"The Pony Express Trail Challenge" geocache


My name is Steve Allen and I am an avid Geocacher. I have published a "challenge" type geocache on www.geocaching.com for any and all geocachers to try! It involves normal geocaching, but it has requirements of finding 10 geocaches in the 8 states that the Pony Express Trail crossed (1 in each state and any 2 others) These must be at a Pony Express station or memorial or very near one. Photos of the cacher and the memorial marker or statue are required to be e-mailed to me, the owner of this cache listing, for permission to do the grand finale. I have developed a bookmark list of about 80 places across the trail that qualify from St Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, so they can do the grand finale cache in St Joseph called "The Pony Express Trail Challenge" cache. The geocachers name will then be placed on a nameplate and entered on the plaque at the Pony Express Stables Museum in St Joseph. So far only one geocacher has completed this trek/adventure. I would like more to have done it before 4/3/2010 to mark the sesquicentennial or 150 year celebration of the trail. Please see GC1PRHM listing on www.geocaching .com to see more details.

If you are not yet a member of www.geocaching.com, please sign up for a free membership so you can have free access to all the info. You must have a login name and password to participate. It is Free. Some info will not come up on the screen if you do not sign up.

Well, if you go to the website and click on the hide and seek tab then near the bottom there is a blank called "waypoint" where you can enter the GC1PRHM waypoint tagged to my published challenge cache, it will come on the screen with all the requirements and the photos of the FTF (First-to-Find) prize, photo of the Folks that were the first to find (only ones to find so far), how many miles in each state and the caches available, etc. If you want to find geocaches in any other state or location, then go back to the hide and seek tab and enter a city and state. Example: Salt Lake City, UT and it will give you a list of caches from the city center outward.

On my listing page (GC1PRHM) Pony Express Trail Challenge you will see a "BOOKMARK" list on the right side of the page. If you click on it then it should open with about 80 caches in all 8 states that will meet the requirement I wanted to do the finale. You can then have the list of caches in each state and you can click on them individually one at a time and when they (the listing) comes up on the screen, you can click on "view map" to better see where they are located in each city/state. It (the map) also has a + - zoom capability to see it closer or in conjunction with the surrounding cities. Many of these individual listings will have photos of the Pony Express feature in their "view gallery" of photos. These were taken by geocachers doing the cache or the owner for his publication of the cache.

Read the getting started segment if you do not know anything about geocaching and it will explain this worldwide treasure hunt we do using a handheld GPS receiver. I promote it as a fun family values type endeavor with some time for talking to your kids/grandkids and getting some exercise too. There are ratings given to the difficulty of the hide and the difficulty of the terrain. They go from 1 to 5 stars where 1 is easy and 5 is hard. So a 5/5 is very well concealed and might be a 5 mile hike with some rock climbing included. Some other hard terrain might include scuba diving. Many are 1 to 3 in either category. I have 60 some hides and most are very urban type caches with 1.5/1.5 as my norms. A magnetic key case hidden up under a parking lot lamp post skirt is usually 1/1.5 for rating.

Thanks so much,
Steve Allen aka MO Pirate in the Geocaching world.

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