150th Anniversary Collectables

The National Pony Express Association and the various State Divisions have a wide selection of 150th Annnivarsary Collectables available for purchase.

Westover, L. Egan. Pony Express Adventures. Pony Express Books, Kaysville, Utah, 2010. A storybook of actual, exciting stories with rich, colorful pictures, commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express, 1860-2010. An educator in Utah for over 20 years, L. Egan Westover has compiled and retold the daring escapades of Pony Express riders like Major Howard Egan, "Pony Bob" Haslam and "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Full of factual information, the stories are written to be enjoyed by both adults and children. These historical figures and their adventures are truly brought to life by the beautiful illustrations of western and wildlife artist, Bob Child. The book also includes a map of the Pony Express route and an information section with interesting facts, such as how far and how fast riders rode, how much the mail weighed, and what conditions the riders faced. This book may be ordered from Pony Express Books. xp