stay overnight at Railroad Pass and resume their journey at 6:00am tomorrow morning.

From: Mary Kuckenmeister, Secretary NPEA Nevada Division
Sent: June 10, 3:33pm PDT

Kent Memmott was going about his business of trying to sell his families drink "Texas Twister" that he and his wife Barbara sell at fairs and other special events throughout the west. In his research he happened upon the Carson City Rendezvous and applied to be a vendor at the long time event held each June. He noticed that this years event was dedicated to the Pony Express and the 150th anniversary celebration. When he was accepted by the organizers he sent the following email to them:

"Thank you for the email confirming our acceptance for the Rendezvous. Just a matter of interest - My great grandfather George Washington Perkins rode for the Pony Express. My father rode in the re-ride for the 100 year anniversary in Salt Lake City in 1961. Wish I could ride for the 150 year anniversary. Thank you again for your response. We'll see you in June."

The Nevada Division has been a long time participant in the Carson City Rendezvous. I have been the coordinator for the last four years. The event organizers forwarded Kent's email to me. I talked to my husband Mike about offering his horse up for Kent to ride. We both agreed that it would be great if Kent could carry on his family's history so we emailed him an invitation to participate. He enthusiastically accepted, joined the Nevada Division as a full member and promptly went on a spending spree to purchase his required uniform and just about every souvenir he could find that NPEA was selling to commemorate the event.

We met Kent and Barbara for the first time on Tuesday. We visited for a while, looking at a scrapbook they brought that included articles about the event in 1960 including photos of his father riding down State Street in Salt Lake City. He hadn't ridden in a while so we went on a test drive with him on Mike's horse Rainey. We then took a ride to check our assigned section on Fort Churchill Road. On Wednesday we followed the mail through Carson City and Dayton stopping at celebrations on our way to our ride section. He realized his dream to honor his great grandfather and his father by carrying the mail just as they did. How special it was for Mike and me to help him with this experience. As an added bonus we found out that our families are distantly related by marriage. What a small world.

Mike and I wish all riders and participants a safe and fun ride.

From: Bill Andrews, Nevada NPEA
Sent: June 10, 3:10pm PDT

Just heard from my wife/rider, Jill Andrews, that she is at Cold Springs Station and can see the inbound Pony about 300 yards out, at 1505hrs.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 10, 1:03pm PDT

At 12:52 Horse and Rider at Hyw 50 and Cty Rd 361 Nevada Austin Hwy.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 10, 12:54pm PDT

The mail reported at Middle Gate about 30 minutes behind of schedule.

From:Petra Keller , Nevada Division, NPEA
Sent: June 10, 10:31am PDT

Here are some photos from Genoa Mormon Station event on June 8th, Carson City event on June 9th, as well as part of the section Mormon Station - Jacks Valley Road. by Deby O'Gorman and myself.

Mormon Station, Genoa, NV - June 8, 2010 XP riders Deby O'Gorman and Petra Keller arrived to await the incoming Mochilla from California. Gathered at historic Mormon station were XP riders from Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California, as well as an international contingency. The Genoa Fire Department provided hamburgers and water for the riders and the 300+ crowd. Local media was present to provide coverage of the event, and a local family band, the Old Melodian Minstrels, were dressed in historic clothes and played old-time folks songs. Prior to the arrival of the Mochilla, a short presentation on the history of the Pony Express was given while waiting for the Pony Express riders to arrive, and NPEA president Les Bennington swore in riders Deby and Petra for their duties. Deby and Petra received the Mochilla from incoming XP riders Steve and Lisa Adams at around 7:30 P.M.

The next morning, at about 5:30 A.M., Deby and Petra met their Ride Captain, Bob Moore, at Mormon Station to begin their segment of the re-ride to the Jacks Valley Fire Station. They trotted (gaited) out followed by a police escort and ham radio operator. Deby and Petra, switched mounts during their 6+ mile segment, with Petra arriving with the mail. Along the route, they were greeted by several enthusiastic onlookers, as well as Abe Lincoln. Their horses, Pony Girl and Redflash, did very well with their assignment to carry the approximately 40 lb. Mochilla and their riders to the fire station where they transferred the Mochilla to XP rider Dave Rabe. After putting up their mounts, Deby and Petra joined the NPEA group at the St. Charles Hotel in Carson City to witness the arrival of the rider, listen to Abe Lincoln speak to the crowds and watch as the next rider rode out with the mail.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 10, 10:08am PDT

The mail is crossing Sands Springs Pass about 10 minutes behind of schedule. That's a hard climb all the way.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 10, 8:05am PDT

The mail is holding at Sand Moutain about 55 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: Stephanie Veteran, California NPEA
Sent: June 9, 8:53pm PDT

The 150th Anniversary of the Pony and my 4th year; what can I say? What a great ride! I was unable to attend the ride pick meeting so Rich Tatman selected my ride, which was from Forest Service Corrals/Luther Pass - a grueling 3 miles (actually 4.2 miles), the steepest leg in the shortest distance. A few weeks later Rich asked if I could also do Placerville Chamber of Commerce to Able Acres (3.5 miles), why not? Both legs were on up hill grades and all asphalt, the former definitely the harder of the two. My horse didn't disappoint me - she flew like the famed Pegasus, we shaved 12 minutes off our first leg making it in 18 minutes! I think it was her birthday present to me - yes it was my birthday on June 7 and I couldn't have celebrated it any better. Our second leg, the next day, was a lot harder, I let Sunny pick her pace, which was fast; we either came in on time or a few minutes early. Not only did we have an extremely steep grade on asphalt, with big rigs, and crazy tourists but we had to deal with road construction as well! Traffic was stopped and because only one lane was open they were escorting the cars, trucks, and motorhomes alternately. We hit it at the right moment, ride Captain, Pam Dixon, waved us behind the last SUV and we rode through with a lot of construction vehicles on both sides without a spook except for the small steel drain cover in the road (ha-ha)! What a horse!! When Sunny saw the pony she whinnied and found it in her to burst into a run, we came into the exchange in true Pony Express style - fast! After that? We rode back to my rig - no crew this year. It was a beautiful ride. Was it hard? Yes but it was hard 150 years ago too.

Dedicated to my brother, Martin Richard Silva 1951 - 2007. This one's for you bro…


From: Debi Royer, Nevada Ride Captain, Carson City to Fort Churchill
Sent: June 9, 7:36pm PDT

What an exciting morning this was, as the mail came in to Carson City bright & early to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express. Before leaving Carson, NPEA President Les Bennington gave a short speech and we also had a very special guest speaker - President Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by Carson City's own Wally Earhart). The mail left Carson 10 minutes earlier then scheduled with Jane Bailey aboard, she handed off to Vicky Moya on the outskirts of Carson. Vicky took the mail up the trail to Debi Royer. Debi rode into Dayton 40 minutes ahead of schedule, where the Historical Society was having a festival in the Pony's honor. It's was a great site to see from my vantage point on the top of the hill looking down into Dayton seeing all those people waiting for the Pony - there were perhaps 150 people in attendance! They all crowded around my horse Moose (who soaked the attention up like a sponge!)

I passed the mail off to Claire-Marie Ward and she was to pass it off to Terry Raemhild (new member for 2010) but, she was seriously sidetracked by well-meaning radio people - they told her she was going the wrong way (she wasn't) she told them were she should go, they insisted that was the wrong way, so she respected her elders & continued the wrong way - she rode a lot of needless miles and ended up passing the mail off at the wrong rider much later then planned.

Claire-Marie passed the mail to Mary Miller & Mona Dible on Fort Churchill road (not the most hospitable road out there to drive on!) this is where, in my section, the second Mochila was used and the riders were able to ride in tandem . Mary & Mona passed the mail on to Mike and Mary Kuckenmeister and Kent Memmot (another 2010 member). Then the following riders took the mail towards Fort Churchill - Jeremiah & Erika Niday, David Kittle, Milton Swinford, Gary Ridenour & Ralph Michka(both 2010 members), Gary Nezos and Larry Stainbrook(2010 member) and Terry Raemhild. Ed Lynch and Peter Binhack rode the last leg into Fort Churchill, where the State Park so kindly opened the gate & allowed the riders to actually ride through the ruins into the park where our section passed the mail off to the next section.

Even though there was a 'bump in the trail' so to speak, the mail got thru and we were only 10 minutes behind schedule. My riders have always been good hearted, good horse people with the ability to get the mail thru no matter the situation - I have always been so proud of them all and it was an honor to be their Ride Captain for the past 14 years but, next year, these same riders will earn the respect of a new ride captain.

Good Luck to all the riders yet to ride this year.
May you always ride well and your pony run hard.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 7:10pm PDT

The mail has arrived at Top Gun Raceway where ride activities will stop over night. The mail will continue at 5:00am tomorrow morning.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 9, 6:53pm PDT

Horse and Rider arriving to TOP GUN RACEWAY , Schruz Hyw Hyw 95 arriving in 10 minutes approx.

From: Ron Spreadborough, California Division NPEA
Received: June 9, 3:11pm PDT

Here are some photos Luther Pass to Picketts Junction, Ron Spreadborough, handing off to Martin Bross 6/8/10 boys made up some time and good ride all the way to Woodfords.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 5:00pm PDT

The mail reported 18 miles east of Ft Churchill Road 45 minutes behind schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 2:10pm PDT

The mail has departed Ft Churchill about 10 minutes behind schedule.

From: Kim Copél, NPEA Associate Member
Sent: June 9, 12:05pm PDT

Here are some more pictures... Luther Pass to Woodfords. Wow, they were ahead of the game! Great riding CA NPEA!!

Go Pony!

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 11:15am PDT

The mail is reported at the intersection of Ft Churchill Road and Route 50 on schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 10:20am PDT

The mail is in Dayton 25 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 9, 10:20am PDT

The Horse and Rider are entering Dayton NV in minutes !!!!

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 8:40am PDT

The mail departed Carson City heading east from the St. Charles Hotel approximately 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 7:00am PDT

The mail is reported 10 miles east of Genoa at Fuji Park about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The mail will hold at Fuji Park until 7:40 to get back on schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 9, 6:10am PDT

The mail is reported at Genoa Golf Course about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 8, 8:45pm PDT

The Pony has arrived in Genoa at Mormon Station where a small ceremony was held. They will hold over in Genoa and depart for Carspn City in the morning at 6:00am.

From: Steven Bickford, Radio Amateur Mobile Society
Sent: June 8, 8:19pm PDT

Here are pictures that I took during the two-day CA Division (Old Sacramento to Woodfords) Pony Express reride event. The pictures start from the "H" Street station and end at Woodfords. The Nevada group took over at Woodfords.

June 7, 2010:

The first set of pictures start off at "H" Street bridge, American River and University California, Sacramento. Actually we were about ¼ mile away from the bridge down near the golf club house at the first hole along side the bike trail.

Pictures 17 & 18 are at the American River Rossmoor Park in Rancho Cordova. The riders were supposed to be on the bike trail, but they snuck around us and took a different route, so we didn't catch them passing through.

Pictures starting at 19 are in Old Town Folsom. I took so many pictures of Congressman Dan Lungren and the goings on at Folsom; I think they thought I was an official photographer. People were asking me to take a picture of this and of that.

Pictures starting at 64, this is at Shingle Springs Corral. This is where we took a break and ate. Joe and his Sous-Chef John put together an excellent spread.

June 8, 2010:

Pictures starting at 106, this is at Wire Gate on Weber Mill Road. Not a road for low-clearance vehicles.

Pictures starting at 131, this is at Strawberry. There was also a Wagon Train re-enactment event going on here at the same time.

Pictures starting at 154, this is at Pickett's Junction (aka Hope Valley).

Pictures starting at 179, this is at Woodfords. Our job is done and the HAM radio responsibilities where handed over to the Nevada HAMs.

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 6:25m PDT

Forest service (Luther corral) in 2.19 out 2.21 PM.

Luther Pass in 2.51 out 2.53 PM.

Picketts. In 3.05 out 3.06 PM.

Picketts + 3 in 3.27 out 3.31 PM.

Woodfords 3.48 PM.

That is it Thanks for a great day.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 8, 5:00pm PDT

Horse and Rider cross into Nevada !!!!!!!
on the Fredricksburg RD to an exchange point, and a new horse and rider.
Well EARNED, Thanks CA riders !!!!!

From: S.I.E.R.A Hotline
Received: June 8, 4:04pm PDT

The Pony left Woodfords, California, heading to Genoa, Nevada, at 3:47pm.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 8, 2:26pm PDT

This Section is going well. What can I say, CA brings it on !!!!! South Upper Trukee RD and Luther Pass RD CA

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 8, 1:23pm PDT

Closing in on the NEVADA State Line !!! and South lake Tahoe Nv

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 8, 12:42pm PDT

12:22 PM About eight miles from Twin Brdiges CA Moving up on the hill. 7 MPH

From: Kim Copél, Lake Tahoe Historical Society Volunteer & NPEA Associate Member
Sent: June 8, 12:05pm PDT

Here are some pictures from today's Harrah's (special) event. (Tues 6/8 at 9 am.)

Again, thank you all for taking the time, out of your very hectic route schedule, to make South Lake Tahoe and our guests feel special. What a wonderful treat and what a wonderful group the NPEA is!

Safe travels and...

Go Pony!

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 11:53am PDT

Eagle rock in 10.28 out 10.30 am.

XP corral in 10.53 out 10.53 am.

Strawberry in 11.35 out 11.37 am.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 8, 10:15am PDT

A long way UPHILL........ just east of KYBRUZ CA at 3 mph

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 9:43am PDT

Kyburz dump. In 9.36 out 9.39 am

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 8:56am PDT

Kaburz bypass (Weber creek) in 8.39 out 8.47 AM.

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 8:56am PDT

Kaburz bypass (Weber creek) in 8.39 out 8.47 AM.

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 7:57am PDT

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 8:23am PDT

Wire Gate time in 8.11 out 8.13 am.

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 7:57am PDT

Cleveland Corral time in 7.23 out 7.23 am.

Pony express creek. In 7.42. Out 7.42 am.

From: Laura Beeman, California Division NPEA
Sent: June 8, 6:11am PDT

We were thankful for some light cloud cover to cool down an otherwise VERY HOT ride this year. First time rider Elisabeth Lucas loped all the way into the exchange point at the middle school on Green Valley road, directly across the street from the Pony Express Monument. She did a great job and we look forward to having her ride again next year. Lisa Mahon (on the Friesian mare, Lugana) and I (Laura Beeman on my Andalusain/QH cross, Grady) grabbed the bags and ran. It's not an easy ride because it's on pavement most of the way and the road is pretty narrow. You got to have a horse that doesn't flinch when cars are speeding by within inches. The four mile leg included several hilly spots (the down hills are always challenges on slippery pavement) but covered some beautiful scenery. We ended our ride at Rescue Post Office where we handed off to Cindy Honn, who was ready and waiting. The exchanges are happening pretty quickly this year! We really enjoyed being part of the 150th re-enactment.

Here are some photos taken by Mike Neal.

From: Frank Yost, Communications Manager, El Dorado County Sheriff
Sent: June 8, 5:34am PDT

Time out of fresh pond 5.09 am.

From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 10:04pm PDT


From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 7, 9:47pm PDT

Thats CA !! There picking'em up and putting down !!!!!! 18 MPH currentely Pollock Pines CA Congratulation's for this SECTION.

From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 10:02pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 9:34pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 9:22pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 8:55pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 8:25pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 8:15pm PDT


From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 7, 8:00pm PDT

Horse and Rider. riding on 1326 Broadway Just East of Placerville CA.

From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 7:47pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 7:21pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 6:59pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 6:23pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 5:59pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 5:35pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 5:01pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 4:34pm PDT


From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 7, 4:23pm PDT

Currentely coming up to Upland Dr on the Malcom Dixon RD CA.

From: Dennis Bartoldo, Ham Radio Report
Sent: June 7, 3:52pm PDT


From: Tom Crews,
Sent: June 7, 3:55pm PDT

Great reporting, Dennis. You do a great service, not only to let me know what is going on so that I may report it online, but also to let the riders know how the ride is progressing.

From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 3:41pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 3:41pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 3:40pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 2:55pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 2:29pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 2:06pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 1:06pm PDT


From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 7, 1:03pm PDT

Reporting Williams Park Recreation Area CA 7 MPH and doing very well.

From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 12:47pm PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 12:15pm PDT

"HST" RIDER IN 1211...RIDER OUT 1213....

From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 12:08pm PDT

I-80 RIDER IN 1142...RIDER OUT 1145.

From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 11:21am PDT


From: Dennis Bartoldo
Sent: June 7, 11:02am PDT

Rider has left Old Sacramento.

From: Diane Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 7, 8:06am PDT

What a GREAT day for the XP! Ron (KJ6XI) and I had decided not to go down to San Francisco for the send off, but to spend the day following the boat up the Sacramento River from Vallejo. We had scouted out some spotting points the Saturday before. Well the boat left Vallejo, a little early even, and we headed out to Benicia. We watched them come under the Carquinez bridge, caught them as they fueled up in Benicia, and then headed out into the Strait. Our next stop was Rio Vista, where we met up with Steve Allen (KC6VCC) and his Coast Guard Auxiliary crew. Our original plan was to follow the river road to Isleton on up to Sacramento; but Joe was taking the White Star up Steamboat Slough. So, switching to "Plan B", we headed back to the freeway for home and later on to Old Sacramento for their arrival that evening. We knew Steve, Steve Harrison, and Jim Blackburn would keep a good eye on them, and we got a radio report every half hour. I think there will be some more "Plan B" decisions this week, as we heard yesterday that there is still four feet of snow on the top of the XP trail in the Sierras.

To all the riders, as I tell my grandsons - "Be Safe, Have Fun."

Here are some photos from the River section of the 150th reride.

From: Steve Allen, USCG Auxilary
Sent: June 6, 1059pm PDT

Here are some pictures from todays boat ride from Vallejo to Sacramento.

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary provided a safety patrol escort for the Motor Vessel "White Star" from up the Sacramento River from Rio Vista to Sacramento carrying precious cargo.

The Crew consisted of Steve Allen, Coxswain, Steve Harrison, Navigator and Communications, and Jim Blackburn, Crew.

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: June 6, 9:17pm PDT

Today is the first day of the 150th Anniversary Re-Ride. The mail traveled the water route from San Francisco to Sacramento. It arrived in Sacramento by boat ahead of schedule. It was accompanied on the water from Vallejo by Les Bennington, President NPEA, Gary Moore, California Division Board of Directors, Fred and Jean Miller, Kansas Division and a videographer from Knowledge Tree Films.

The mail left San Francisco this morning on high speed boat after leaving Montgomery and Merchant Streets the original site of the Pony Express Agency in San Francisco. Jeff Babbage was the first rider out from Merchant and Montgomery Streets down Clay Street to Pier One on the Embarcadero. The mail was loaded on to the high speed boat that left at approximately 8:35am under escort with Les Bennington, Gary Moore, and Rich Tatman, California Division President. It arrived at the Vallejo Yatch Club approximately on time at 9:35am and departed shortly thereafter. There were quite a few local citizens there at the yatch club as well as Pony Express members.

It was a great time. It was safe. High fog on San Francisco Bay. Once in the Delta it cleared up, in fact, in the afternoon we had our famous delta breeze.

From: Diane Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 6:31pm PDT

Received a call from Steve Allen on the Coast Guard boat. They are about three miles out from the Tower Bridge coming into Old Sac.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 6, 2010, 5:47pm PDT

The Ferry has landed. the Mochilla is on shore at this time.

HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM the Mochilla is now again going up river. somebody had to go to the restroom....................Boy are they reinacting the river trip ....... at 6:02 PM PST it was in the river and on the way upstream just a 1/4 mile south of the intersection of hyw 160 and I-5. south of Sacramento CA.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 6, 2010, 5:26pm PDT

The Ferry Boat Continues up stream, currently the Ferry is in the suburbs of Sacramento CA

From: Diane Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 2:19pm PDT

We just received a call from the Coast Guard boat that is escorting them up the river. They are just passing Hogback Island in Steamboat Slough.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 6, 2010, 11:15am PDT

History meets History.

Yes the Horse and Rider this year is on the FERRY BOAT which recreates the latter use of the boat and the Pony Express......... This year at 11:00 AM PDT The Ferry Boat with Horse and Rider are passing in the bay which the US DOD MothBall Fleet is at anchor.

Prayers for the fallen members of both Chapters of our historys.

From: Ron Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 10:45am PDT

White Star just left Benicia after refueling.

From: Ron Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 10:11am PDT

White Star, the yatch that is carrying the Mochila, is on the way to Benicia. It is currently opposite Commodore Jones Point in Benicia.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: June 6, 2010, 9:55am PDT

All systems are working very well! We are receiving Both the Sat and Cell Pings, as Engineered. Good Luck to all riders and support members, Be careful out there!

From: Diane Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 2:44am PDT

The boat just pulled out for Vallejo. We are on the way to Benicia. The boat will refuel in Benicia and we will follow it up the river.

From: Arleta Martin, Kansas Division, NPEA
Sent: June 6, 2010, 8:46am PDT

We are on the way over to Vallejo. The horse had a good send off from the Transamerica Building and a beautiful ride down to the dock.

Here are photographs of the rider in San Francisco taken by Richard Gwin, the photographer we hired to document the 150th Celebration.

From: Charles Earl, Sandy, Utah
Sent: June 5, 2010
Re: Pony Express Trail video: Utah West Desert

I read an article about the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express Trail. Very exciting and I hope I can make it out to the Utah section for some of the celebration. I'm not sure if this fits into your scheme of things since the "ride" I took was on a motorcycle, but just for general interest, I took some slides from a recent trip and edited them together with some narration. Here is the link.

From: Donnie Norvell, Wyoming Division, NPEA
Sent: June 5, 2010
Re: 2011 Calendar of the 150th Re-ride

I am interested in creating a 2011 calendar of the 150th Re-ride. I am requesting photos of the Re-Ride from all 8 states. Click here for more information.

From:Carolyn Gilmore, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 4, 2010 Re:150th Anniversary of Pony Express comemorative rifles

The National Pony Express Association has authorized A&A Engraving of South Dakota to make two Henry commemorative rifles to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express. The guns will be on display at Big Horn Gunshop in El Dorado, California, Friday afternoon June 4th, and at the ceremony at Georges Pit Stop in El Dorado on the 7th of June. The A&A representative will be on hand at Big Horn and at Georges Pit Stop.

From: Ron Norton, California Division, NPEA
Sent: June 4, 2010
Re: SPOT GPS Locator beacon XP boat ride

Ron forwards this message:

From: Steve Allen
Subject: SPOT GPS Locator beacon XP boat ride
To: Ron Norton
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 4:24 PM

Ron. I will have my SPOT GPS Satellite locator beacon on the whole day on my trip down the river to Isleton and back. The SPOT beacon reports my position every 10 minutes for up to 48 hours.

On Sunday, I will be leaving from Discovery Park in Sacramento and cruising down the Sacramento River with the intention of reaching Isleton about1315 hrs. I do not expect the boats from the XP flotilla to arrive in Isleton until approx 1400 hrs if they travel at the speed they have indicated. I will notify you when we have intercepted the flotilla, and you may consider that my first verbal position report.

Here is a weblink to my SPOT transponder. Click on this link, and it will take you to a webpage that will show you my position and time. Obviously, it is empty right now. But I will turn it on on Sunday for the entire cruise.

No username or password is required.

Steve Allen

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: May 31, 2010
Re: Water Route

The 2010 Re-Ride starts at 601 Montgomery Street, (Merchant and Montgomery Streets) in San Francisco's Financial District, at the site of the Western Terminus of the Central Overland and California Pikes Peak Express Company. The Rider will ride down Clay Street to the Embarcadero, and the mail will be transferred to a boat at the Public Pier near the Ferry Bldg. It will travel across San Francisco and San Pablo Bays to Vallejo. There it will be transferred to another boat for the trip through the Carquinez Straits to the Sacramento River and up the Delta to Old Sacramento. It will be escorted by NPEA and California Division Officers. It is expected to arrive at the waterfront in Old Sacramento before dusk.

From: Joe Kelso, Pony Express National Tracking
Sent: May 24, 2010



From: Wendy Anderson, Nevada Division , NPEA
Sent: May 17, 2010
Re: Baker Mail Run May 11, 2010

Here are photos of this event.

Another great event for Pony Express in the 150th anniversary year happened on Tuesday, May 10, 2010. We woke up that morning to 4 to 6 inches of snow depending on what part of White Pine County you live in and how hard the wind had blown the night before. At my house, I had drifts of up to 8 inches in some areas. Keith Anderson called my house at 7:00 a.m., and reported that Baker, Nevada was overcast, but no snow or rain. So, that meant that we were heading to Baker, Nevada 60 miles from Ely to do a mail exchange for 11 students and their teacher.

The students walked from their school down to the post office, where Keith Anderson introduced everyone and gave the students an educational presentation on Pony Express and relative history associated with Baker, Nevada. He explained that soon there would be a rider coming in and that everyone had to say "pony express rider coming in", when they seen him. The children were excited as they anxiously awaited the rider.

Gene Ockert came riding in on his trusty steed, Pony Boy! The children all called pony express rider coming in! The children's teacher, Heather and Denys Koyle had pre-arranged to have family write the children each a letter. So when Gene Ockert jumped off his horse and had personalized letters to deliver for each of the children, they were really surprised.

The children had letters to be mailed out to family members too! We gathered their letters that were in 150th anniversary envelopes and put them into the mochilla. Wendy Anderson and her daughters tall, black and white paint horse, Turbo took off at a gallop as the children called pony express rider away!

We asked all the children to come inside the post office where some more history about Pony Express was shared, questions from the children were answered and pamphlets, books, commemorative pony express letters etc. were handed out. Carol Hunt handed out a special letter from the National President, Les Bennington, answered questions, shared some history and took a lot of pictures for us.

Daisy Gonder is the current post mistress for the Baker post office. She has been in this position for more than 20 years and her mother was in that same position before her, serving around 20 years too! A special presentation was made by Keith Anderson to Daisy Gonder for helping with this occasion.

As a side note: Denys Koyle serves on the White Pine County School District Board, and worked very hard to make sure this event was a success for the children. Thanks, Denys!

From: Charlie Lee, Harrisburg, PA, Member Wyoming Division
Sent: April 26, 2010
Re: Pennsylvania To Washington, DC and back, April 15, 2010

Les Bennington, President, Nationl Pony Express Association
Photos by Chuck Milliken, courtesy of the National Park Service

Here are some more photos of this event.

From my home to Washington, DC is not really long, but the story of the Trail is. So settle back , relax, and enjoy the trip as I did.

Two years ago I volunteered to transport horses to DC for the 150th Anniversary Celebration, so no one would have to truck horses across the country. And, since I volunteered, my offer was accepted. In the beginning Ken & Arleta Martin requested 10 horses. "No problem", I said. (I do tend to exagerate at times.) All was going well until wet met in Washington, DC in February 2009. There, Les Bennington asked if I still had the horses. I said, "yes, no problem, 10 horses". That is when my "proclivity to expand" was put to the test. Les asked if I could get 13 horses! "Why, of course I can, if that is what you need", I responded with a smile on my face and worry on my mind. I gave the NPEA attendees a ride back to the Holiday Inn where I was treated to supper. (That ride to the Inn would make a whole other story!) I left DC around 7:00 pm with a full belly, thoughts of 13 horses and how I was going to do that, and a parking ticket for $100.00. It turns out that you cannot park on the street after 4:00 pm due to "rush hour traffic".

So, comes 2010, I am ready with 13 horses promised to me by friends, and two stock trailers, trucks and drivers all set to go. Arleta Martin called to tell me we cannot use 13 horses in DC, only two. Oh darn, I thought, because here I sit with two horses of my own, no problem. And now we are getting to the really good part - the trip to Washington. For this we need a new paragraph or two. Go get a coffee or beer or whatever and come back. This is getting good now!

Washington, DC is roughly 140 miles from home, mostly Interstate driving, so it should not take long. Operative words here - should not - unless there is an accident, then highway construction. We (my new partner Josh and I) left home at 8:50 am and did manage to get in traffic stopped because of an accident, then got squeezed into one lane traffic because of construction. Also, what can add to travel time is missing the right Exit - which I did. Managed to get the next Exit into DC. We were getting to where we needed to be in very good order now - and then we met the first Capitol police officer! "No trailers allowed on Capitol Hill. You will have to turn around", he said so very politely but forcefully. (Oh, Goodie!!) I explained where I was going and what I was doing and how difficult it is to make a U turn with truck and trailer. He smiled. So, after we made a U turn and followed the officers directions, we made our final left turn toward the park where we were to unload the horses. And, once again, the Capitol police were doing their duty by not letting us do ours. Short discussion, a couple radio calls, and we were directed to back the truck and trailer between the curb and the traffic cones for a Security Sweep. It was 12:02. I was expecting at least two officers to do a cursory search of the truck and trailer (I had removed my guns before going to DC). Much to my surprise the security sweep consisted of a dog and handler walking around the rig twice. THAT WAS IT!!! Then a police officer came along who apparently knew what we were doing there. He allowed us to park (double park actually) behind a row of cars, blocking the left side of the street!! OK, now we are in DC, truck/trailer parked. Time for the BIG SHOW.

It all started when we went to put the bridle on my Appaloosa. Somehow between the halter coming off and the bridle almost getting on, that darn horse just backed up and walked away! A horse with a saddle and no bridle or halter loose in the streets of Washington, DC!

My worst fears realized!! What a thrill for all to see!! Fortunately, he is a herd animal and finally came back to be with his buddy and was captured (actually he gave himself up). Now, Les Bennington on one horse, me on the other, we ride into the park. Apparently the festivities were taking too long for my Appaloosa. He decided, in the middle of the park, in the middle of Washington, DC, in the middle of the 150th Anniversary Celebration, to put on his own show. I have know him to fuss a bit at times, but has always been easy to ride and mindful - except today!! So backwards, sideways, head shaking, up on his hind legs, down, up and down off all four feet at least 4 or 5 times (lost count after 2). I finally got him under control long enough to step down. He thanked me by going straight up in the air again off all four feet! Adjustments were made in the use of the horse and we just walked him in with the mochilla and handed it off to Les who rode off into the sunset. And a good time was had by all - especially the Appaloosa. Now I understand the old theory that Indians bred stubborn Appaloosas so warriors would arrive at the battle fighting mad.

We are almost done. Everything put away, all hand shaking and hugs and warm wishes over, we head out of DC. From where we were parked, we made a left turn and continued out of town. NOPE, not that easy! Remember the "missed exit" above? I did it again!! Somewhere there is a street to the Interstate that is a lot closer than the way we went. Anyway, we got to see much of DC and parts of Maryland that neither of us had ever seen before and then onto the Interstate system and home, except for sitting over half an hour in traffic on I-495 and again on I-270.

With all the bad that happened, the good far surpassed it. I would not have wanted to miss this experience. It was a "Great Adventure on The Trail of the Pony Express"!! (Gee, I love that!) I wish to thank Ken Martin, Arleta Martin, Les Bennington, and all those responsible for this event for allowing me this opportunity to serve the NPEA. And a special Thank You to the Capitol Police for their help and kindness toward us. However, I do consider this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will not be available for the 200th Anniversary!

(Only because I am 70 years old now)

From: Arleta Martin, Kansas Division, NPEA
Sent: April 23, 2010

This is the "gold foil" cachet which we carried and distributed in Washington to the sixteen Senators in the eight trail states and to the representatives whose district lie along the Pony Express National Historic Trail. This letter was enclosed as well as a copy of Lincoln's First Inaugural Address.

From: Wendy Anderson, Nevada NPEA
Sent: April 18, 2010
Re: Schellbourne Re-Riders kickoff events 150th

Here are some photos of this event.

April 1, 2010 began with several phone calls to the Ride Captain, Wendy Anderson asking if we were really going to go forth with the mail run. Why? We had a lot of snow on the ground and the temperatures had not been in even the 40's yet. The answer was yes, Tony Zamora and I had spent a couple hours the night before in a snow storm marking the 12 mile course.

We started positioning 11 riders along the McGill Highway around 11:30 a.m. between David E. Norman Elementary and McGill Elementary. 158 children had written letters to each other between the two schools and were anxiously awaiting the horses and riders to come get their letters. Both schools had pony express members at the schools teaching the children about the history of Pony Express and explaining to them what was going to be happening this day.

At about 12:00 noon, riders left both schools heading towards each other. Each pony rider was stationed approximately 1 mile apart. The going was alot slower this year with all the snow and not being able to see all the gofer holes. We met in the middle, exchanged mochillas, turned around and headed back the way we came. A storm was quickly coming in from the North and temperatures dropped drastically, but we finished the mail run about 1/2 hour later than normal.

The children were excited to get the letters from the other schools, but even more excited to be able to mail off special letters to family and friends in a packet put together for them by Keith Anderson/and friends. When the special letter packets were gathered and put into the mochillas, Gene Ochert took the mochilla from McGill Elementary to the McGill post office. Michelle Caramella, of whom works for the school district at David E. Norman, took the special letter packages in the mochilla to be cancelled at the Ely Post Office. Every thing went as planned. The event was successful and fun for everyone involved.

On April 3, 2010, the official commemorative day of the 150th anniversary for Pony Express, we held what we called the Pony Express, Express. The Northern Nevada Railroad pulled engine #40 out complete with an antique passenger car, and an old mail car. We started by reading a White Pine County Proclamation, proclaiming April 3, 2010, Pony Express day in White Pine County. A presentation was made by Wendy Anderson to the Executive Director for NNRY, Mark Bassett in appreciation for participating in this awesome event with us. (Special thanks to Donna Bath for writing the proclammation for the event).

We had Glenn Terry, a 17 year member of the Schellbourne Re-riders on board to tell all the passengers the history of Pony Express in White Pine County. Glenn shared with the passengers little known facts about the history and answered all kinds of questions from youth and adults alike.

Sherri Tolbert from the Ely post office was on board (dressed 1860's) to sell commemorative letters to all that were interested. Cammie Niman was the 1860's dressed post mistress in the baggage car, handling all the mail for us.

As the train left the depot and headed up the tracks towards Keystone Gulch, the passengers were unaware that a Ghost Rider robbery was soon to be staged. The train pulled into Keystone Gulch, (the Ghost Riders, Ghost City) and the pony express rider came riding in with the mochillas full of important mail to be put on the train. However, the bad guys showed up and tried to take the mail pouches. Of course, the lawman arrived in the nick of time to set all right. The mail mochillas were put on the mail car and the bad guys were brought to justice with an 1860's hangin. (Of course, it is all in fun and no one really got hurt).

When the train arrived back at the Ely Depot, the letters were again put into the mochillas by the post mistress, transferred to pony express riders and the mail headed in the direction of the Ely Post Office. Rick and Dawn Brown carried the mail to the middle of town where they handed off to Gene Ockert and Savannah Anderson. They took the mail up the highway to the Ely Post Office where the post mistress Cammie Niman took the mail to have a special cancellation stamp used on each letter.

This event was also a big success. We have many people to thank and so here it goes: Pony Riders: Jim Bath, Chris Christensen, Savannah Anderson, Tony Zamora, Wendy Anderson, Claude Malnack, Rick Brown, Dawn Brown, Bub McCall, Calvin Kennedy, Gene Ockert, and Michelle Caramella. 330 Commemorative Letters were mailed; WPC Fair & Rec. Board donated the cost of the envelopes and postage. The Ely Daily Times donated the printing for the letters and ran special stories weekly about the history of Pony Express in White Pine County. They also covered both the mailrun and Pony Express, Express events. Owner, Dan Nolan from GTC was very helpful in putting together the cancellation stamp. Special thanks to the WP Sheriffs Office and the Highway Patrol for our escorts for both events. Special thanks the Cammie Niman for all her hard work on finding the commemorative envelopes and her hard work on the cancellation stamp. Thanks to the two schools principals and teachers. The Nevada Northern Railroad and their beautiful old trains and cars. And of course, Keith Anderson, the master mind behind the two events. Me, I just made sure everyone followed the plans as outlined. Great job everyone! If I missed someone, you are greatly appreciated too!

What now? Of course, we have a lot of horses to get in shape for the 140 some odd miles we get to cover on June 11th and 12th for the re-ride!

From: Tom Crews, California Division NPEA
Sent: April 18, 2010
Re: Benicia welcomes Pony Express historian to talk Sunday, April 18, about city's historic role.

Just got back from attending this talk by Dr. Robert Chandler. About 80 people showed up for this very interesting and information presentation. A portion of his talk addressed the times that the Pony Express was routed overland from Sacramento to Oakland, California, when the mail missed the boat in Sacramento. I was the original person to research this route which has been recognized as a portion of the National Historic Pony Express Trail. I was given an opportunity to speak about the 150th Anniversary events and directed everyone to this web site to order Commemorative Letters. One gentleman was interested in commemorative belt buckles.

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: April 18, 2010
Re: Washington Day III

Thursday, April 15, 2010. Today the NPEA went to Capitol Hill. Those of us in Arlington, assembled at 9:00 AM in the Lobby of the Econo Lodge, and left at 9:30 for the Metro at East Falls Church Station. We boarded the Incoming Metro and travelled on the Orange and Red Lines to Union Station. We are becoming more adept at travelling on this mass transit.

At Union Station all we had to do was walk two blocks to the North to a Park we know as Union Plaza, some as the Senate/House Park. It is a large grassy, tree studded park with two parrallel paved walkways extending north. A beautiful plaza contains a fountain and flower beds of violet tulips in bloom. The Capitol Dome and Rayburn Office Bldg loomed over us to the south.

Our equipment was brought by vehicle, and two horses by Charley Lee from Penn- sylvannia. It helps to have people who love the Pony Express from many states. The US Capitol Police provided security and a PA system! Flags were staffed and given to Pony Riders. Our group alone numbered some 30 people. Our Event was to start at 1:00 PM and I think we attracted The Lunch Crowd, staffers working in nearby buildings.

At 1:00 PM, 150th Committee Chairman Ken Martin started the Proceedings and in rapid order Aaron Mahr, Superintendent Intermountain Long Distance Trails Office, Santa Fe, National Park Service brought Greetings and information on what the Pony Express experience means and can mean to the public. I spoke on the history of the Pony Express, and its contributions to the development of communications with the West, and the need to continue to preserve the trail and its heritage. Ken then introduced members of Congress and/or their Aides. Among those present were Aides from Senator Bob Bennett (UT), and Congressman Dan Lungren (CA 3rd District). Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management Jarvis also brought Greetings.

I was please to meet my Congressman Dan Lungren and to point out to him where the Trail crossed his District in the Rancho Cordova and Folsom areas. He listened intently and had several probing questions. Yesterday I had visited his Office in the Rayburn Bldg and had noted that he had The Pony Express Poster by Bill Williams hanging in his Entry Room. That is something Californians can take Pride in.

Two Pony Riders rode in with a mochila containing Letters addressed to Congressional Delegations. The letters also contained copies of Lincoln's 1861 Inaugural Address. This was a document that Pony Riders in 1861, had carried from St Joseph, west to California and the western settlements. They were presented to the Congressmen present or their Aides. Later Pony Riders hand delivered them to the Offices of those not present.

Twice today I entered HR Offices and since this was the 2nd and 3rd time I had gone through Security Checks, I was getting better at it. Hat off, belt and belt buckle off, coins and keys, hat off, and Pony Rider Vest in the bucket. I am getting faster at this too.

Afterward, I walked back to Union Station and caught the Red and Orange Trains back to East Falls Church. It was warmer today, and I was starting to drag. These boots are made for riding not 5 mile walks around the Capitol. So when I got back to the Hotel, I just kind of hung out for the rest of the day. Lots of Memories and good things from today. The sight of Pony Riders standing with the Pony Express Trail State Flags and the horses and Riders behind with the Dome looming overhead are good memories to have.

See you on the Pony Express Trail!

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: April 15, 2010
Re: Washington Day II

Greetings on Tax Day! Wow was I made aware of the significance of this day. More on that later. Did I tell you about yesterday, or did I just summarize it? Ah, you thought you would escape.

Officially, this is a three day Event. Tuesday ...Travel to DC via Southwest Airways. Travel from Dulles Airport to Econo Lodge in Arlington, VA. Arrive and in bed by 11:00 PM (8:00 PM California Time). Wednesday...Up for Continental Breakfast and Report to Lobby by 9:30 AM. Leave in group for Metro Station (subway) 10 minute Walk through neighbor- hood. Arrive at Union Station after one Change at Metro Station. Walk across street to National Postal Museum. Set Up and then Tour Museum. Interesting that one of the exhibits was on John Thompson who carried mail across the Sierra to Genoa from Placerville. So far the US Postal Service has refused to issue a stamp honoring him.

So lots of red shirts. There must be about 30 in our group...riders and spouses. The Artist who did the new XP Poster is with us and personally signed Posters. I am told that by today he had Signed and given away about 170. In the Lobby there are two pioneer mail planes suspended about 2 to 3 floors overhead, and a mail coach with a horse of four arching up from the floor.

In a Meeting Room we had a Noon Forum, Pat Hearty former NPEA President, and Utah Division President, and Jim Swigart, NPEA Vice President and California member, and Aaron Mahr, Long Distance Trails Supt, Intermountain Region, of the National Park Service spoke. The Event was Podcast Live. The NPEA is moving into new territory.

After the Event and everything was boxed up and hauled away, we dispersed for some lunch and sightseeing. Union Station has trains, has busses, but it has a Mall too. Some ate there, others like myself ate at the Post Office! Then we went to the Rayburn Bldg, where everyone in our Party went to a Scheduled Meeting with Jerry Moran, Congressman from Kansas District #1 of the HR. I went to my Congressman's Office (Dan Lungren District 3), as a courtesy call. I noted that he had our new XP Poster in his Entry Office. Congressional Offices had not only the nameplate of the Office- holder, but the State Flag mounted in a flagholder beside the door in the hallway, sometimes the MIA Flag, US Flag also.

Then four of us pealed off and went to the American Indian Museum. A fast 1 hr tour of a 4 Hour or 6 Hour Bldg.

About 17 of us met at the Union Station at 6:00 PM, and walked up Massachusetts Avenue to the Berlin Resturant, for a meal on the town. German food, good conversation, and fellowship. We were joined by the Film Production Company that is doing the XP Film. They were fresh from St Joseph.

Then it was back to the Union Station and down into the Metro for the Ride back to Arlington. This was my 2nd Trip, and I was learning the Route...3 Stops to Metro Station, get off, and then change levels, and take the Orange Line East (?) to East Falls Church Station. Get off walk up the Steps, through the sleeping neighborhood to the Econo Lodge..arriving about 11:00 local time. Goodnight.

Tonight was an exciting day. Memories were made today, and history was made. It was Capitol Hill Day. Saw my Congressman, turned away at Congressperson's Pelosi's Door. Spoke to a crowd in a Park. Tax Protestors and more tomorrow.

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: April 15, 2010
Re: Heading East to Washington, DC - Day Two

Greetings on Thursday Morning. It is 7:30 AM here, about 4:30 AM in Visalia. The day promises to be Clear and Warm. Yesterday was likewise. Appreciated by all. We left the Hotel about 9:30 AM, and took a series of Metro Trains (think Subway) to Union Station. The National Postal Museum is next door.

The Event was scheduled at 12 o'clock, ie. Noon. Once there I realized it is set up so people could pop in for Lunch. We needed time to set up. Tables, Posters, Brochures. The Museum is set inside a Working Post Office in the Airspace that is so typical of many federal bldgs. The Museum in on one floor, although the bldg is 4 or 5. Our Forum was in a Meeting Room Seating 30 plus. We had 30 plus and Visitors.

The Event was Podcast. I am sorry I did not know about this in advance, otherwise I might have contacted you. Speakers were National President Les Bennington, Pat Hearty President of Utah, and Jim Swigart National VP, and member of the California Divison. Aaron Mahr, Supt, Intermountain Long Distance Trails, represented the National Park Service. We presented the Museum a new Map of the Pony Express Trail the NPS and NPEA created.

Afterward, we broke into smaller groups. I went to an adjoining Grill for Lunch. Others went into the Union Station. There is a large Food Court there. It is far classier a place than when I was there in '81.

Our Group (Les Bennington, Pat Hearty, David Sanner, and Lyle Ladner), took off for the Capitol for a scheduled meeting with Congressman Moran of Kansas. While they were there, I went down the Hall to visit Daniel Lungren, 3rd CA District, my Congressman. Actually, I just popped in the door to see the Office, talked to the Secretary about the Event tomorrow and learned it was on his Calendar. Also noted that our new Poster was hung over her Desk. I was impressed.

We then went down the Mall to the American Indian Museum, and spent an hour there, chiefly on the 4th Floor. Another All day Sucker. Lots of stuff to read and look at.

We gathered at Union Station and met other remaining members of our group for a Walk up Massachusetts Avenue to a German Retaurant. That was about a 2.5 hr experience for the 16 of us.

Walked back to Union Station area and the Metro and arrived back in Arlington and it was about 11:00 by the time we reached the Hotel. We had to change at the Metro Station for an Orange Train to Falls Church. Wow, lots of people returning from whatever at 10:00! We are talking like Commuter numbers; trains full. This is a big Metro area.

Today I am on. I speak at a 1:00 PM Event in a Park north of the House. There is a Tea Party Event here in the Capital today too. There are a couple of ladies staying here at the Hotel who are headed to that event. We ought to have lots of company on Capitol Hill.

From: Larry Carpenter, Corresponding Secretary, NPEA.
Sent: April 13, 2010
Re:The Pony Express: Heading East to Washington, DC

This is a Report on Day One of the DC Trip. The purpose is to to and represent the Pony Express, and to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express, and the Anniversary of the Departure of Lincoln's Inaugural Address from DC for the West, specifically St Joseph, and the waiting Pony Express. I left the house at 7:30 AM, and arrived at Sacramento International Airport. I parked in the Economy Lot ($9.00) and caught the shuttle to Terminal A. I had my Confirmation Number and it made it easy to Check my Bag (New Luggage w/rollers) and Check In with Southwest. Upstairs after going through Security, I met Jim and Ginger Swigart my travelling companions. We Boarded our Flight on time and headed for Chicago our Transfer Point. It was clearing in Sacramento, and as we crossed the Sierra heading East we could see as far South as Mono Lake. The flight pattern took us south of Lake Tahoe and north of Mono Lake. Snow on the ground from the recent storm. Soon we were in the Clouds and did not see daylight until we got to Chicago.

Southwest operates out of Midway Airport. We had almost 2 hours Layover and we used the opportunity to stretch our legs, have Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in the Airport Foodcourt, and sightsee. Except for McDonalds all of the Restaurants were new to me, obviously Chicago or Illinois favorites. We learned the Airport is named not after a community but after the Battle of Midway. In a Hallway there is a large display on the subject. This is a Navy Town...Great Lakes Naval Recruit Depot is 30 miles north. There is a Chicago Connection to the Fleet that took part but I did not get to read everything. It is spring here and the trees across the street have leafed out. Oh yes, Economy Parking here is $14.00 a day! I am glad I Parked my car in Sacramento.

At 5:45 PM Central Time (3.45 Pacific) we caught our Southwest Flt to DC. Flew out over the Lake and had a view of downtown Chicago from my side of the plane. Flew into the clouds and really did not see anything until we landed. Had the required Coke, and Peanuts enroute. I sat in the middle seat between to women on the leg of the Trip.

Arrived at Dulles Airport on time. Pavement wet but it was not raining and about 48 degrees. I have flown into Dulles about 3X now. The first two were when I was enroute to Belvoir and my new Duty Station after the RVN, and the Summer of '69 when I thought it too Hot and Humid to stay anylonger and too a Leave and went back to California, and a Trip to Yosemite with my family. The main terminal is still there but I think they have two more Concourses. We took a Subway to the Main Terminal to Baggage. New experience looking for my new luggage. I followed Kevin's suggestion and put a couple of stickers on my luggage. One survived the Trip. I will work on getting some that will stay on. Everyone has Black Nylon Rollaways now. We retrieved our Luggage and headed downstairs to Ground Transportation. Jim had arranged for a Shuttle...Super Shuttle. The Econo Lodge in Arlington is 16 miles from the Airport. Smart thing, as it is a way way away, Southwest from the Airport. I vague recall some of the names on the Freeway Signing....Reston, Leesburg, Manassas, Richmond, Falls Church, Arlington. (although we were not going to or through most of these). When I was at Belvoir, I don't think I was in a car being transported around town more than 2X). Bottom Line is that we were the 1st of 5 Passengers to be let off. Arrived at 10:30 PM Eastern Time, 7:30 PM Pacific Time, but you know I feel like it is 10:30 PM. I have been travelling all day to get here, and Jim and I realized we basically went Coast to Coast in a day, where as the Pioneers took 6 mos or more. Lots to be Thankful for. I am on the first Floor, which is one floor down. It is dark here. I will explore tomorrow.

Tomorrow....The National Postal Museum and Jim speaks, and Pat Hearty speaks. I will go and listen. Au Revoir.

From: Patrick Hearty, Utah Division, NPEA
Sent: April 6, 2010
Re: Delivery of Pony Express Cards to Shriners' Hospital

Prior to April 3, we have had the Pony Express lesson plan presented at several schools along the trail, then 4th grade students made "Pony Express Day" cards. The cards were placed in envelopes with a Pony Express stamp. On April 3, we carried the cards from downtown Salt Lake City to Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children and to Primary Children's Medical Center. We had 12 riders on horseback, and 4 more in dedicated pilot cars. The weather was brisk, but the big predicted snow storm did not materialize. We delivered about 350 cards. Here are some photos from Primary Children's Medical Center.

The big smiles on the faces of the kids in cars driving by were reward enough for what we did. One little girl was walking on the sidewalk with her dad, and Gregg Hearty rode over to give her "high 5." She gave him a handful of Easter candy, and as we rode away, she was literally jumping up and down.

This was Linda's project. She put together the school lesson plan, organized the making and collection of cards, and made call after call after call to the hospitals to coordinate the visits there. Hope she was pleased with the outcome. I sure was.

From:David Kittle, President NPEA Nevada Division
Sent: April 5, 2010
Re: Nevada Pony Express Living Festival

Good morning,
We had a great time on Saturday at our first Pony Express Living Festival. The weather was a bit cool but it did not rain.
The park rangers said that we had 300 visitors so we consider that a success. We had no food vendors so we had asked that families bring their own picnic refreshments. I think that made it a lot more like 1860. We bought 100 envelopes from the postal service and ended up buying 25 more on site. The quarter master tent had sales over $1100.00. It was the best day that we have ever had.
Will we do it again next year? Mary is checking with the other organizations that were there to see how they felt things went for them and then we will re-evaluate. Many of the folks that were there asked if we were going to have it again next year because they had had so much fun. I think people liked it because it did not cost them to get into the event and they brought their own lunch and drinks. It truly was a family outing. We sold a number of the medallions as well as some ornaments. The ornaments seem to be a popular item. If you would like to see pictures of the medallion and ornament go to
I hope that everyone that had a birthday celebration had as much fun as we did.
Happy Trails everyone,

From: Larry Carpenter, Calfornia Division NPEA
Sent: April 3, 2010, 3:01pm
Re: 150th Pony Express Trails to Rails, Old Sacramento to Folsom, California

Here are some photos provided by Gary Moore, California Division, NPEA.

The Pony Express Trails to Rails , April 3, 2010 Letter is available from the California Division.

Greetings on a Saturday Afternoon! I am on my way Home from Celebrating. Left the House and drove to Old Sacramento, arriving about 9:30 AM on Second Street. I left about l.5 hrs later. Our Ceremonies start about 10:30 AM. The Postal Service was there with two tents, a Podium, and Speaker System. They Sold and Hand-canceled their 150th Cachets. Really nice. Some had the 3 cent XP Stamp (1940), others had the 4 cent XP Stamp. I bought 10 of the 4 Cent variety ($5). Please let me know if you want one. Actually you already have. I will mail along with a Newsclip from the Bee. We had a good group, not large by some June Ride Standards, but good. First Rider out was Lee Hofer. He rode about 2 blocks north on 2nd Street, to the Amtrak/Light Rail Station. I was not there , but Rich Tatman boarded with an Escort Group and the mail at a Scheduled 11:23 Train for Folsom.

At left Old Sacramento, with my $39 Parking Ticket in hand, in the glove box. A first. I was in Folsom a good 45 minutes before the Mail arrived. This gave me time to Socialize, and prepare for the arrival. Ralph Petty arrived and set up his Tents, the Podium and Sound System. The NPEA had a Tent so it was an attractive setting. The Folsom/Eldorado County Railroad Association was set up with a Handcar on the Turntable. Eventually about 50 people were milling around.

When the Light Rail Train arrived on the southern end of the RR Block, Pam Dixon picked up the mochilla from Rich, then walked her horse to the Turntable. The mochila was placed on the Handcar and Pumped by two young men across it. On the other side, it was taken off, put back on the horse and walked over to the Podium. I Welcomed everyone and introduced Ralph Petty, Customer Relations Coordinator with the United States Postal Service, Sacramento. He gave a brief history of the Pony Express. I followed up with more information on the Operations of the original Pony Express, the relationship to the Railroad, and the NPEA. The horse and rider then went up to the Folsom History Museum, the Letters taken out, and then taken down to the Turntable area where they were offerred for sale. Lots of people to talk to in both places. Wish you could have been here.